IU target Spalding commits to Louisville

Last week in Indianapolis, Indiana recruiting target Ray Spalding said he hadn’t trimmed his list and was enjoying the recruiting process.

On Saturday, the 6-foot-10, 205-pound power forward/center in the class of 2015 said he might commit in the next week, but on Sunday Spalding made the decision to stay home official with his commitment to Louisville, as reported by multiple media outlets.

Here’s more from the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Steve Jones: http://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/recruiting/louisville/2014/07/20/ray-spalding-commitment-louisville/12913543/


  1. “Both Coach Johnson and Coach Pitino said that with my length and athleticism I can cause a lot of trouble on defense and offense.”——Kenny Johnson 1 ; Tom Crean 0

  2. Another bites the dust! But why waste time trying to get a top prospect from Louisville area. Like they are going to leave? CTC wasting his time again. Maybe another coach by next year this time.

  3. He sure spent alot of time going after this kid and Lousville just came him and took him right away. Kind of like with Theo Pinson and North Carolina last year. The crean kool aid drinkers will tell you we dont need him anyway. I think alot of players are seeing the writing on the wall for crean despite what some say I do not think he is an elite recruiter. He is an ok recruiter but no better then above average. Hard to get very excited about the future of IU bb right now.

  4. Higgi….while he is from Louisville,Bloomington isnt that far away and he said later in the article he knows he will have to work for playing time.He could have had playing time from the start. If you check the Louisville Courier…they report on IU as well as UK.Its a triangle recruiting area. Crean probably showed him where on the starting grid he would be

  5. (Louisville) the team he grew up cheering for…

    Plays AAU ball for The Ville.

    “I think once Louisville offered it was a forgone conclusion he went there”, Evan Daniels.

    Yup he was an undeniable IU lean.

  6. The one thing IU can offer all of these bigs is playing time and yet they are still turning us down. Very very concerning stuff.

  7. This continues a very disturbing trend. Crean batted zero getting a quality big man for this coming season and so far has no one for 2015. Granted it is early for 2015 but he needs to do a much better job or Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens will be getting a call sometime in the not to distant future.

  8. Could not agree more. If crean cannot produce and has a bad year its time to move on.

  9. Why would anyone be surprised that Crean’s allegedly superior recruiting skills be starting to fail?

    His superior salesmanship when he took the IU gig, plus the resulting media and fan hyped expectations played a HUGE part in his early recruiting successes. Now that word is out about his very dubious COACHING SKILLS and the suspicious program problems resulting in multiple players leaving, would cause ANY recruit to be reluctant to get on IUBB’s unsteady ship! Especially when a recruit is also being courted by known success programs like Louisville.

    Expect many more disappointments for Crean and IU fans on the recruiting front. And once his alleged skill in the recruiting area vanishes, there won’t be much good left to attribute to Crean as IU Basketball savior. As the old saying goes, “you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

  10. yep his recruiting is falling off. Giddens is going to Ohio State,Spalding to Louisville, and Zimmerman isnt leaving las vegas( if he does its to the west coast),and the young man from Ft Wayne,Swanigan* (sp), from what articles Ive read is an Izzo-lean.

  11. So much nonsense in this thread of posts! Indiana Basketball is 1 year away from a Sweet Sixteen loss to a very good Syracuse team after being ranked #1 for much of that year and winning the out-right B1G Championship. IU can only take 3 in the 2015 class. Wake me up in November and let’s see where we stand. Then let’s compare notes in March 2015 to see about the predictions of doom and gloom.

  12. BeatPurdue, I agree completely. Glad to see there’s still a few of us on this site that have not been infected with the Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome.

    News flash for some of you. IU is going to lose the majority of recruiting battles against Louisville and Kentucky involving kids living in Louisville or other parts of Kentucky. A few reasons why: 1) At IU, the athletes have to go to class and work toward an actual college degree. That’s a huge disadvantage compared to schools that do not emphasize education. 2) The Master of One and Done at Kentucky and the “scumbag” at Louisville have won national championships of late. They’re in charge of two of the elite college basketball programs, and both make over $5 million per year to coach college basketball. IU has not been viewed as being amongst the elite college basketball programs for about 14 years, before most of the kids being recruited today were able to dribble a basketball. IU’s administration made a mess out of IU athletics for at least a decade or so before Tom Crean arrived in Bloomington. Crean may not be the solution, but he’s not the reason why IU is not at the same level of success as either Louisville or Kentucky when it comes to college basketball.

    As for not signing Spalding, well “you miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

  13. I have yet to read any evidence coach Crean is a poor recruiter because a L’ville kid, recruited by IU ultimately commits to U of L. But some folks just love to shoot BB’s against concrete walls.

  14. Rhinestones-

    That “TCDS” reference is another unprovoked, toxic, attack-style statement. Is that another example of the “Podunker passion” all should embrace? You should remove the entire post. You know fully well where that accusation is aimed. And now he’s name-calling anyone that doesn’t blindly support everything Crean.

    1. Gonna disagree with you on this one. That terminology was directed every bit as much at TJ, steve and OSD, who commented on this thread.

  15. I think your wrong. Implying that someone is “deranged” because they take a different point of view is bullying and toxic. And you know very well where the barrel was initially pointed when he made such comments originally. Now that others are beginning to have doubts about Crean, he’s clinging to the name-calling and increasing the radius of bullying.

    And I would think his name-calling was also directed at NoMendacity…NoMendacity hasn’t made an appearance in quite some time. Funny how some accuse me of running people off the blog. NoMendacity gets attacked with the TCDS bullying the moment she makes her first return to the blog in months. That’s no way to treat an intelligent poster offering their own unique opinion. It’s less than respectful to someone that still hasn’t lined up in zombie-like fashion behind the Pollyanna Podunker Manikins on Parade due to not actually fully sucking in five years of Podunker’s passion gas.

    You’re not consistent, Jeremy. Contributors need not be called/implied to have lost their minds, or labeled as suffering from some kind of “derangement syndrome” because they have an opinion regarding Crean six years into his contract no different than many had of Mike Davis after a few years. Davis took the Hoosiers to a Final Four. Maybe those that ran Mike Davis out of town are just as “deranged” in the misplacing their passions.

  16. And there’s still no answer to my question about Trey Lyles? Is Lyles from Kentucky?

    1) At IU, the athletes have to go to class and work toward an actual college degree(e.g Noah Vonleh). That’s a huge disadvantage compared to schools that do not emphasize education. 2) The Master of One and Done at Kentucky

    And if we’re so against one-and-done’s, does that mean it was “deranged” to recruit Vonleh? Deranged to recruit Blackmon? Think Blackmon could be a one-and-done…? Think he’ll wait around for a legit post player before he jumps to the NBA? …Think he can take a team deep with nothing in the middle other than projects in the middle? So, so, deranged, indeed.

  17. to those that adhere to the “TCDS” statement ..I offer this comment by Mark Twain( which I think fits ALOT of supporters) It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ….Mark Twain

  18. And what a cop out of defeatism to call UK and Louisville more elite. Yes, they’ve won championships and gone deep of late…But somehow I remember Crean getting a guy in the middle that adorned the covers of magazine. We had the player that Crean and Co. were “hinging” on bringing banners back to Bloomington. We had a preseason #1 ranked team and watched them look like Keystone Cops in the NCAA tournament against MAC level schools in the early rounds.

    And now we imply UK and Louisville to be elite? They are elite only in the sense that their coaches belong in the teaching classrooms of hardwood and hoops. They actually have leaders in suits that now how to get their teams to play above the individual talent on the roster. They actually earn the Armani label on the inside of the sport coat beyond recruiting.

  19. They actually have leaders in suits that [know] how to get their teams to play above the individual talent…

  20. As for Jeremy, not sure why writers are getting involved in these posts. But Jeremy and Dustin have attacked me during the Thursday chat for my opinion of soccer and admiration of Ann Coulter plus me being a Cubs fan. Thus I am taking a hiatus from sending questions in to them. Back a year ago I was one of only like 3-4 people sending questions in and now that many people are I guess they feel they can lambast those who have different views than them. If they start getting involved in these posts I will quit posting too. It is okay for the other posters to comment but not paid writers. Come on how about covering CTC Jeremy instead of killing me here?

    OSD is gone!

  21. Football is just over a month away and the last relevant football post was on Independence Day. Can you give us something, please?

  22. OSD – I remember seeing your questions all the time in the chat. I also remember very clearly that Dustin and Jeremy treated you as an old friend, whereas with other posters in the chat room they’d just answer the questions. There was an obvious level of comfortability they had with you gained over time and questions, and in my opinion they showed respect. My guess is it was because of that comfortablility they had with you earned over time, that they felt they could be a bit more open and personally honest when giving you responses. If I were you, I would take it as 2 “friends” disagreeing and not a personal attack or them lambasting you.

    just my two cents, since I don’t give it much any more…. people are too sensitive these days (maybe always).

    1. OSD,
      Not sure what you saw as criticizing you in my post, but that wasn’t the intent. I was just trying to point out that the conversation was not strictly between Podunker and Harvard, but included yourself and others. As for the chat, just having fun with differing allegiances and interests. Hard not to pick on the Cubs. 🙂

  23. I agree with you Geoff; I’ve seen nothing but friendly banter from Dustin and Jeremy with OSD( the kind that is given to a friend ). In fact OSD,I think they look forward to your questions and how they are presented. just my 2 cents also ( now if we can find a penny,we could have a plug nickel)

  24. Geoff

    “an obvious level of comfortability”. sounds like you have been taking English lessons from crean.

  25. “You know fully well where that accusation is aimed.” Given that no “Lords” or “Harvards” had posted any comments in the 15 posts before I wrote #16, and I have, for quite some time, and on numerous occasions, asserted that more than one contributor to this site suffers from TCDS, that sentence sounds a little paranoid. I do not believe TCDS is exclusive to one person.

    “And now he’s name-calling anyone that doesn’t blindly support everything Crean.” That statement is simply false. There was no name-calling, and if anyone is paying attention, it’s obvious that I do not blindly support Tom Crean. I have posted numerous comments critical of Tom Crean in the past. But having a kid from Louisville choose Louisville over IU for a basketball scholarship does not warrant criticism, nor is it evidence that Tom Crean can no longer recruit or that IU basketball is in free fall. What part of the comment, “Crean may not be the solution, but he’s not the reason why IU is not at the same level of success as either Louisville or Kentucky when it comes to college basketball” was not clear?

  26. Well said Coach V. I’ve reached a level of ‘comfort’ with some of your interventions but never ‘comfortability’. Lord, I hate it when ‘jock’ or ‘coach p.r.-speak’ swarms all over our beautiful English language. We can get the same message across with legitimate, available vocabulary rather than try to speak in ‘ESPN Illiterate’; particularly when we are making the point that it is a good thing to go to college, place priority in education and prepare yourself for a professional life (which can include ‘sports educators’) and grow into becoming a cultured human being…even if you are involved in sports at a high level (playing or coaching).

    Coach V, good point…glad you had the brave heart to make it here!! Hope others support you and defend the point from the illiterate ignorance that will no doubt attack it with ‘geez…this is blog…who cares!’

  27. Yes, and you were so balanced to find on ounce of respect in Doug Mallory. Let’s just say you suffered from DMTS….that began from the day the man was announce as the hire.

    Doug Mallory had to come into IU and contribute to rebuilding a defensive squad 20+ deep for a Big 10 team that has never SNIFFED “elite.”

    Comparing what Tom Crean failed to do as a coach to put IU back on an elite stage with a #1 ranked team and some very high recruiting classes that came on the heals of Zeller is far more blatantly obvious than the irrational expectations your DMTS sent on a blog postcard every other day for the failings of Doug Mallory.

    Give Tom Crean a Lipscomb team(exactly where he actually belongs) and ask him to compete with Louisville and UK and you’ll have something remotely resembling what you expected in your DMTS. How petty and oversimplified to blame all of IU’s 30-year woes in football on a Co-Defensive Coordinator.

    When it comes to an “elite” level of understanding anything beyond sending love tweets to recruits, Ringmaster Joyce Tweet makes Mallory look like Bear Bryant.

  28. I was way too generous. Tom Crean does not belong at a Lipscomb team. He belongs on a Lipsjoyce team ..Or, possibly a very dedicated “equipment manager” for Calipari.

    Still haven’t had some of my questions answered.

    Is Trey Lyles, the current Indiana Mr. Basketball, from Kentucky?

    Wasn’t Noah a one-and-done?

    Isn’t highly likely that Blackmon will be a one-and-done?

  29. Was there a post eliminated from this thread that was a bit critical of journalists attempting to interject their opinions into the blog a bit too much(sorta implying that it hints of a bias and could interfere with objective moderation based on favoring posters with a similar personal point of view)?

    Maybe it’s just my TCDS now causing hallucinations with regard to imagining posters adopting some of my same general feelings about the future of IU Basketball under the falling confidence in Ringmaster Joyce Tweet…..Does everyone else see the post by NoMendacity? Just checking to make sure…Would you believe Jeremy if he told you that NoMendacity is not some alternative screen name of a poster that’s had a previous history of multiple blogging names on Scoop? I better start taking screen shots of threads. Comments that are relatively mild in criticism/opinions(no foul language or anything approaching levels of nastiness I’ve seen in the past)are vanishing with increased regularity.

    1. No, that post was not eliminated. Check for Old Sports Dude post #27 at 7:47 a.m. Still there. And no, I don’t moderate on my personal opinions, although a big part of my job as columnist is to have an opinion (see today’s What Tom Crean Said/What I heard column in the H-T).

      Most of what comments are vanishing are from known imposters/trolls.

  30. geoff,

    jeez, just found out you stole my son’s name for your baby. you are trying way too hard to be like me when you grow up.

  31. Comparing the level of success of Doug Mallory’s tenure coaching at IU to Tom Crean’s success coaching at IU is ridiculous. You’re really reaching on that one, or maybe you’ve walked through the looking glass.

    Obviously Fred Glass and Coach Wilson agreed with Hoosier fans like myself who believed Mallory needed to be replaced. His defense was just consistently terrible! I said on numerous occasions that I am a huge fan of Mallory Senior, and that I thought Mallory Junior was a good and decent man, but he was not effective as IU’s Defensive Coordinator. And that was blindingly obvious to anyone whoever watched IU play a football game over the last three seasons. I hope Mallory goes on to achieve success in the future and enjoys a long career. But his tenure at IU was not successful, and Wilson had to make a change.

    You took such offense to any criticism of Mallory, it seemed irrational. What was that all about? Are you related to the man? Is he a personal friend of yours? For what it’s worth, I always thought Mallory was a class act and a good man. He just could not get his IU defenses to play anything close to effective football. And they were not getting better last year, they got worse! Three years is enough to assess whether a top assistant coach is getting the job done. Mallory was not getting it done. My criticism of Mallory wasn’t personal, it was just “for the glory of old IU.” If Crean’s teams ever reach the level of ineptitude of Mallory’s defenses, I’ll join all of those who are calling for his termination.

  32. My bad, Jeremy. Somehow I overlooked it.

    Knowing Wilson’s primary reputation resides in his offensive coaching skills, I’m not sure how many top defensive players/recruits will take IU seriously enough to gamble their futures on assistants. Doug Mallory was not at the forefront of the program. Considering the heavy emphasis on the offensive aspect of the game coming from the head coach, any defensive coordinator, especially at a notoriously bottom-feeding program, will be challenged in making IU’s defense anything approaching equal ground with the big players in the BIG. Indiana is not a football state. The only program in the state that has any lasting pedigree, realistically perceived or intentionally over-hyped, is ND.

    Crean had elite players that consistently underperformed because of obvious total confusion on the court. Noah Vonleh gave hints of the absence of creative coaching ability regarding the underutilized areas of his own skill sets that could have helped the team.

  33. AT the end of the day, at least Wilson was forced to let a go guy that probably cherished his job at IU.

    Crean isn’t having to fire anyone. What a relief and a sign of all the votes of confidence from experienced bench players exiting in mass numbers, a Mr. Basketball leaving the state, and quality assistant coaches/coordinators(e.g. Cheaney, Johnson)are just leaving on there own accord even amongst all Tom Crean’s obvious brilliance for the game.

    Forget the “elite” labels given by Podunker to UK and Louisville. St. Louis is also elite enough when an iconic name in Hoosier Basketball, Calbert Cheaney, leaves to play under Jim Crews. That should be plenty of writing on the wall. They(recruits, role players, assistants) aren’t being fired or kicked off. No NEED! They see the incompetence and are too frustrated to stay and painfully watch the coaching ugliness while having all the holier-than-thou junk constantly strewn around the podiums and shoved down their throats in the regurgitation of tweets in locker rooms speeches. But did you know Hoosiers are all tight as glue because they “pray before every game?” Yes, it’s true. They pray for a new coach before their chances to be on a competent stage evaporate like dust in the Podunker wind.

  34. St. Louis is also elite enough when an iconic name in Hoosier Basketball, Calbert Cheaney, leaves to [get a shot at coaching] under Jim Crews.

  35. JP Rhinestones-

    Would love to read your story, but I don’t have an HT subscription. I would most certainly buy it on the newsstand if it was circulated where I live…But within the extremes of my positions and the way I’ve been treated by HT journalists long before Dustin came into power, I think it’s best I maintain a certain amount of privacy. I do remember Dustin once providing a link to a story in HT for someone on Scoop not too long ago(Was it for Tsao?)…I tried the link at the time and the entire story miraculously opened without the subscription requirement blockade.

    I also will never answer one of those asinine Google questions that you’re now allowing to take a dump your website. Much as I would love to read the quality material that Dopirak, Price, and Graham have always offered, I will hold my ground when it comes to bowing to something that cheapens the hell out of your site and our intelligence.

    All the above needlessly said, somehow I thought a Trojan Horse gift certificate could function as a symbol of my respect for all your hard work and occasionally allow me into some HT columns once in a blue moon. I feel the love…I feel the love.

    1. Harv,
      Yes, some of the stories on our site are marked free, usually breaking news stories or the like. But others determined those things. Sorry about the Google questions, but if it helps me remain employed, my complaints are minimal. Maybe I’ll feel the love enough to put some of the column on the blog in the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

  36. St Louis was a team full of seniors in a relatively weak conference, Harv. And I rooted for them. I listen to STL sports radio almost every day, and as much as it nauseates me to listen to Cards homers slam on our Cubbies (…but only when the their Cards are losing, because the vocal fans are fair weather and have no historical pride other than that they won in 2011 and some other year, and still couldn’t tell you who the manager was way back then…) listening to the play-by-play announcer of Billikens basketball giving his honest assessments of the team is spot on and priceless. They peaked, then plateaued, then scrambled to prove they’re worth. In the end they failed to live up to the the promise and hype that had been built upon what so many in the area were billing as such a promising year. Particularly after they sustained success through such an exciting regular season. Conference champs. Nothing else. But failure.

    Sound familiar?

    A lot of IU ties, there, and if anybody could have made it happen, it was our IU alumni and our Hoosier favorites, right? Wrong. But I’m sure there’s a reason. And it probably has little to do with CharlaTom.

    Shtuff happens.

  37. Harvard,

    for a guy who obsessively posts here, I would think you would a little research. Most of our highest rated football recruits the past three years (multiple 4-stars) were defensive players. Knorr developed a Top 40 defense at Wake with mostly 2 star players and a 250 lb DT.

  38. The Billikens took a pretty hard hit with the death of Majerus. I don’t think you could ask more from Crews in trying to fill those shoes under those circumstances. What a big personality Majerus had to go along with that highly respected jolly man….A man of faith that had no need to boast or shove pious behavior down anyone’s throat. And what a wonderful vote of confidence in Crews when Majerus somewhat resurrected Crew’s coaching career.

    And I’m not sure how IU would have looked in a first or second round game against a VCU, Dayton, or St. Louis team….Then again, IU wasn’t even in the tournament to play those teams getting at large bids from relatively weak conferences. All three teams very strongly coached…VCU and Dayton have coaches that have become very hot commodities. Maybe not the most notable top talents, but their teams fight their asses off and sure seem to appear a lot less confused than anything I’ve seen Crean coach during an NCAA tournament.

    I love to have talent on a roster…but it seems so criminal to recruit it and then not know what in the hell to do with it. Under Crean, I see guys that just aren’t getting leadership or anything that equates to synergy and direction. I see some confident players, but I rarely see a confident team playing the game on the same page. It’s pathetic to see high level talent at such a loss.

    I think Cheaney came to understand why he was brought into IU under Crean….It wasn’t ever going to be a situation where Crean is ever going to get it. I don’t think any assistant could ever get beyond those holier-than-thou barriers of a man that needs to be constantly selling himself as perfect as the Almighty Tweet God holding his personal cloud reservation in Twitter heaven. Bringing in the iconic name that once played for Knight was Crean’s only answer for the handshake Knight always refused him. Calbert got wise and moved on to team basketball with a coach that can relinquish some ego in favor of valid input. He left for something of a team game. With all of Calbert’s talents, he was always a team player first. It’s devastating to see Indiana Basketball lose that vital priority and long identity; relinquishing the classroom of basketball in favor of salivating over individual shows of talent using IU as a pit stop for the NBA. Remy Abell wanted no part of it…Calbert Cheaney wanted no part of it. They left disenfranchised and feeling duped for being sucked in by a preacher of everything except what they thought Indiana foremost represented; sold a bag of goods by a self-anointing salesman falsely representing a product that is no longer given value at Indiana at McCracken.

  39. JimmyO-

    Most of our highest rated football recruits the past three years (multiple 4-stars) were defensive players

    So the way I’m understanding it, Knorr is going to reap the benefits of utilizing all those higher 4-star players Mallory’s pedigree name helped bring to IU…? Mallory never got a chance to show what he could do once the talent he helped secure matured? Sounds like a fall guy to me. It’s understandable…How in the hell else does Wilson get the heat off himself…?

  40. Lovie Smith lead the Bears to a Super Bowl appearance…but when the defense began to look very soft and struggle to hold teams to very few three and outs, he was the ultimate fall guy. In the NFL, it seems the buck stops with the head coach.

    Isn’t a horrific college defense still ultimately the problem of the head coach? Why is it different in the college game? Were there so many hopes invested in Wilson(the Oklahoma pedigree) that it’s just not an option to think we hired a guy that basically knows nothing of a very vital half of the game?

    If things aren’t working on either side of the ball, don’t you want a head coach that can enough expertise to stop the bleeding?

    I love Wilson’s pace to the game and his inventiveness on offense…But must such fun be at the expense of a head coach completely clueless to defensive aspects of the game? Must that realm of responsibility fall solely on the shoulders of coordinators?

    I don’t see the same forgiveness from fans in the NFL…When Bears fans watch a Bears team so traditionally known for defensive prowess get punished, they go head-hunting at the very top of the totem pole. If you somehow hired incompetence, you better damn sure know how to step in(and that means within a game and within a season)and do something to fix it in a hurry.

    Wasn’t it Podunker’s argument from the beginning that Wilson hired a very incompetent coach that had nothing to show for his fancy name? What does that say about Wilson? Isn’t that sorta the same as hiring Calbert Cheaney, playing to the prehistoric fans and their emotional attachments to foregone days, to disguise your own incompetence?

  41. Again Harvard I offer this quote from Mark Twain about the situation of IU basketball………….It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ….Mark Twain

  42. DMTS is a syndrome caused by the stress emanating from bad decisions at the executive level on readers, first diagnosed by Dr. (Poo-Poo) Podunker. Ironically, Dr. PPP was himself overcome from a nearly fatal does of the syndrome, a derivative recently diagnosed and medically defined (as a psychotic outcome) in the last meeting of the American Academy of Inflammatory (loose) Bowel Conditions, known as DMTSD.

  43. Jeremy,

    As someone who knows the economics of print media, I understand the plight of the company you work for and how people don’t just ask, but demand something for nothing.

    I might have a different strategy if I were the guy in charge, but it would be apples and oranges. I support your efforts to make scratch off of your hard work. Keep it up because if it keeps this place alive and you keep doing the great job you are, everything is all good.

    Let the others complain as they hold onto “Fairies Paying for Things” theory.

  44. I love it when journalists are crying in the beer of old time newspaper robber barons that can no longer sell a monopolized piece of advertising with lots of white space like it was the crack cocaine of addicted businesses at their mercy to draw in customers. As if the execs building their empires were sharing their greed and trophy wives with all those in the trenches that produced the print they cared very little.

    The internet changed the world of marketing products and businesses…It took the power away from newspapers that forever abused their monopolies, didn’t share in the wealth with those producing content, and believed they would have all their advertising accounts by the gonads for the eternity of ink printed on paper. Live by the greed sword, die by the greed sword.

    Cry in that beer? Journalists were never a priority in the newspaper industry….When their was a larger share of the dime, they hoarded it no different than the dime they cry to pinch today in their struggles to survive. Those that filled the pages with content were as disposable a WalMart checkout clerk for Sam Walton.

  45. We were sold the same bag of goods with cable TV…”Subscribe, subscribe…You’ll never have to sit through twenty commercials during a 2-hour movie again! Networks have you by the b__lls! Subscribe…Subscribe!” Guess what? I now pay for the greed of cable execs and have more commercials during my 2-hour movie than before the day I was sold the bag of tricks and lies.

    And with your paid subscription to ITH has come the increasing invasion of your privacy and bombardment with ads like never before.

    The idea of quality writers bringing the advertisers has never been present. The business model is to give promises, suck in subscribers, hike prices, and monopolize the industry. Everything promised becomes wastebasket overflow for the brilliant execs that will do anything to overcharge you and monopolize any piece of crap that eventually ends up in your living room.

  46. Tried to watch “Born on the Fourth of July” a few weeks ago on the Sundance channel. I never saw so many commercial interuptions…Completely bastardized the film and made for run-time of four hours when it should have been barely over in two. It’s not that great of film, but what a destruction nonetheless.

    Robert Redford should be ashamed to have any affiliation with such mutilation of films and destruction of art. All for the price of locking in veiwers and lining the pockets of execs while the cable industry still can. It will end no differently as art and writing matter less with each passing decade.

  47. And what of Michael Moore..! Divorce documents tell all! Occupy Wall Street? Try occupying his gated neighborhood…What a damn hypocrite living amongst the greedy mansions of those that trample on every blue collar worthless wart they ever employed. Should change his name to Michael Walton.

  48. Moore is probably on Sundance’s Board of Directors….Greedy a-hole.

    I’m done…Go back to answering your Snoogle questions to get at a story. Keep defending the poor rich bastards of your capitalist models disintegrating everything in the trials and tribulations of their lost monopolistic market shares in their backyard greed cesspools. Take a summer dip in Michael Moore’s journalistic pool for the common man.

    Dustin- You should take that Google crap off of here. You need to step in and reclaim so integrity for your profession.

  49. Jesus, Harvard. Even as we warily travel this long and dusty road together, you still have the ability to amaze.

    On that note: how many readers would pay a subscription fee to see Harvey and me travel around the world? Harvey would make Karl Pilkington look like Magellan. I’d make Yosemite Sam look like the Dalai Lama.

  50. No matter. This tiny wart of a nobody is still a believer in Scoop without policing a Yacht Club and log-in methods involving the sharing of a fakebook face on a Zuckerberg lollipop or a Snoogle questions asking how many times a week I buy carrots.

    Dustin and Jeremy are really decent guys.. I complain, but I hope they understand that any parent would be proud to have such honest and hardworking sons. And as I’ve told my daughter many times over, most of the male world is full of scumbags and douchebags like her old man.

  51. Once every month or so I check the Scoop to see what’s up. It’s obviously been sealed in amber. Nothing changes. There’s no telling what year the posts on here are from, let alone the actual topic.

    Harvard hates CTC. Other contributors mention something else. Harvard somehow brings it back to how much he hates CTC.

    “If you ask me the Hoosier football team needs a better defense. What does anyone think of the new recruits?”

    “New recruits? How about how the fact that the basketball team doesn’t EVER have to eat Brussel sprouts. Yet nobody in the press is following up on this vitally important dietary issue.”

    How tiresome can it possibly get?

    See you all the next time I need an ice pick in my eye.

  52. Not to be on a quest to add anything new and refreshing, but I believe it’s Brussels(add the ‘s’ for the city in Belgium) sprouts.

    I love them deep fried and dusted generously with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. Frying gives you some wonderfully browned crisp leaves and brings out a delicious sweet flavor…I prefer to blanch the Brussels sprouts first(cook or steam them ’til you can barely insert a sharp knife into their center…Rinse them in some cold water to stop the cooking and chill them for a few minutes in the fridge….Dry them off with some paper towels before frying in about a 1/2″ of Wesson oil in a good quality heavy skillet…) You can also roast them in a high temperature oven(again, blanch them first)and achieve nice results. Stir them with a bit of olive oil and a small slice of butter before roasting. Add some sea salt and some freshly grated black pepper. Goes easy on salt if you use the Parm…Parmigiano-Reggiano can be quite salty.

    The Brussels sprout has long been popular in Brussels, Belgium, and may have originated there(courtesy; Wikipedia).

    Your instructions before your next monthly return to Scoop is to try Brussels sprouts according to Harvard. Maybe have them with a nice medium-rare steak as an alternative to potatoes. Bottle of cold 312 and you’re good to go. Oh, that’s right…You don’t touch the booze.

    Any other suggestions for cooking Brussels sprouts? Crumbled bacon(I enjoy Oscar Meyer’s new “Butcher Cut Thick Slice” offering) can be added with the Parmigiano-Reggiano if you want them even more sinfully delicious.

    Crean likely purchases frozen microwavable Brussels sprouts and cooks them to death in a similar fashion to the overly micromanaged blandness his Hoosier team running absolutely nothing fresh and exciting in a halfcourt offense.

  53. Couldn’t’ agree more about Brussels sprouts. I like the blanche-bake method myself. You can get away with less oil and still get the crispiness. One touch that I like to add is to toss them in a tbsp of maple syrup and a tbsp of whole grain mustard before throwing them in to bake. The syrup enhances the caramelization process.

    They are quite the rage in Cleveland. One guy, Michael Symon, has a happy hour Brussels sprouts appetizer at his restaurant Lolita. Deep fried, then tossed with walnuts, capers, and a sweet, salty dark sauce that has the slightest hint of anchovy. You could live off them.

    Tom Crean doesn’t purchase Brussels sprouts, in any form. Too European-sounding, too much fiber, too unfamiliar. Probably more of a buttered carrots and green peas type of guy.

  54. Seahawk-

    Ha! I knew culinary chat would bring you out.

    Thinking of taking a long road trip..I may be visiting Seattle in a couple weeks…Maybe only a one or two night stay. Areas to stay and dine? Have you ever heard of Cannon Beach, Oregon?

    Chet- Have you moved around the Great West much? Is Jackson Hole simply too touristy to waste the time? Have you visited Boulder, Co? Dangerous, winding, mountain pass you may want to suggest for Harvard?


    Harvard appears to be getting out of the bat cave. This will be a rare opportunity to enjoy Hoosier Scoop and absorb Podunker’s passion…Maybe even embrace Ben…Possibly see a more than brief appearance from the legendary Hoosier scholar and poet, renowned Chicago Tribune journalist, close friend of Billy Buckner, Leon Durham, and Steve Bartman, Mountain Man of Lake Shore Dr, weighing in at 72,345 Scoop whine bottles, the one and only, Master of the Dissertation Disaster, the man that once terrorized Alex Trebek sparking a peephole investigation at a Holiday Inn Express, Tsao T. Gonzalez! Pass the classy sassy mustard!!

    For those missing the old days of Hoosier Mornings and your eggs over easy, dare I suggest that there may even be a pancake buffet/spread involving JPat followed by an intense Hoosier football conversation that could go down Colon Pass and digress into a fiery debate. Pancakes will be followed by Dinner at Dagwood’s where all can partake in family tales of friendliness and the overall cleanliness of Illini porta-potties.

    This will be a once in a lifetime Scoopy-Doo opportunity to bark for a Scoopy snack without Harvard eating the entire box…a chance to ‘mingle all the way’ with those not a fan of Frank ‘n’ Dawgs or those that have far too long shied away or have become grown exceedingly discouraged by the presence of Jeremy’s aftershave. It’s coming soon!! Spread the word among the thousands that left Scoop for the safe and tranquil streets of Bozichville over at Inside the Manikin Hall. Keep checking in for momentary sightings of Beluga whales, white caps and white space, and a sidebar on Scoop not dominated by Mitch McGary’s uncle Bernard in leather g-string(a.k.a Harvard for Hillbillies).

    Hopefully the open roads can bring me back to Scoop a changed man…Doubt it, but for the sake of what shred of goodness left in a lower bowel filled with Brussels sprout gas, it’s worth a try.

    Take care all.

  55. Harvard: never been to Cannon Beach. But Ocean Shores (WA) and Seaside (OR) are awful nice! You really can’t go wrong on the PN coastline.

    If you’re in Seattle, do take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island, my hometown. 35 minute boat ride that gives you a stunning panorama of the Cascades, Olympic Mountains, Mt. Rainier, and the Puget Sound. Warning: sensory overload may cause permanent damage!

    In Seattle, have breakfast at the 5-Spot at the top of Queen Anne. My old employer. Have a cup of black coffee and sit back in a comfy booth. The canvas paintings hung around the restaurant are all by employees who work there. Order the Red Flannel Hash – a delightful pile of roasted potatoes, beets, bell peppers and onions topped with two poached eggs.

    Have fun my friend!


  56. Seahawk-

    Thanks a bunch…..You did such a damn wonderful job that I feel I’ve already experienced it.

    Probably heading up through Wyoming….May even swing through Spokane..Not sure how much time I’ll have to pack it all in. Wish I could do the California coastline as well, but probably won’t be able to fit it in to an already daunting amount of driving. It’s exhausting planning it all and I’m a person that doesn’t like planning…Hotels are getting ungodly expensive and it’s difficult to just do things on a whim when it comes to finding your next night’s stay. The internet has just made that sorta fun impossible…Everything gets rated..Everything gets booked. Might end up turning around before even getting past Nebraska(that was not intended to be a Hoosier basketball reference).

    Thanks again, old friend…Sure miss your style.

  57. Harv,

    If you’re taking a road-trip, I have a recommendation that I think you’d like a lot. Instead of driving on the freeways/Interstates, take all the original highways. Obviously, it’ll take longer, but you’ll get to drive through all the towns. As a guy who still has a heart for small town America, I think you’d really dig it.

    I drove the lower 48 without taking a single freeway (back in 1999). It was amazing. Met great people and felt like I really took in what a place was really like. Plus, there is something to be said for just taking your time. You open your eyes and see things you’d normally just blow right past.

    Re: hotels. Check out Airbnb. I use it all the time here in the States now. You can get some really cool places for the family that are quite outstanding. Some places are really super unique.

    I’d be happy to help.

  58. Thanks DD…I’ll check out the website.

    Planning on getting away from many of the interstates. Might have to pound more initially. Currently rather overwhelmed…I’ve not done much planning and it all looks like too much road for too little time. We’ll see how it goes. Probably should have flown to Northwest/Pacific Coast and rented a car, but I have quite the fear of flying…

    It’s the family that wanted the road trip. I must be getting seriously old because I really prefer just staying at a nice hotel near a beach and keeping things pretty simple. I really enjoyed Laguna Beach many years ago…Now it’s likely a touristy madhouse.

  59. Yes! Air B&B for sure, Harvard. I second the Double Down on that. I actually have family members that do an Air B & B in the Seattle area…. wish I could give you the details, but the Scoop is an unstable place to share more specific details, as we unfortunately know. But you can find accommodations for around 75 bucks a person in beautiful locations with AirBB, give it a try.

    Don’t give up on this road trip. One way to make it manageable is to not try to cover too much. You certainly don’t need to do California, Wash, and Oregon in one trip. You’d be way better served to just to Wash and Or, better yet – just do Washington and British Columbia! If you make it as far as Seattle, you’d be a fool to not pop up into the great north for at least two nights. You can take the Victoria Clippert from Seattle to Victoria for a few nights, or cross the land border and see the wonders of Vancouver. Either way, even with all the hype, BC is so underrated it’s criminal!

    Thanks for the warm feelings. I was in Capitola of all places last week, thought of you (Grandma lives in the Santa Cruz mountains). Still a neat place – I love Mr. Toots coffee shop and the little Blue Agave Taqueria. But NorCal is so ridiculously impossible to afford anymore. Sad to think that places like Capitola are forever off limits to the common man!

  60. It’s think it’s been nearly 15 years since I was in Capitola…Only stopped for a day. Found a wonderful bakery and just spent a couple hours gazing at the homes. Fell in love with the place. Wish I even had the pocket book back then for a small cottage tucked along one of those charming hilly streets.

    Thanks again for all your suggestions…

    Ron- I’m sure Chet would agree. I would love to take a Triumph Bonneville across the states. If I only knew how to ride…If I only owned a bike…I guess I can dream. It does seem like the most romantic means to take a road trip.

  61. Have fun and be safe on your trip Harvard. Going out west was by far my most enjoyable trip when I was younger. (Family vacation.). I remember dad driving on the famous Route 66 time to time.

  62. Thanks Ben. Appreciate your kindness. I also have some great old memories of a family vacation out West when I was a kid. I’m sure I’ll be thinking about both my parents a lot during the driving. I’m just hoping my daughter can have some fun and some of her own memories to cherish.

    You take care… and keep Price in line.

  63. I was in Cannon Beach last year. I followed the Lewis and Clark trek. If you’re driving take Hwy 12 through Idaho. Amazing. Hell’s Canyon is not far out of the way, either.

    Avoid the Interstates. Check out Mt. Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, the Badlands, Yellowstone and the Tetons, the Columbia River Gorge is pretty but crowded.

    Enjoy the journey.

    We just decided to take our first trip to Alaska next summer to visit an old buddy from IU.

  64. BTW, did you know Lewis and Clark trained their expedition in Clark County, Indiana, for a year before their official start in Missouri?

  65. Harvard…good for you!! More than anything enjoy your daughter and let her enjoy you! Good for you.

    Chet has it right that the road along the Columbia River (I prefer the north shore, on the Washington side …heck that retire area is more than impressive. And yes, as you follow the Columbia R. and come to its opening into the Pacific ocean can be mind blowing. Cannon Beach (and the other beaches along the Oregon coast- I like Yachats, south of Lincoln City) about 2 hours south of the Columbia, most of the beaches in Oregon are incredibly beautiful and the mountain setting makes it even more dramatic. Wherever you go you’ll see the Mt. Hood in the backdrop. Also Astoria, OR great town/small city on the Columbia R. just before you get to the Pacific (great bridge crossing). Also, Portland is a beautiful city itself, all kinds of characters (you’ll feel very, very comfortable there). Great food, quirky coffee shops (great, great expresso, excellent wineries wherever you go). Everything is so, so green. Ferns we pay $20 for in Chicago, just grow out of the ground in Oregon. Some great volcano lakes in central Oregon too.

    But mainly…enjoy your daughter.

  66. Wow…Thanks for all the recommendations.

    I know we won’t have time to get it all in, but how impressive to have such friends on Scoop that are giving me well wishes. I’m almost in tears(seriously..not being sarcastic). Thank you all..Thanks Chet and Tsao. It makes me happy to see Chet and Tsao on the same thread again…You’ve shown a kindness that has broken through and I wasn’t prepared. I’m a bit lost for words. Happy and sad at the same time…Happy to have been given something strangely spiritual in how you extend your personal joys and want the same for me…Saddened a bit too…but it’s hard to explain. Thank you all very much.

  67. Add this, Harvard, to the thoughts of Lewis and Clark. Imagine the time and what that wilderness must have looked like when they came upon that first view of the Pacific as they came out of the Columbia River.

    Lewis: What the _______?
    Clark: Ohhhhh shhh______!!!

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