IU to open football season Aug. 30 at noon on ESPNews

Indiana and Indiana State will kick off the football season Aug. 30 at noon on ESPNews, the Big Ten Conference announced Wednesday.

Four other game times are also official (with television assignments when applicable):

Sept. 13: at Bowling Green, noon, ESPNU/ESPNews
Oct. 11: at. Iowa, noon
Oct. 18: vs. Michigan State, 3:30 p.m. (Homecoming)
Nov. 1: at Michigan, noon

The remaining times and television assignments will be announced at later dates.

The full release from IU follows after the jump.

The Indiana football team will open its 2014 campaign with a noon EDT kickoff on ESPNEWS against Indiana State at Memorial Stadium, the Big Ten Conference announced on Wednesday.

Five game times are now official. The Hoosiers will travel to Bowling Green (Sept. 13, noon EDT), Iowa (Oct. 11, noon EDT) and Michigan (Nov. 1, 3:30 p.m. EDT), and will welcome Michigan State for Homecoming (Oct. 18, 3:30 p.m. EDT).

Remaining television designations and game times will be determined either 12 days or six days before the game. All games can also be heard on the statewide IU Radio Network (Don Fischer, Buck Suhr and Joe Smith) and on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio.


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    The following headline appeared on a story in the Chicago Tribune:

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  2. Why do you think so many Hoosiers departed ways with Tom Crean? Before a “Movement” could even settle in, it seems we’re at ‘square one’ again. Where is the loyalty to be found? What ran this ship aground? What does it mean when the benchwarmer doesn’t stay long enough to keep the bench warm? Remy and Mo and Fischer and Hollowell and Etherington and Marlin..? Whatever happened to scholly crunches? Can a team flourish on the vine without humble roots to feed the grapes of any victories grown in bunches? And Nebraska Huskers now give us fits on our storied maple? I thought the joke of college football was their only corny staple..? And is an uncertain future surely lurkin’ when a home basketball game against Nittany Lions does not include clean-up minutes for Peter Jurkin? Where are my old Hoosiers? Did they leave with 33 1⁄3 LP hours in a day with ‘Jungle Love’ and turntables and Morris Day and The Time? Where are the once feared candy stripes that permanently impressed? It seems last season couldn’t even include an offering from the NIT to detest. Now we merely tweet our horns rather than march through March. The tents are empty of true soldiers that fight for cream and crimson in a belief that lives beyond the bugles of packaged optimism wrapped in excuses. It appears the ringmaster is singing his ‘too young’ tune again with the usual circus is filled of excess podium gibberish another morning in July. It feels like Twilight Zone marathon… Wasn’t it just yesterday when Zellerpalooza made all the news? Did I miss the festivities when “Everything hinges on Cody” would return us to glory before the answering of any NBA call? Banners on back-burners again this fall…? Time to raises our glasses for Fred’s Bill of Rights…More distractions from the man that knows his business. I wonder if he misses the dormitory days; the carefree days of heading to Assembly on a Saturday afternoon and getting ridiculously excited over a time when basketball dominance was so easy to take for granted…? I wonder if Glass ever gets reflective on how we somehow provided a secure and safe environment for athletes so many years ago and still won championships? Unlike the huge exodus of role players under Crean, why did so many players on a Hoosier bench put up with Knight when there was no Bill of Rights? It’s amazing the suffering men will endure to have a fair shot at winning.

  3. Wow….thought we would be talking about IU football.

    Can’t wait for Aug 30 to get here. I’m hoping IU turns the corner this season, though our schedule doesn’t work in our favor.

    I recall in ’79 my old roommate said the football team would win but 4 games! I said, “No way, I think we’ll go 8-4”. Had tickets for the IU – Iowa game but we didn’t drive to Iowa City. Thought that was a wise decision because at halftime IU was down 26-3. IU came back and won 30-26, at the time one of the top ten college comebacks of all time! Sure enough IU goes 8-4 with Tim Clifford, LonnieJohnson and Mike Harkrader.

    Once Bill Mallory assembled his guys(Dave Schnell, AT, Stoyanovich, Mike Dumas, Mark Hagen) IU started winning. I think they were 6-6 their first year together but then strung together 3-4 great seasons (great for IU), Trent Green, Vaughn Dunbar, Greg Farrell, etal.

    Am hopefully optimistic this season that IU goes 6-6….7-5 would be fantastic. I also realize we could just as easily go 5-7 as well with boneheaded plays like the lateral versus Minnesota last season.

    Maybe I’m IU optimistic but I can’t help but think the defense will be improved. Our guys just can’t be that bad. I think last year and before, they got poor coaching and ran poor schemes and too many complicated reads.

    Go IU. Hoosier forever!

    1. I swear I can’t take two days off. Once again, stow the personal attacks, and I don’t care who started it. You know who you are, and anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, just never mind.

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