1. Couldn’t make the chat on the West Coast, so I’ll just put my comment here for everyone in the galley to discuss/flame/hate/love-on here:

    The more I think about the team next year’s Hoops Team, the more optimism I feel about the roster than most others. I’m not all that keen on turning this discussion into an indictment about the Crean. Boring. I’m just talking about the roster.

    I feel like addition of JBJ & Robert Johnson, plus the growth we were seeing from Stan and Troy at the end of last year, plus Yogi is greater than the loss of Vonleh & Fischer in the middle. This isn’t a scary team by any means on paper. But if HMP gives us 10 & 6 and stays out of foul trouble, we have a team that can put up some points.

    Am I the only one that has smoked enough crack to reach this conclusion, or is there anyone else that even slightly feels this way?

  2. The good news Double Down is we have a solid nucleus from last year. HMP will be key this year. Someone has to man the middle, and obviously April isn’t prepared for such an assignment. This team should reach the NCAA tournament, but I don’t foresee a deep run. It should be interesting though how it all plays out.

    So your assumption is fair. Slightly higher then a mid pack team perhaps?

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