Names to know in IU women’s coaching search

In the wake of Curt Miller’s sudden resignation last Friday, the search for a new Indiana University women’s basketball coach is on.

The hire is a critical one for the Hoosiers to maintain the momentum they’ve built on the court and on the recruiting trail over the past two seasons.

Sources close to the program indicate that the search has yet to zero in on any finalists, but here is an updated list of names, in alphabetical order, to keep an eye on as the search process moves swiftly toward a conclusion.

DAMON BAILEY, Butler: Former IU star and state basketball legend still carries plenty of star power. But he’s only been on staff at Butler as an assistant coach for two months after leading the Bedford North Lawrence girls’ basketball team to the 2013-14 Class 4A state title. Bailey’s daughter, Alexa, is a verbal commit for the Bulldogs’ 2015 recruiting class, while another Star, Jenna Allen, is a 2015 commit to the Hoosiers. Sources say Bailey has neither been offered the job nor turned it down, despite message board rumors.

TRICIA CULLOP, Toledo: She was a 1989 Indiana All-Star at North Knox and played at Purdue under current Indiana Fever coach Lin Dunn. Cullop was reportedly the runner-up for the Ohio State job in the spring of 2013, and has had great success with the Rockets, including four straight seasons of 24-plus wins from 2009-13. Prior to her current six-year stint at Toledo, she coached at Evansville for eight years. Career coaching mark is 264-170, a .604 winning percentage.

GAIL GOESTENKORS, Unemployed: She’s likely still a longshot, but the former Duke and Texas head coach did recently resign as assistant coach with the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks when the head coach was fired. She was an assistant coach at Purdue under Lin Dunn from 1986-92, with Tricia Cullop among the players she coached. Recently announced as a member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction class of 2015.

CAMERON NEWBAUER, Belmont: Fort Wayne native is the older brother of former IU women’s player, Andrea Newbauer. Started his coaching career at Siena. From there he went to Georgia, where he served two stints with men’s basketball, as well as five seasons as an assistant under Hall of Famer Andy Landers. Newbauer then joined the staff of Jeff Walz at Louisville for one season. Last year was his first as a head coach, leading the Bruins to the WNIT, where they lost to the Hoosiers.

AUTUMN RADEMACHER, Detroit: Rising prospective coach from the mid-major ranks. She is a former assistant coach under first Kevin Borseth, then Matt Bollant at Wisconsin-Green Bay, she has been the head coach at Detroit for the past six years, leading Titans to back-to-back 20-win seasons in 2011-12 and 2012-13, reaching the WNIT and winning the WBI, before scuffling to just six wins this past season.

Brian Agler, Seattle Storm; Beth Cunningham, Notre Dame; Stephanie White, Indiana Fever.


  1. Any thoughts on Brandi Poole? Too young? She’s been with Miller a long time and surely knows his system and methods inside and out.

  2. Stephanie White is Lin Dunn’s replacement next year for the Fever if I heard right. Goestenkors sounds intriguing. I would think IU is an attractive job thanks to Coach Miller.

    1. Triple,
      Poole would make some sense, but I get feeling IU is looking externally on this hire, perhaps not wanting an internal hire to look temporary in any way.

      Yes, White is supposed to replace Dunn with the Fever, but I’m not sure if there isn’t more money in college than the WNBA. Not sure if IU has enough money for Goestenkors, but worth a look.

  3. If this is the list it’s going to be Cullop. Glass is not going to hire anyone that does not have proven success at a higher level

  4. Did anybody learn anything from the Sharon Versyp hire? NO PURDUE ALUMS! NO WAY! NO HOW!

  5. Indeed. I would not hire a former Purdue player. They may be capable coaches and nice people, but like Versyp, as soon as a Purdue job becomes available, they’d leave IU in a flash!

  6. Cullop may be Purdue grad..but she is from the state of Indiana and would be the logical choice ie recruiting the area etc. She went to high school less than an hour away. Don’t get hung up on the Purdue thing and lose out on a stellar candidate.

  7. No to Cullop. … Versyp is from the state of Indiana and at the time, was the logical choice, etc. She was thrilled to be back in her home state and was going to do her best to make IU a winner and help turn the program around. Then at her very first chance, she stabbed IU in the back. NO PURDUE ALUMS! NO! NO! NO! Fred Glass will know better. Unfortunately, Rick Greenspan didn’t.

  8. Hire Bailey. He would not be any more of a gamble than any other candidate listed nor any more of a gamble than previous IU women bb coaches. I think Bailey brings alot to the table. He also is probably as well qualified as the other candidates…just a little differently. I think he would be successful and stay at IU many years to come. HIRE BAILEY.

  9. The issue with Bailey is his lack of college experience. He has more experience coaching his daughter’s AAU team than even his time at BNL as head coach. Also, I think would have to convince his daughter to switch from Butler to IU.

  10. I also say NO to Bailey, no college experience and his daughter, if she came with him would get no playing time with the wealth of guard experience currently at IU .Goestenkors would have no interest nor would White, she has a job in waiting. Cullop I would have no problem with, she is very good! I do agree with Triple, I would love to see Brandi Poole, she knows the current system the team played under and I am sure the team would be very happy with her. Not only that, she would still have a connection with the high school players that MIller was recruiting. This would probably also keep the verbal commits on their way to Bloomington. I would also be intrigued by Beth Cunningham who has been at Notre Dame for a long time and is a Bloomington native. She has had to have picked up a wealth of knowledge by coaching under Muffet at Notre Dame. I would hope that AD Glass doesn’t take to long in his search, recruiting is a priority! I am sure that the recruits that IU had been talking to are now wondering what is next at IU?

  11. Rademacher is a great coach – they were devastated by injury last year. . . .Bailey is intriguing too

  12. IU should keep current staff in tact and either try to get Bailey as assistant or hire him as head coach if current staff would agree to stay. (Give current staff salary raises)

  13. How about Ruth Riley? She is an Indiana girl from Macy, Indiana, a State Champion at North Miami High School, a College Champion at Notre Dame, and a NBA Champion as well? Don’t know if she has thought of coaching, but she has what I consider to be an impressive resume, and is a fantastic person as well! Hadn’t heard her name mentioned?

    1. Randy,
      Ruth recently retired from playing and is going back to school for a master’s at Notre Dame. Also serving as some sort of outreach liason for the WNBA, I believe. Doesn’t look like coaching is in the plans.

  14. I still say, keeping the current staff together and naming Brandi Poole the head coach would be the way to go. It would keep the consistancy of the program together. It would calm the worries of the current players and keep the verbal commits happy. To me this is a no brainer! The system that the current players are use to would be intact and it would be more comfortable for the incoming freshmen who came here looking forward to playing in this system.

    I realize that AD Glass would probably like to make a big splash by hiring a big name coach but, if a big name coach is not available I would think it would be advisable to keep the already in place staff.

  15. Too bad Illinois got to Matt Bollant from Wisconsin GB before this happened. He did amazing things with that program and does have local ties to Bloomington/Ellettsville. I was pulling for either Matt or Curt when they were searching for a coach.

  16. Hope they make the right decision, and quick. Jenna Allen just reopened her recruitment. She says she will wait to see who we hire before making her final choice.

  17. HHCSports is the source. Justin Sokelands blog. He covers southern indiana sports for the Courier Journal. He also states that Damon interviewed for the job, but pulled out afterwards.

  18. As I said in my earlier post, I think it is imperitive to hire Brandi Poole as the next head coach and retain the rest of the staff in order to keep the verbal commits for the future! Hearing that Jenna Allen has decommitted is an early sign that there could be trouble on the horizon. It would be interesting to know if Brandi has submitted her name for the job or if AD Glass has spoken to her? This current staff minus coach Miller would surely contine coach Miller’s very successful system. Come on AD Glass, offer the job to Brandi!

  19. Mike I disagree. There is not worry with Jenna Allen decomitting She is waiting to see who the next head coach is going to be that is understandable.

    Jeniffer Roos would be at the top of the list. Thankfully it is not Damon Bailey.

  20. Bob, I agree, recruits(even a de-committed 1) and most fans want to be made comfortable seeing a strong leader with HC experience take over . Not necessarily someone like a popular current assistant who may need the existing staff for support and cover. The short incomplete list above most likely does not hold the name of the future HC.

  21. I go along with Mike C on Brandi Poole.
    I also think Beth Morgan Cunningham should be given serious consideration if we HAVE to go outside the current coaches.

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