1. Damn, Dustin we’ll miss you. I for one looked forward to your wrap-ups. Well, good luck to you.

  2. Miller – with you in charge of the Scoop now, we need to talk about my role here. I’ve emailed Beane and I look forward to feedback from both of you.

  3. Dustin,

    Although the details aren’t clear, your departure, understandable if you are “moving up,” still feels like an old and close friend is moving out o’ town.

    We all know that sometimes ya’ gotta move to be appreciated by the powers that be.

    You did a heckuva good job.

    Good luck and fare thee well!

    We’ll miss ya’!

    WestCoast Hoosier

  4. I sent Dustin a tweet about this too, but I’m wondering if anyone here knows what’s up with Kris Smith not being in the media guide? If it’s already been addressed, I apologize. That would be an unfortunate loss, he’s a good example of the improved athleticism we’ve been recruiting.

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