Live chat transcript: IU football, soccer, Curt Miller

QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. Thanks for being here. Busy week ahead with IU football kicking off Aug. 30 at Memorial Stadium.
How is everyone doing today? Are you ready to get started?

JEREMY: I managed to remember the chat was on Friday, not Thursday, so I think I’m doing real well. Let’s get right to it.
MIKE: Doing well, if not a little sleepy-eyed. Late night in the office last night working on the Nate Sudfeld centerpiece to our IU football wrap. It all hits newsstands on Sunday, which means I have. to. finish. that. soon. Otherwise, I’m ready to chat. Let’s do it.
ANDY: Greetings all, and a reminder to Bloomingtonians that Fred Glass, Kevin Wilson, Chris Lemonis, Sherry Dunbar-Kruzan, “Taste of the Rock” vittles and libations and Clayton Anderson tunes are all available tonight at “Hoosier Village” outside Memorial Stadium in a free “Tailgate Tour” event from 5:30-8 p.m.
And Mike Davis will be back in Assembly Hall this November …

QUESTION: I only have limited knowledge of IU soccer but saw they only rank 5th in Big 10 this year in preseason poll. Is this normal and will team exceed that or is the team really getting worse every year (I know they almost misssed tourney for 1st time last year so being ranked this low seems perplexing but I really know very little)?
Number 1 IU Fan, Franklin, Indiana

JEREMY: No. 1 IU Fan,
No, this is not normal. But on the other hand, I don’t know how many times in the last 10 years Indiana was picked first in the Big Ten and did not win it. Since claiming back-to-back regular-season titles in 2006 and ’07, IU’s only other Big Ten title was in 2010. Similar story with the Big Ten Tournament. IU won the tournament to make the NCAA field last year, the first time the Hoosiers won the tourney since 2006.
All that to say, take a wait and see approach on this year’s team. It’s young and has a lot of new starters, but should improve steadily as the year goes on.
MIKE: I’ll leave this to the resident soccer experts.
ANDY: Number 1:
It isn’t customary for IU to be listed fifth among Big Ten soccer teams in preseason, no (though adding Maryland and Rutgers to the conference changes the dynamic a bit.) Given Indiana’s struggles last season, it’s not all that surprising. It also is pretty meaningless. This should be a solid squad, especially if a consistent goal-scorer emerges up front in lieu of the departed Tommy Thompson. Jeremy saw the exhibition game with Xavier and I didn’t, so he can add a fresher perspective, but the squad I saw last spring during those exhibitions looked competitive to me. My guess is Indiana has the wherewithal to be as good as any team in the conference at any given point in the season. Last season, that point came late, as IU won the Big Ten tournament title. This team might take a while to coalesce, with a lot of new faces, but it has potential.

QUESTION: I thought I believed that Curt Miller had health problems when he left,0 but after Fred Glass’ response to the questions at the tailgate in Indy yesterday I was at I now definetely think IU is covering something up.
I have a guess (but no idea) as to what it is but I am not going to put it in this question to start rumors. I am sure you guys don’t know what really happened or you would have reported it (and after yesterday probably want to make you pursue the real story twice as hard for the truth) but in light of yesterday can we safely say there is more than meets the eye?
Kellen, Indy

JEREMY: Kellen,
You can safely say there is more than meets the eye, and, of course, there almost always is when a coach suddenly resigns.
MIKE: I asked a fairly straightforward, completely reasonable question to Fred Glass during his media availability on Wednesday and he wouldn’t comment, for whatever reasons. Basically, the question I posed was whether or not the university and Curt Miller split on amicable terms. Glass responded: “I’m not here to talk about that. If you want to talk about that at another time, that’d be great.” Clearly, IU has its reasons for taking such an approach, so I think, yeah, it’s safe to say there’s more than meets the eye. Of course, that’s almost always the case when a coach leaves.
ANDY: Kellen:
We pursued the story hard from the get-go. We got our FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request in early, and weren’t the only media outlet to do so. We continue to pursue it. But there is obviously a vast gulf between rumor and the sort of substantiated fact we would be in position to report.
Those with absolute knowledge of the situation (and that doesn’t include very many people) have remained unrelentingly tight-lipped. And the IU folks had to know, given that approach, that speculation and rumor would inevitably arise, and that some of said rumors might turn insidious. Given that they still chose to remain reticent (beyond the “personal and health” reasons alluded to in the intitial release and resignation letter), they clearly feel some things are private and should remain so, whether that alludes to health or behavior or personnel issues or whatever. There is always a chance that the general silence is the result of pending litigation, too, but we don’t know that to be true.
If it were simply a health issue (even a really serious health issue, like that faced by the late Terry Hoeppner), one would think they might be a bit more forthcoming, but each such situation is different and each person has their own view about that sort of thing. But since they aren’t being forthcoming, people are free to speculate. And the speculation is pretty rampant.

1. How are basketball and football ticket sales going? For football have numbers continued to climb? I know for basketball they pushed everyone’s seat selection date back a month (well into September as oppose to late August) compared to previous years so I wondered if they got all the tickets sold in season tickets or if there was for another reason for the push back?
How are student ticket sales going? It still says on the websites students get a 12 game pack but wondered if they sold enough tickets to only have that many after all and what the current number for student sales is?
2. Interesting Idea on Holt. I feel like he has potential and maybe will blow up late which is exactly what IU needs at his position. Here is the thing upon further reflection. If everyone surprises and this is a 20-25 win 2nd round tourney team than having the same core back next year and no schollies is great. The problem is if this is another .500 team and Crean heads into 2015-2016 squarely on the hot seat hes going to regret not having 3-4 schollies to give to elite freshman (as I mentioned last week his way of opening scholorships is going to get dicey with new bill of rights)
Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,
1. No idea.
2. I like the video I’ve seen on Emmitt Holt, and I think he’s probably more ready to step in right away than Jeremiah April or Tim Priller. Although, I think if you take the fact he may still be growing combined with the benefits of a full off-season of strength and conditioning work, next year he’ll be exponentially better. But by all accounts he’s a rebounding machine, and that alone will make him valuable as a freshman.
I really think Crean signs at least one or two for 2015 if he can and lets the chips fall where they may as a result. But that can be worried about later. One of the benefits of the Holt signing is that IU is still struggling to land a big for 2015, so Holt helps fill that void.
MIKE: Not sure about the reasons for pushing the date back, but Fred Glass said that ticket sales are “really solid” when he spoke to us Wednesday in Indianapolis. I’m also not sure whether or not that means the school is where it wants them to be with ticket sales, but it sounded like they’re hoping that some potential early-season momentum helps to escalate sales. We’ll see.
Really intrigued by Holt. Obviously, I haven’t seen him play (other than the highlight reels), so I’m trying to articulate this adequately. I think at worst, he’s Devin Davis. And that’s fine. Possibly great. I also think he might have a higher ceiling than Davis, and the two could work very well in tandem this season. I mentioned after getting back from Montreal that I think Davis is poised to take a big step forward this year. Add in Holt, who can spell him if and when he gets in foul trouble, and I think IU is in a better position than it was in a week ago. Now, there are obvious concerns about the scholarship situation, but I still believe IU is currently of the mind that it should do whatever it can to get back on track and let everything play out in the spring. But yeah, if Holt is as good of a rebounder as it sounds, IU got better this week.
ANDY: Darren:
1. Fred Glass said football ticket sales are “solid” when he was up in Indy for Wednesday’s tour event, which seems to indicate they are comparable to last year’s but not necessarily continuing to climb. He also noted that student basketball sales would again exceed the allotment and be therefore subject to the customary lottery, with students not getting tickets to every home game, but didn’t say anything about general sales.
2. Holt seems to have more buzz about him than did some of IU’s other spring signees, and since he wears a size 18 shoe may well still be growing, and it’s pretty clear Indiana felt it could use more bolstering up front. Again, the scholarship situation seems trending toward an over-sign situation, but that has basically become the norm and, as we’ve seen in the past, things tend to work out along those lines. It’s an important season for a lot of reasons. If it doesn’t go well, I would suspect there would be some roster turn-over and some new faces for 2015-16, anyhow.

QUESTION: I have facts to back it up from to back up my periodic complaining on here and the team’s further falling off.
IU’s soccer recruiting class for this year is only ranked 32nd in the country behind 3 other Big Ten teams including Michigan’s number 2 class. Even Butler is several spots higher than IU and only 2 of IU’s recruits are in the top 150 and barely. I have always thought Yeagley is a pretty good in game coach (hence turning players like Louis Soffner and Alec Purdie from people who struggled to MLS’ers) but not very good at recruiting and I have seen a dip in talent each year he’s been here and these numbers seem to prove me right.
I know recruiting services aren’t perfect but if this is where IU is going to rank recruiting wise there’s a problem. I think unfortunately Freitag was a great recruiter but couldn’t coach in game and get the most out of the top talent he got. Yeagley by comparison reminds me of Bruce Weber. Excellent in game coach and developer of talent when given it, but has a hard time recruiting the best players to campus which could be an issue VERY soon.
Went to the game last night and see exactly the same I saw last year. Mark my words. Either after this year if things go really bad or after 2 mediocre seasons in 2015 Yeagley is gone. He is a ticking time bomb at this point period.
IU Soccer Fan, Bloomfield

JEREMY: IU Soccer Fan,
Ticking time bomb, huh? I have duly marked your words.
I agree that a 32nd-ranked recruiting class is not ideal, but I can tell you that some members of that class are going to play big roles for Indiana this year. Grant Lillard is a 6-foot-4 center back who gives them some size in the middle of the field, while Jay McIntosh is a zero-star recruit who has the makings of a strong target forward. Jack Griffith and Michael Riedford, who both enrolled last January, started against Xavier, and Francesco Moore got some solid minutes off the bench. All of which means that whether this team sinks or swims will be in part on the ability of these freshmen, so I guess you’ll have a chance to say, “I told you so.” Or not.
For the most part, I like what I’ve seen in practice and against Xavier, especially assuming that Femi Hollinger-Janzen and Kerel Bradford are both ready to go by the time the opener kicks off. If this team can find the net instead of the crossbar as happened in the exhibition, it just might be a pleasant surprise.
Look, I’m not saying everything is hunky dory, but I’m not sure the outlook is nearly as bleak as you paint it.
MIKE: I hope Jeremy and Andy have answers for you. I clearly don’t.
Maybe you are right about the talent level, but I’m not sure how accurate soccer recruiting services are in terms of gauging players as opposed to, say, the basketball and football services. Even if the No. 32 ranking is accurate, that’s hardly a disastrous number for any given class. The talent-level I saw deploy for IU last spring still looked competitive to me. I have gotten the impression that IU’s staff likes this incoming class, and feels a couple of the less-heralded players have the chance to contribute early. We shall see. But you again need to understand that, barring anything completely unexpected, there is no way Todd Yeagley isn’t at IU for a long time. “A ticking time bomb at this point period” bears no resemblance to reality. You might think it does. Nobody I know in the IU administration does.

QUESTION: OSD is here for another go around. Raining today in this land called “The Region.” Or as I call it the last place in Indiana you would want to live. Now on to the questions.
First the big news about Emmitt Holt. Kind of a surprise as I thought CTC would hold his last scholly open and use it on a 2015 recruit. So here is the question in regard to that. Now we do not have any open scholly’s for 2015 unless someone goes pro which is not likely or someone leaves due to lack of playing time. With 6 new guys they probably will not leave after just 1 year regardless of playing time or unhappiness with the program. Of the other 7 Hartmann is the only one I see leaving. So the question is what do you think and who leaves or do we keep the same 13 for next year?
Second Emmitt Holt. His high school stats seem very good but he was only rated a 3 star coming out. I know about Oladipo not being rated good either. How good is this guy and is he a late bloomer as he is supposedly still growing. What do you guys think and will he start?
You boys keep at it. OSD appreciates all the info you post. After we get past this football we can get to basketball the game us Hoosiers love.
Until we meet again have a great week!
The Dude is gone…………………………
Old Sports Dude, Crown Point

I’m not ready to name names before this season even starts, but based on past history, it would be shocking under any circumstances to see the same 13 return next year. And if this season goes well, that means somebody is going to have elevated their game to the point of considering a jump to the next level — maybe a couple somebodies. And if it doesn’t go well, there may be some who see greener grass elsewhere.
Unless you’re scoring 40-plus a game, undersized power forwards tend to stay in the three-star recruit range. But Holt is a strong rebounder and defender with a solid offensive game and few delusions about being a guard some day, which makes him a perfect fit for this IU team. I don’t think he starts, at least not initially, but I think 15-18 minutes a game is a good starting point for expectations.
MIKE: Dude, I have a question for you: I don’t mean to sound ignorant, but what’s the deal with “The Region?” I realize it’s *a* region, but why is it *the* region? Sorry, sleep deprived. I digress.
Honestly, I don’t like speculating on transfers. I’m not sure it’s fair to any kid who may or may not have even played a regular season college basketball game. I will say, however, that I’d be very surprised to see the same group return. Again, I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure it will work out.
Dude, I’m glad you asked about Holt. Just as I was about to answer this question, Matt Spadoni, Holt’s high school coach from New York, called. I’ll post the highlights of our conversation on the blog later, but Spadoni had some good insights after working with him for the last four years. He said the best comparison for Holt, as far as ceiling, is Draymond Green. Spadoni also mentioned that Holt was a young senior — he only turned 18 in April — and that he can see him getting up to 245 pounds, full of muscle, after a year in IU’s weight room. I don’t think he starts right away, but I do think he teams with Devin Davis and gives Indiana some pretty decent frontcourt depth as a freshman.
ANDY: Dude:
The scholarship situation always seems to work itself out. There always seems to be a plan, even it it isn’t overt. It isn’t often in this day and age that programs keep the same 13 from year to year, whatever the circumstances and even if there are no seniors on the roster. So I would still expect there to be a new face or two next season that we don’t yet know about. As to who might depart, folks are free to speculate, but frankly, speaking personally, it seems premature do so at this point. Let’s maybe see how things play out this season first.
If you stock in what a guy with impeccable Regional Credentials says, Dan Dakich indicated on his radio show that his contacts think Holt has some potential to turn into a good get. He seems a bit raw, but active on both ends, with a huge wingspan and size 18 sneakers. There seems to be more buzz, certainly, than there was about some of IU’s spring signees who were further off the radar. But initial buzz isn’t always accurate. A lot of folks were openly skeptical of the Zeisloft signing, but the tune changed a bit when folks actually saw him play with the Hoosiers in Canada. They jury is obviously still way, way out on guys such as April and Priller. However, the signing of Holt tells us that the staff felt it needed to further bolster things up in the frontcourt, so take that for what it’s worth. That might mean, at least in part, they didn’t feel April and Priller (and Mosquera-Perea and Davis) were enough.
Thanks, OSD.

QUESTION: The reply by Fred Glass Wednesday night when asked about what had happened to Curt Miller was rather “curt”. The AD did not wish him well or express concern or hope. You would think that with all the sports bloggers, especially those in Indiana that deal with basketball, that we’d know more by now. What’s going on?
Randall Bychkov, B-town

JEREMY: Randall,
Not to pour gasoline on the fire, but you’ll notice that no one connected with IU took to Twitter to say much of anything when Curt Miller resigned, including those closest to him and his program. That was very telling.
And I would say the fact you don’t know more or haven’t seen more reported to this point should also be very telling.
MIKE: It’s a curious situation and one we’re working to dive deeper into as Indiana continues to stay silent.
ANDY: Randall:
“Curt” is a the perfect word, obviously. “Terse” is another that fits.
As we’ve noted previously, the very few folks with absolute knowledge of the situation remain tight-lipped, which leaves everybody else free to interpret what that means. Choosing, through virtual silence, to perpetuate a situation that gives rise to speculation — well, that speaks volumes in and of itself. They either don’t want to or don’t feel free to talk about it. At all. Does that indicate truly difficult and private health concerns? Could be but, if so, as you note, we’d likely see and hear more well-wishing and notes of concern. Does it indicate pending litigation? Entirely possible. Does it give rise to the notion of professional conduct issues? Maybe. Again, it’s all speculation, but silence gives rise to speculation and they are choosing silence.
Whatever is going on, nobody can authoritative substantiate it as yet. And it isn’t as if people aren’t trying.

QUESTION: Hey guys,
Do we have any guys who can pressure the QB this year? Aside from the poor strategy or our former defensive staff, the inability to put pressure on the other team really killed our defense last year.
Soccer question. Who is going to be the catalyst for this years offense? Do we have anyone in the midfield who can control the flow of play and distribute?
Yes, Bloomington

I’ll leave the first part to the football dudes.
As for soccer, that’s a good question. I think the midfield largely goes as sophomore Tanner Thompson and Akron transfer Matt Foldesy go, but I think Foldesy is the guy who can be that distributor. The ability for this Indiana team to create a cohesion and chemistry in the midfield will of course be part of the key to Foldesy’s effectiveness. But I think he looks a lot more comfortable now than he did in the spring, and coach Todd Yeagley mentioned last week that he thought Foldesy had found his voice as more of a leader now that he’s had some time at IU.
Thompson needs to be more involved offensively this year, and I think he’s due to break out in that department, proving he’s more than Tommy’s brother.
MIKE: The pass rush has been nearly non-existent since I started watching this team two years ago, whether from a lack of talent or poor strategy. I still think, in the first year of a new system, there will be plenty of mistakes and blown assignments. You can’t fix a defense this porous in six months. But I think you should be intrigued by the possibilities for different blitz packages in Brian Knorr’s version of the 3-4. I’m not sure there’s one or two guys singled out to add pressure, but the bandit position will let guys like Nick Mangieri both rush the passer and drop back on the next play. It’ll rotate between guys, and that’s sort of the point. Confuse the offense. Different guys will get a chance at it. We’ll see if it works.
ANDY: Yes:
Agree about the pass rush being key, and that it’s relative absence last year was a major issue when the defense struggled (which was a lot of the time.) I think some guys have shown occasional signs of capacity in the pass-rush (Mangieri, Richardson, Latham, Shaw, some of the young linebackers), but I think the real key this fall is how aggressive and unpredictable the rush might be out of the 3-4. I feel IU tipped it blitzes too often in the last few years. They were too easy for opposing quarterbacks and offensive lines to read and pick up. Nate Sudfeld and the veteran offensive linemen currently say the current IU defensive package is tougher to read and pick up in terms of the pass rush. If so, that would have to help, at least a bit, during games this fall. And I think Brian Knorr will be aggressive with it. I think somebody will be coming on every play, even if it evolves into just a four-man rush. Mangieri and Shaw play the hybrid OLB/DE spot, and it’s crucial that they’re good on the pass rush, but virtually any player on the front seven (and even the safeties) could be either coming or dropping back into pass coverage on any given play. That includes linemen.
I’ll let Jeremy handle the soccer question. He has written the preseason previews this year and saw the Xavier exhibition match, so he’s more up on how the new faces are doing and who is surfacing where.

QUESTION: Good morning guys, I hope all is well. As always, thanks for your great coverage and for the chat, I appreciate it.
1. College football is a week away and I’m fired up about it. I know I’ll pay for this optimism with disappointment but I believe in this IU squad and I’m really excited to watch them get after it. You guys have seen a bit of practice and heard some information from coaches so I’ll ask for a couple of educated guesses. How do you see the running back position shaking out this season (Tevin Coleman is obviously the starter but who’s backing him up? How do the percentage of carries play out – – Coleman gets X%, player gets X%, etc.)?
2. My second question is similar…I figure IU will probably be giving 6 wide receivers meaningful snaps (barring injuries making them go deeper), which 6 (or if there’s a different number than 6) guys do you think are in the rotation?
I’ll let others ask you about Emmitt Holt (I don’t think any of us know anything about him but he can’t hurt and the scholarship stuff will “work itself out”)…I’m ready for some football. Have a great week, God bless and go Hoosiers!
TJ, Noblesville

Seems like football season has snuck up on me this year, but with a fantasy football draft Sunday and IU opening next week, I guess it’s here. Football dudes …
MIKE: Hey TJ. Always a pleasure.
Running back will be interesting. Obviously, I think Coleman gets 1,000 yards with his home run potential. He’s that good. But I’m not sure where the carries go behind him. I’d think D’Angelo Roberts and Myles Graham would be in the mix there as a second option, but I’m also curious where Laray Smith stands. He was a really intriguing guy coming in last season, but I don’t think he played after the Mizzou game. He’s probably the fastest guy on the roster, by all accounts. I want to see what he can do with it. We’ve also heard names like Devine Redding and Tommy Mister, so they have guys who can play. Unfortunately, most of IU’s open practices fell while I was in Montreal, so I don’t have a real gauge on who’s ahead of who. But I’m as intrigued as you are.
For the receivers, Wynn and Stoner are probably at the top of the chart. I think Harris is going to play a lot, as will Booth and Roundtree. I’m curious to see how often they split Jordan Fuchs to the outside and also what will come of Caleb Cornett’s discipline. He seemed to be a guy they’d look to more often this year. Lots of talent at the position, much of it unproven. It’ll be fun to watch. Andy has been to a few practices, so he may have more insight.
1. Good question, and I’m not sure the answer is the one I’d have expected to give before fall camp. I went into the fall thinking D’Angelo Roberts and Laray Smith and maybe Myles Graham would be in line, and that Tommy Mister was the guy among the freshmen who had the best chance to emerge as a backup this season. But it turns out, for now, that Divine Redding (a 5-10, 205-pounder out of Youngstown and the same Glenville High program that produced Shane Wynn) is apparently really making his mark. Kevin Wilson has indicated, also, that he wants to see more from all the backs than he is currently seeing.
2. Right now, I think it’ll go beyond six. Wynn, Stoner and Roundtree came into camp as the purported starters, and they remain key cogs, but (your fellow Hamilton Countian) J-Shun Harris and Simmie Cobbs are already clearly in the mix. I would think that Ricky Jones, Damon Graham, Dominic Booth and Issac Griffth will also play. And Jordan Fuchs will split out wide, too. Seriously, I think as many as a dozen receivers could see meaningful snaps. That’s why Nate Sudfeld has been saying that while some serious front-line talent obviously departed the receiving corps in the form of Latimer, Hughes, Wilson (and Bolser), he actually thinks that unit is deeper this season.
Now just six days away from the start of Big Ten football.
Thanks, TJ.

QUESTION: So, what kind of recruiters are Coach Lloyd and the coach from Terre Haute that could be hired any time now? Has anyone asked Coach Moren her philosophy on recruiting and is she behind because of not being hired until after July?
Steve, Indy

JEREMY: Steve,
Not sure I’ve got a great answer for you, but Curtis Loyd just spent four years at Minnesota and has also spent five years each at Arizona and Virginia, so he’s certainly got a big-time background that you would think would pay off on the recruiting trail. Harder to say on Rhet Wierzba, Moren’s assistant at Indiana State who is headed to Bloomington (he updates his twitter page to say Indiana women’s basketball assistant coach last night). Prior to Indiana State, Wierzba spent three seasons at Mercer and was at Maryland as director of basketball operations before that from 2007-10.
As for Moren, I’m sure she’s behind to some extent, just being a new coach at a new school. But other than trying to re-recruit Jenna Allen, her focus can be more on 2016 and beyond, so I think that helps. Now that all changes if there are transfers, etc. after this season, but for now I think it’s about as good a situation as a new coach could walk into in August.
MIKE: Good question, Steve. Moren obviously has good connections within the state, and that’s key. Curt Miller was very plugged in with some of the top talent in the 2015, 2016, 2017 recruiting classes, and Moren cannot — absolutely cannot — allow that to fall off. Her No. 1 priority has to be keeping a foothold with some of those kids that IU was in on under Miller — players like Jackie Young, who are high-major prospects.
ANDY: Steve:
Jeremy has spoken with Coach Moren and I’ll let him handle this one.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for joining us and be sure to check out our sports sections every day and on The Hoosier Scoop blog and app
Should also mention, you can follow high school sports action tonight on Quick Hits blog and free app.
Thanks for your time. What else should we know as we inch closer to the weekend?

JEREMY: The IU fall sports season officially kicks off with women’s soccer hosting Indiana State tonight in the Teri Moren Grudge Match. From there, it’s men’s soccer next Friday and football Saturday. Thanks to everybody who chimed in today. Have a great weekend!
MIKE: The biggie is our Indiana football season preview wrap, which is set to drop on newsstands Sunday. I’m still in the process of working on my Nate Sudfeld profile for the cover, so keep an eye out for that. I’ll have more insight on Emmitt Holt from his high school coach available on the blog later today, and the Bloomington stop of Hoosiers On The Road is tonight over on 17th street. Plenty to come over the next few days and it’s a football game week starting on Monday. So we’re about to get going in earnest. Stick with us. Thanks, everybody, for chatting. We’ll see you next week.
ANDY: Again, the free IU Tailgate Tour event transpires in the Hoosier Village area beyond the south end zone of Memorial Stadium tonight from 5:30 till 8 p.m.


  1. The Curt Miller thing stinks but then again Mr Glass assured us that Kevin Wilson had only drank one beer that night in the dorms. After that I paid less attention.

  2. I must admit: I’m totally perplexed by the Curt Miller situation. When he came aboard, he seemed like the perfect hire: was a good coach, good recruiter, looked to be turning the program in the right direction. Now it seems obvious that he left for something other than “health reasons.” But as far as I know, he’s gay and coached women — so how salacious can the story be? It doesn’t seem as if he would have crossed a line in that respect. Were there recruiting improprieties? Did he all of the sudden have a falling out with Glass? By not talking about it, all parties are only fueling the speculation. On another post, a commenter wrote that pretty much all of Bloomington knew what happened? Well, what happened?

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