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If everybody involved has their way, new Indiana women’s basketball coach Teri Moren will be around Bloomington for quite some time. According to IU athletic director Fred Glass, Moren will have a six-year contract starting at a $265,000 base salary per year, plus $35,000 in marketing, etc. for a total package worth $300,000.

There’s also one other unique provision — a $10 million buyout provision for Purdue. In an effort to prevent a repeat of 2006, when Sharon Versyp left Indiana after one year to become the coach of the Boilermakers, Glass asked Moren to agree to the special provision.

“I’m aware of the (Sharon) Versyp situation,” Glass said. “I told Teri, ‘I can’t have another Versyp.’ She said, ‘No problem,’ and had no problem putting money where her mouth is, although it is fairly unusual.

“I know there’s been some chatter that this could be Versyp 2.0. But this is not Charlie Brown and Lucy where she pulls the football away over and over again, so (Teri) accepted this extraordinary provision where it would cost Purdue $10 million to get her.”

Moren found the provision funny, but was more than happy to acquiesce.

“Of course, I kind of laughed about it,” the Seymour native said by phone late Saturday night. “As I said to him, whether it’s in the contract or not, I would give my word.

“I grew up in southern Indiana, and my thoughts were I would go to Indiana and play basketball. It just so happened that other opportunities came up and were a better fit for me, but this is a kid that grew with Indiana cream and crimson decorating her bedroom.

“As long as he’s comfortable, I had no issues with (the provision) whatsoever. As I said to him, I’ve been doing this almost 23 years and feel like this is my last stop. I hope I have a successful enough career that this is where my career ends, and I can just retire at IU.”

Equally intriguing are the circumstances of Moren being hired on Saturday, a day that she began with the Sycamores in Chicago awaiting a flight to Costa Rica for their foreign tour. Glass called while Moren was en route to Miami and left a message. When she arrived in Miami, Moren called Glass, who offered her the job. She accepted and made arrangements to return immediately to begin assembling a staff and other arrangements.

“Like a lot of things in this, it was awkward and we were aware of that,” Glass said. “I called (athletic director) Ron Prettyman at Indiana State to let him know I would offer Teri the job. I knew she was in the field, and it would be screwing them up, but I told them I would be accommodating to what they thought was appropriate, like when (Kevin) Wilson coached in the Orange Bowl.

“They concluded they were comfortable with Teri coming back. She had flown from Chicago to Miami, and I offered her the job in Miami, then she made arrangements to come back. It’s an indication of her commitment and interest in the Indiana job to do that.”

Indiana State athletic director Ron Prettyman was understanding of the situation.

“(The timing) made it very difficult, but there’s no good time for these kinds of things,” said Prettyman, who was informed by Moren late Saturday afternoon that she was taking the job. “Fred Glass was a class act in how he handled it and kept me informed every step of the way. We have a great, mutual respect, and he showed that through this process.”

Glass said Moren would make her own decision as to keeping any members of the current staff, although director of basketball operations Liz Honegger, assistant director of basketball operations Brianna Bass and the graduate assistants already have agreements to stay.

Moren says she’ll take her time with that decision.

“One of the most important things you do is decide who you surround yourself with,” she said. “I’m going to sit down and do my due diligence with the staff that’s still there, and I have a great staff at Indiana State, so we’ll move forward but won’t rush into that. That’s very important.”

Read on for a few more select quotes from my conversation with Moren Saturday night.

On getting the IU offer: I landed and had a message from Fred (Glass) to give him a call. I did and was obviously over the moon, just real grateful. You get in this business, you jump in with two feet and work and work to treat people right and do things the right way. Then you get a phone call and are asked to be the next head coach at Indiana. That’s how this all happened. We have a lot of work to do, but I believe this is going to be special place. I’m confidnt we can make it special.

I didn’t have to think long and hard. It didn’t take much time to tell him I was on board. I spoke to him throughout process and made it clear that if I was offered the job, I would take it.

On the attractiveness of the Indiana job: I think in the last few years, Curt and his staff have done a tremendous job. One of the things we talked about in the (search) process is momentum. IU has really good momentum. The players are excited and got a taste of success this past year. I know his recruiting class was excellent. Nicole (Bell) was on the transition team, and this is a very united, spirited basketball team, and my impression is they want to be great, they want to do something special.

Through all of this, they’ve stuck together. I think the pieces are coming together. There’s more work to be done, and it’s an incredibly tough conference, but without question IU is moving in the right direction.

On talking to the players: Hopefully that’s tomorrow (Sunday). I’ll get a list of phone numbers, be on the phone all day, make a connection with them. There are recruits with whom I need to do the same. It’s building relationships and is what this job is about. I’m a relationship coach. I want players to know we care about them as basketball players and moreso as people. I’m looking forward to getting their thoughts and just creating and building a good relationship prior to them coming to campus.

On what offensive system will be employed: We have to look at the system in place. I know players believe in it, and that’s important. I have to take a hard look at personnel. We’ve been a motion team at Indiana State the last three years and really given kids freedom. We tried to push tempo in the first 10 seconds of the shot clock. I don’t think we have to reinvent the wheel. We could probably take a little of what we’re doing at State and a little bit of what Curt did. We run something similar to ballscreeen continuity on offense. I do think it’s important players believe in what you’re doing.

On instate connections: I’ve tried to build, from even my first coaching job at Butler, I built a tremendous amount of contacts throughout the state of Indiana and am a familiar name with Indiana coaches. That relationship is important. They matter to me and will matter to the program. I want them to be part of what we’re doing, whether watching practices or games. I want a relationship recruiting players, but first and foremost I rave all the time about coaches and the job they do in high schools and the respect I have for the kids we’re developing, so I want our Indiana high school coaches to know they matter. I will foster and cultivate and build those relationships with all of them.


  1. I don’t care about the $10 million buyout (I doubt it would stand up if challenged anyway) and I don’t care about the “cream and crimson” decorating her bedroom. I’m very disappointed in this hire. When you’re at IU, you just don’t hire a Toiletmaker. You just don’t do it. Plain and simple. She gave her word, eh? Well, from a PU grad that’s not worth 10 cents, let alone $10 million. Totally bummed by this hire.

  2. In previous comments only HoosierDaddy
    even touched on the Versup situation which had a very big neg. effect on the women’s bb program for years.
    Maybe most of you were in Middle School then and don’t remember that Versup too “Gave her word” that she was at IU for the long haul and “was honored” to be hired. If your thought is “Come on. It was her alma mater”, you’ve taken my point.
    If you are old enough to remember Versup’s response to Greenspan’s question about leaving IU for PU, she also gave a “No problem” reply. Moren’s laughter in response to the seriousness of the buy-out clause is enough to make you nervous. Any IU head job should be a coaching terminus and not just a destination.
    This not a Purdue thing but an alma mater out there lurking thing.

  3. Don’t you guys get tired beating that dead horse?
    Teri has to come up with ten million bucks to leave.
    How about supporting IU women’s basketball and moving forward?

  4. Amen Nat Hill IV Teri Moren is the Coach and will be the coach for a long time she has Experience she wants to be here and i am happy to have her here and Lets move forward and Support this team they are going to have a good year and if you guys do not like who the coach is then stay home while the Rest of Hoosier Nation Gets Behind this team and Welcome Coach Moren to Bloomington!

  5. She’s a coach….of course they all lie when they say this is my dream job…or i want to stay here forever..i always wanted this job….blah…blah…blah…it’s their nature and in their blodd to lie…..

  6. have to agree with Hoosier Daddy….this could very well be just another in the long line of bad IU hires !!

  7. The $10m thing will hold up but I doubt Moren has it to pay out anyway and Morgan Burke wouldn’t pay $10m to see a piss ant eat a bale of hay. Good hire and good negotiating by AD Glass. I do expect the existing staff gets strong consideration.

  8. I have certainly stated many times over the last week or so about the positives of keeping the current staff on board. In the post Moren states she had a great staff at Indiana St., that says to me that she will be bringing them with her. I understand that since she has worked with them over the years but, I would still like to see poole and Eckert retained from Miller’s staff. I still think it would make the transition much more smoothly.

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