Smesko out of contention for IU women’s job

He was one of the final candidates in the running for the Indiana women’s basketball job two years ago, but Karl Smesko won’t be the next coach of the Hoosiers.

According to this tweet by News-Press Florida Gulf Coast beat writer Seth Soffian, Smesko has pulled out of consideration for the IU job.

At least initally, Smesko didn’t appear to be under serious consideration for the Indiana position this time, but a story written yesterday by Soffian indicated that the 12-year Florida Gulf Coast coach was apparently still in the running.

From Soffian’s Monday story:

“I have talked with people at Indiana, and at this point, I am someone they are at least still considering,” Smesko told The News-Press on Monday.

“There are no plans to talk again at this point. But I’m sure they will get back to me to say where they want to do that, or (that they) are no longer interested in doing that.”

From our own legwork on this story, it’s anticipated that Indiana will have a women’s basketball coach in place by early next week, if not sooner. Among the names still floating around the rumor mill are Toledo’s Tricia Cullop and Belmont’s Cameron Newbauer. We’re also hearing a couple new names pop up, but haven’t been able to confirm.

We’ll keep you posted.


  1. NO TO CULLOP. DO NOT HIRE A PURDUE GRAD! We got burned with Versyp and I don’t care if the Purdue job never comes open again, I DO NOT WANT A PURDUE GRAD COACHING AT IU! Please Fred Glass, have some sense — NO PURDUE GRADS!!!

  2. To re-emphasize the comment by HoosierDaddy, never ever hire a Purdue grad for any IU coaching position under any circumstances whatsoever. Doing so will always result in a disaster that could have been prevented with simple common sense.

  3. It’s too bad we don’t have for IU women players qualified for the position….okay, other than Vandeveer, but that won’t happen…

    While I agree a Purdue grad is untasteful, Glass is obligated to hire the best candidate….period.

  4. Mark Hagen was our DT and ST’s coach for 2 seasons before leaving for Texas A&M. Prior to that he coached at PUke. He is an IU grad and former player.

  5. IU needs a great hire! Only the “retired” Hall of Famer from Duke and TX seems close. We need to expand the search and hire Notre Dame or U Conn’s #2 coaches!

  6. I have to agree about the review of the two names mentioned. Belmont was 14-18….and Toledo was struggling as well even though Cullop has a decent W-L record. I hope the two “mystery” names are more impressive.

  7. Said it before and will say it again, I hate to beat a dead horse but, Brandi Poole is the answer! She has been Curt Milelr’s top assistant for over 10 years and again helped recruit all of our current players. This is a no-brainer! I still don’t understand why the other guy was named interum coach when Brandi was the obvious choice. Maybe this is what is in AD Glasses way, he possibly doesn’t want to step on the guy’s toes? I agree with some of the other posts, NO Cullop!! I have been an IU women’s season ticket holder for a long time driving from Kokomo for every game. Don”t want to see an X-Purdue player on our sideline! Although she has no head coaching experiance, coaching under Miller for so long is good enough for me and would be welcomed by the team. Brandi is the answer!

  8. Mike C, I like the answer, but wonder if an assistant with no Head Coaching experience is the answer. An assistant getting his/her first head coaching gig at the MAC or lower I could see, but a major college job? I’m sure that would be the reservations….

    1. Jimmie,
      I would say unlikely on Gail. In case you missed it on Twitter, Mike spoke with Indiana State AD Ron Prettyman today, and Prettyman confirmed that IU has contacted ISU coach Teri Moren, another Lin Dunn product at Purdue and Seymour native, about the vacant coaching position.

  9. Oh, for the love of God — how many times does this need to be said: NO PURDUE GRADS!!! NO WAY. NO HOW!!! There are good candidates out there who didn’t go to Purdue. PLEASE — NOBODY FROM PURDUE! That lesson should’ve been learned from the Sharon Versyp episode. I don’t care if there’s zero chance the PU job comes open and the new coach (if it’s a PUke hire) leaves, I DO NOT WANT A TOILETMAKER COACHING AT IU!

  10. I know, HoosierDaddy….while I agree, there’s a reason Purdue has a tradition of winning women’s basketball…and disciples who are able to coach….yes, I’m about to get sick giving Purdue any credit…

    But, we may have to come to terms with it…at least half the candidates mentioned have some ties to Purdue…

  11. What’s John Wooden got to do with anything? … If it weren’t for Sam Gilbert paying Wooden’s players and buying gifts for them, he wouldn’t have won two NCAA titles, let alone ten. Many players from those “great” UCLA teams said if it weren’t for Gilbert’s deep pockets, they never would’ve gone there in the first place. … and Steve, I don’t care if Purdue has won 15 NCAA titles, I don’t want a PUke person coaching at IU — plain and simple. It’s a bad idea. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise. NO TOILETMAKERS AT IU!!!

  12. You are preaching to the choir…

    as Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters…”Dogs and Cats living together…”

  13. John Wooden also coached at ISU…Looking at possibilities ISU coach seems to be a strong candidate and has been around the coaching circuit plus Purdue coach was from Northern part of state and seemed more into Purdue. ISU coach is from Seymour close to Bloomington and may be happy to stay there.

  14. Now the Star is talking about Moren and Newbauer as candidates for the position….Moren seems to be gaining momentum…..

  15. Moren would be good choice…..It seems like Newbauer on then off, then on, then off, then on is to rocky of start for everyone to make this a trusting joyous occasion.

  16. Newbauer is not on and off, it is Smesko…..I think Moren would be solid choice. It seems like stability would be there….Would sure like to keep current 2015 recruits. Whoever can do that and then continue to add to that gets my vote.

  17. Brandi Poole and Beth Morgan Cunningham.
    My two choices, and I’m stickin’ with ’em.
    No Purdue grads (and I’ve got a degree from Purdue) unless their contract includes some sort of huge buy-out provision on their part.

  18. Poole should be in the mix somewhere if possible…kept as assistant…Cunningham would work as head coach as well.

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