4 keys for Indiana at Missouri

Withstand the Tigers’ pressure up front: Missouri boasts a pair of NFL-caliber rush ends in Shane Ray and Markus Golden. The duo will deal a sizable test to Indiana’s offensive line, which didn’t jump out to a great start through the first quarter and a half of last week’s game at Bowling Green. Ray and Golden have scouts at the next level salivating with their impact potential, of which the Hoosiers could feel the brunt of this afternoon. The two linemen have combined for 14 tackles for loss, on top of nine sacks. When Nate Sudfeld gets into an early rhythm it’s hard to take him out of it. Having Sudfeld settled in and running back Tevin Coleman established early will go a long way toward helping the Hoosiers when the pressure starts coming.

Win the turnover margin: Until the Indiana defense proves it can make necessary and critical stops, the Hoosiers will need a little help from the opposition. Think back to IU’s upset win at No. 24 Oregon a decade ago this month, when the Hoosiers took advantage of seven Ducks turnovers to claim the improbable victory. Indiana very likely requires similar assistance to pull off a win in Columbia. In last year’s meeting, Sudfeld was intercepted three times by the Tigers, digging a deeper hole for an IU squad that could hardly afford a sizable deficit. Indiana will need all the help it can get against Missouri, and a big advantage in the turnover margin is probably the Hoosiers’ best hope of staging an upset.

Contain Mauk: The trouble with a quarterback like Maty Mauk is that he can beat teams in myriad ways. He takes a gunslinger’s mentality into games and isn’t afraid to throw it deep. Mauk posted his fifth-career multi-touchdown game last week against Central Florida and has multiple touchdown passes in all three games this season. He has a trio of fine receivers to target in Bud Sasser, Jimmie Hunt and Darius White, but doesn’t need to rely solely on an aerial game. Mauk also has the ability to turn something out of nothing with his feet. The Hoosiers want to keep him locked into the pocket and take their chances with him through the air. The goal is not necessarily to stop him, but contain him.

4. Short-term memory: Last week’s loss at Bowling Green was a blow to a program that can hardly afford to let winnable games slip away. Beating No. 18 Missouri on the road is understandably a tough task for a Hoosiers squad coming off a defeat in a Mid-American Conference stadium seven days ago. But Indiana can’t allow that loss to linger. The focus has to be centered on moving forward. Even if things go the wrong way early, even if the rematch of last year’s blowout goes in much the same direction, the Hoosiers need to maintain focus and composure.


  1. i thought citing a game from ten years ago as an example might be a bit much but now that i see it is not i would say another game from iu’s past better illustrates what we need to happen in tomorrow’s game in order to win. remember that game against Poly in 1927…?

  2. Harv, If the end result is anywhere near what you post I’ll never deride you again. Well maybe just a little.

  3. Halftime of the BG-Wisconsin game. Wisconsin has scored about more points than the sum that allows you to access and leave a comment on this thread, and Gordon has doubled the points by half time than half of the equation to open the blog for comment. Wisky has rushed for some 9763 yards. BG now has Wisky where they want them for the second half….overconfident and likely not paying attention to small details. Gordon, by the way, is way overrated…he’s only rushed for 5600 of those yards and scored like only 30 touchdowns or so, so far in this game.

    I suspect that BG will make some adjustments at half time…like leave town.

  4. Harvard I give you credit for continuing to have faith when others don’t. Although I certainly remember that you did the same thing Creans first year, predicting big wins by Finklemeyer and Dumes.

  5. Congratulations H4H. Thanks for having faith when most thought thought this would be another loss. Including yours truly. What a game! What about that defense! This great momentum to carry! GO HOOSIERS!

    How many yards did Tevin rush for? I heard he got his bell rang on a play. Did he play afterwards?

  6. This is a great win. Brought much joy seeing my Hoosiers win this contest. Great win to carry over to a decent Maryland team next week.

  7. BTW HARV- I’ve always known and thought of Hoosier Clarion as one decent, straight line, tell it like it is, my word is my bond type of guy. He’s gonna have some sleepless nights and really, really miss deriding you… Maybe, in honor of this great win, he should be allowed to deride you (a little) on M-W-Th, and not deride you on T, Th, Sat… and be allowed to pray for your health on Sun.

  8. HC…don’t feel bad…about the middle of the week, I knelt next to my bed and said…”Lord, let us get started this week on the road to respectability, and (among other promises) I will try to be nicer to Podunker because he is, after all, a bleed red Hoosier fan and there can’t be that many of us left…

    The thunder came rolling in over Lake Michigan, it rained 5 inches in one hour, the beach off Foster Ave had a lagoon four inches deep…my grandchildren said, ‘why are you crying granpa’, my son laughed….and all I could think about was..’I gotta be nice to Podunker’….

    Podunker…You my man!!!!! Go Hoosiers!!

  9. Some Brief Notes:

    A. Don’t ever believe a thing that comes out of a Seahawks’ beak. He changes names too often. He does not know how to spell Finkelmeier. He doesn’t know how to give a compliment (always finishes every handshake with a kick to the shin). He’s Establishment. He’s a fair weather Hoosier. This is the essence of Husky Tom. Husky? I don’t think so.


    …he should be allowed to deride you (a little) on M-W-Th, and not deride you on T, Th, Sat… and be allowed to pray for your health on Sun.

    I think you forgot Friday(You seem to have gone with “deride” on Th and “not deride” on Th). You have officially been diagnosed by Podunker to be suffering from “Tsao Mon-Tsu-Thursday Gonzalez Friday Deficiency Syndrome.” So busy chasing Saturday football, you’ve negated Friday’s complete existence as a weekday. Thursday does appreciate the added fixation, but to forget Friday is an act of terrorism that is beyond Tsaoibble. I simply can’t Tsaolerate such slights against a weekday so dear to so many American hearts. I was actually thinking of heading up to Chicago to celebrate the Hoosier win at Frank ‘N’ Dawgs, but now I realize it’s not worth deride.

  10. C. What does it take to get your name mentioned on ScoopTalk? Andy and Mike babble their way through their defeatist predictions(blabbering to 52-28 and 42-14..? predictions respectively on the pregame ScoopTalk..All of this nonsensical hogwash of theirs while sporting those offensive baseball caps a night before THE INDIANA football game?). What do I do….? I knock it out of the park and don’t even get any props on postgame ScoopTalk…You’re right, Tequila Tsao..It was a “scary ___” accurate prediction….Think about it…If Coleman doesn’t sit for just over a quarter, I’m probably at a near exact number on those rushing totals as well.

    D. Finally….Screw Monday through Thursday, Sat, and Sun!! Live for Friday! I have died in the loneliness of many a Friday night without a friend. Kicked me in the face with the force of more than a thousand Clarion deride-by cynical shots to my long-winded chest. But Friday, I still do not detest. With the keyboard we shall fight the good fight and somehow make it through the door of kindness and hope.

    P.S. Thanks Jeremy. You didn’t go the “slimebag” route. Really appreciate the props.

  11. I should give Clarion some props(post #3)….ST(which, I believe, stands for Special Teams), was a huge “key” to the victory. The kicking and coverages couldn’t have been much better.

    And congrats to Kevin Wilson and and the entire Hoosier football team.

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