A couple IU basketball notes for your Tuesday enjoyment

Although we’re deep in the heart of a football game week, I’m always willing to stop the train for a little basketball update.

Nothing major to report here, just a few scheduling notes.

Indiana announced Tuesday it has added a second exhibition game, which we expected to be the case. The Hoosiers will unofficially open the season with a game against Northwood at Assembly Hall on Nov. 6. That game will be followed by IU’s second and final exhibition tune-up against University of Indianapolis on Nov. 10. No tip-off times have been released.

It’s also worth mentioning that Indiana’s Crossroads Classic matchup against Butler will start at 2:30 p.m. on Dec. 20, and will be televised on Fox Sports 1.


  1. “Although we’re deep in the heart of a football game week, I’m always willing to stop the train for a little basketball update.”

    That’s very dismissive. Even the kid who left was not this arrogant towards IU football.

  2. Young boys molested in Penn State locker room showers….NFL and Ravens turning a blind eye for 6 months to domestic violence….Bounties paid for taking off QB’s heads in New Orleans…USC star football player completely fabricating a story about saving a nephew from drowning…UNC scandal involving football players enrolled in classes that didn’t exist.

    And to think Tom Crean spent so much energy witch-chasing over a 3-way call scandal. There’s a lot of “wrecking” so far beyond any ugliness that ever happened at Indiana University(and that definitely includes the Knight years as well).

    Kelvin Sampson looks like a saint compared to the despicable, violent, and deceptive creatures in the sports headlines of late(including the top brass running many of our “prized” organizations/teams).

  3. And Penn State shouldn’t be bowl eligible for a decade…

    And the entire Ravens organization(including their head coach)is a classless and vile group for letting that violent, spouse-bashing, sack of garbage stay on their squad. Simply because they didn’t want to see the entire video episode doesn’t change a damn thing. They knew what they didn’t want to see. They trivialized a horrific and criminal act.

  4. The penalty endured by PSU even though shortened has served its purpose. Everyone involved is gone.

    I’d say the sack of garbage who is the object of the beating, remains in the relationship and won’t press criminal charges deserves everything she has and will receive. What is the definition of ignorance? Her behavior. People like those 2 deserve each other. I have -0 sympathy.

  5. “And Penn State shouldn’t be bowl eligible for a decade…” That’s the first thing Harvard has written that I agree with in a long, long time. Is that a sign of the apocalypse?

    “I’d say the sack of garbage who is the object of the beating” That’s grossly inappropriate and way over the line, HC. None of us know all the facts and have no insight into the dynamics of their relationship. I think any women who tolerates that type of abuse is making a huge mistake, but that does not give anyone the right to refer to the victim as a “sack of garbage.”

  6. HC, your being so insensitive to her situation is what is wrong with our society and why it is such a basically over looked issue. Hopefully, this particular instance which has brought so much notoriety to domestic abuse will help turn things around! The prosecutor in this issue completely dropped the ball and of course Goddell and the NFL dropped the ball. Blasting Rice’s wife in this issue is certainly very poor judgment on your part. Not having sympathy for any woman who is abused is certainly very callous!

    While we all know she should have left him and pressed charges against him, that is beside the point. It is a statistical fact that 30% of abused women stay with their abuser because of economic concerns. She was obviously use to the lifestyle and the money that he produced and was unwilling to give that up. The bottom line is that NO man should ever hit a woman other than to defend himself from a life threatening situation! This was obviously not the case in this situation proved by the video.

    Clarion, SHE DID NOT DESERVE THIS as you have stated. No woman deserves being knocked out! Podunker is correct in stating that referring to her as a “sack of garbage” is indeed callous to be sure.

  7. MikeC- You should be very careful about assumptions you make about why the woman remained with (in fact, married) Ray Rice for financial considerations. In a very accusatory tone, you state: “It is a statistical fact that 30% of abused women stay with their abuser because of economic concerns.” Then, you cross the line, writing: “She was obviously use(sic) to the lifestyle and the money that he produced and was unwilling to give that up.”

    The above assumptions about her are not necessarily true; we have no information suggesting your assertion (or not). It may simply have been her love for Rice that blinded her to his violence. Whatever you meant, your statement is pretty judgemental against the victim; Ray Rice’s then girlfriend, now wife. You are, in effect, calling her at best a gold-digger and at worse something much, much more despicable and socially unacceptable.

    So, as you go forth passing judgment on HC’s statement, be a bit more sensitive before you suggest that the woman stayed with Rice because she wanted his money, suggesting her actions were similar to those of someone involved in the world’s oldest profession. (Surely, you know about casting stones from inside crystal houses).

  8. Any kind of physical violence delivered to any spouse or domestic partner is WRONG. And I believe it is a sign of other, more serious problems involving mental/emotional health.

    Years ago, a man who worked for me, came into work one morning with a black eye and a badly swollen and cut lip. When asked what happened to him, he made up some story about getting elbowed while playing pick-up basketball. Later that day he approached me and asked if we could talk. He was very upset and he became emotional as he told me that his injuries were caused by his wife. They were in an argument when she suddenly turned and punched him twice in the face with a closed fist. Given the damage to his face, they were obviously serious punches. He proceeded to tell me that this incident was not the first time she had gotten violent and this had happened three or four times since they had been married. On more than one occasion, she had attacked him in front of their two young children. This man, who stood 6’4″ and had played college baseball at a PAC-12 university, was not someone any sane man would want to fight. He was big, athletic and certainly no wimp. He was upset because when his wife lost her temper, she became extremely violent. Then later, after cooling down, she’d apologize profusely, cry and swear never to do it again, etc.,etc. My employee was worried about her mental health and afraid that one day, in response to her attacks, he might retaliate and do severe damage. His wife’s attacks created a firestorm of emotions in this man, including anger, fear, humiliation and mistrust. I got a good look at the emotional damage that being a victim of domestic violence had don this man. His physical injuries were the least serious of all the damage done to him.

    It may be far more rare and less physically threatening when a women attacks her man, but it’s just as wrong. And my former employee is not the only man I know who has been on the receiving end of their wife’s violent abuse. Domestic violence is crime, and I hope the light being shined on the Ray Rice incident contributes to a significant reduction throughout our society.

  9. None of us should try to get into the head of a victim pummeled by a fist. Rice could have easily killed her with that vicious punch. He could have left a child without a mother. He could have left a father and mother without a daughter. Low self-esteem…Fear of financial loss…Complacency in financial comfort…Blinding love and devotion…Continual provocation. NOTHING excuses the cowardice of a violent act. And beyond the violent act, the immediate aftermath of the punch is just as despicable. I would imagine it’s far more telling than the punch when providing a brief and disturbingly view into the tale of the constant dehumanization that occurs in domestic abuse.

  10. Tsao TsuG, First of all, I was stating a statistical fact that is true, look it up. I was suggesting that she may have been use to the lifestyle and didn’t want to give that up. I take offense that you suggest I was saying she was like a prostitute. This is an assumption on your part, that is not what I said or meant to imply. It is also a fact that many women stay with their abusers for economic reasons, this is also a fact as I stated in my post.

    Now, For you to say I am passing judgment on her is quite curious when by saying this you are basically defending what Clarion says by him passing judgment on her by calling her “a sack of garbage”, really? You are bothered by what I say but, have no opinion about Clarion’s judgment? My, my??

    You are sort of passing over the fact that domestic abuse is WRONG!! As stated in my initial post, any man who hits a woman is a coward unless he is defending himself from a life threatening situation. How tough can this be?

  11. Boys, Enjoy your emotions. You help her all you want. People who will not help themselves are not worth any ones energy. As they will seek their level again Do you really think this is the 1st time she has received this treatment from him or maybe another? She does not press charges and then marries him. That equals 2 bags of garbage. I judge everyone by their behavior, exclusively. These 2 belong together.

    MikeC, Unless you can get in their head those 30% want to be where they are.

    Po, Your employee was as dumb as RR’s girlfriend.

  12. PO, Take a break you think too hard. As I have stated behavior tells me all. MikeC’s has never lead me to the names you suggest.

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