Chris Green commits to Toledo

So, we sounded the false alarm a couple weeks back when three-star Toledo linebacker Chris Green committed to Indiana via Twitter only to delete his tweet an hour later.

Although Green seemed set on committing to IU in the near future, 24/7 Sports’ Alex McCarthy reported last week that Green would not attend IU’s home opener against Indiana State. Now, it seems, he’s staying at home to play for Toledo.

Green went back to Twitter over the weekend to announce he was staying in Ohio.

Here’s the report from the Toledo Blade.


  1. Well Toledo has a reasonably good football program for a MAC school, but as for the quality of the campus, Chris Green must not care about such things. Hard to believe that when you consider quality of education, quality of campus environment, and the difference in exposure a player gets playing for a Big Ten school compared to a MAC school, any ambitious player would turn down an offer from a BIG school in favor of an offer from a MAC school.

  2. Jimmy0 is correct. Wilson did not accept his commit a couple of weeks ago because IU wanted to see how he produced in the classroom as a HS Senior. He is at where he belongs.

  3. It’s my understanding that the OHSAA ruled against this kid playing his senior year because he exceeded the cut-off date for seniors by 36 days.

    It was also my understanding that he was still going to attend classes up until December(accelerated his remaining requirements in order to graduate early).

    Maybe Wilson was reluctant based on the fact there wouldn’t be a full year of classroom to evaluate the kid’s readiness for the typical curriculum an IU football player….I could see that being a possibility. But does that necessarily imply it was a “grades” issue?

    I wonder if a lot of the bigger traditional football schools that had shown interest also began to get cold feet because this kid was not going to be on a competitive football field for a year.

    Not having the required college prerequisites is not the same thing as substandard or low level grades. This young man started school late(dating clear back to kindergarten)..I haven’t seen anything that claimed his performance in school since that very early age was not up to snuff.

    Sure seems like someone wasn’t doing their homework. I wonder if the family knew all along that he was going to be too old to play football his senior year. Was this information withheld from some of the larger/traditional programs that were interested?

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