Cody Zeller, Shane Wynn and the tale of Nick Stoner’s wild, wacky trip home from Missouri

Nick Stoner’s lasting memories of Indiana’s trip home from Missouri involve two people.

Cody Zeller and Shane Wynn.

After the Hoosiers capped their 31-27 upset over the No. 18 Tigers, Stoner’s phone was buzzing with text messages and tweets from his friends and family. One of them, from Zeller, caught his eye.

“He said, ‘Happy birthday, man. Enjoy it'” Stoner told reporters on Monday. “I was laughing at him and was like, ‘What is that about?’ He texted me back and was like, ‘I was so excited for you guys, I didn’t even notice I sent happy birthday. That was really funny.

“My birthday is in July, so it’s not even close. He told me he was so excited in the Chicago airport, he just lost focus and texted me happy birthday. I thought he was joking.”

Then there was Wynn.

After boarding the plane for the flight back to Bloomington, Stoner took a seat next to his fellow senior receiver.

Can you guess what happened next?

“He was singing slow jams in my ear the whole entire way back,” Stoner said. “I don’t know who by. I couldn’t even hear my music and I had those big Beats (headphones) on. He was just screaming in my ear. I don’t know if he was trying to woo me or just excited. That’s all I remember about the plane flight back.”


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