Excerpts from Wednesday’s Inside IU Football radio show with Kevin Wilson

I wasn’t able to make it over to the Bloomington Holiday Inn for Kevin Wilson’s weekly radio show, but I did manage to catch some snippets of his half-hour chat with legendary Indiana radio man Don Fischer.

Here they are, in transcript format.

Wilson on playing freshmen: “The last two years we’ve recruited some better athletes. They’re longer, bigger bodies. They’re talented and there are growing pains with that, but I think it’s a product of college football in this day and age. We’ve got the redshirt opportunity, but years ago you gave kids their summers off. Now, we’re training year round. There’s not a freshman team, there’s not a JV team. … I don’t make a big deal about starters. A guy at Oklahoma years ago said, ‘We don’t have a starting 11. We’re playing about 18 of your this week. You’re all gonna play. You’re all gonna count and you’re all gonna matter. I think that’s kind of where we’re getting our offense and defense. We have a lot of guys that matter and a lot of guys that are gonna be part of our team success each week.”

On the kicking game: “One, I think our punter, Erich Toth, has really made some solid strides — one of our better players now. Fourth year in our program. He’s a fourth year junior. Very, very consistent. He had two punts, both inside the 20, one inside the 5 one time. … We actually had another fourth down that we didn’t manage properly, bad play calling or schematics from us as coaches and me in particular. But we punted one down to the 4, played good defense, got it right back and scored a touchdown. That’s how you do it. Aaron Del Grosso from Hobart High School in The Region was the premier kicker in the state two years ago. Redshirted last year. Awesome leg, little inconsistent still. He missed a field goal we needed him to make, but all of his kickoffs were touchbacks. I like his start. He’s got a lot of potential. He could be really, really good. Nice to see him get off to a good start and we’ll need him this week. Bowling Green is notorious a little bit for a windy place. As you go play in the Big Ten, you’re gonna have to kick in bad weather.”

On facing adversity: “We had the weather issue getting started, so you’re not gonna get every break, every bounce. No one does. We always remember all the things that hurt us, but there are as many good breaks and good opportunities every day, every game, every season as there are those mishaps. The good teams overcome them. I thought Nate did a great job overcoming some poor play calls we did in the passing game, schematically and some route running that a little bit off. He managed it where he got calls and the protection wasn’t awful, but he had nowhere to go because of the way some receivers ran out there. Or maybe some schemes we did that didn’t fit the coverage we were seeing. It was kind of good to see because I know how we practiced it. I know where the ball is supposed to go. He didn’t deliver it because it wasn’t the look and we didn’t give him enough answers. I thought he handled some bad situations pretty good. To me, that was a positive. We’ve had a good week working with those receivers and quarterbacks moving forward. There are gonna be bumps, but great teams and great players overcome that. Last year, this game, everyone says, ‘Man, you played well,’ and we won 42-10 against what I thought was a very good team. It was 10-7 with 8 minutes to go in the second quarter and BG was up. We had it down twice inside the 5-yard line and didn’t score touchdowns. They blocked a punt for a touchdown and we made two competitive third down plays and got a drive going to get it to 14-10. We went into halftime at 21-10 kept chipping away, chipping away, chipping away. So, this team has shown they can handle some things.”

(Caller asks what fans can expect from Tony Fields, and whether he and Antonio Allen might play together): “Antonio Allen is a very, very good sophomore safety. Mark Murphy is a senior academic All-American, four-year starter and probably a two-time academic All-American. Great, great leader for us. I was really impressed with Chase Dutra, a redshirt freshman, Tony Fields, a true freshman, and Kiante Walton, another true freshman from Columbus, Georgia. Those guys played really well and, that being said, coach Noah Joseph played those guys 30-couple snaps apiece, so they’re able to stay fresh and they’re playing a lot of special teams. We’ve really upgraded our program with safety play. I think we have good linebacker play with Greg Gooch and Tegray Scales, Marcus Oliver and T.J. Simmons. We have a great core of young defensive players to build our program with as we move forward this season and, it looks like, for years to come.”

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  1. “I wasn’t able to make it over to the Bloomington Holiday Inn for Kevin Wilson’s weekly radio show, but I did manage to catch some snippets of his half-hour chat with legendary Indiana radio man Don Fischer.
    Here they are, in transcript format.”

    Translation: ‘This isn’t original work product either. I copied the radio guy’s comment.’

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