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Indiana women’s basketball coach Teri Moren is fixed on what’s ahead and not what’s behind with the Hoosiers, Mike wrote.

Chris Covington and Laray Smith are switching sides of the ball for both their benefit and the Hoosiers’, Mike wrote.

Former IU catcher Kyle Schwarber hit a grand slam in Daytona’s playoff opener, per MiLB.com, and was named Pipeline Hitting Prospect of the Month by Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com.

Former Hoosier Jordan Hulls has inked a contract to play next season in Kosovo, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Despite the strong start, it’s too soon to buy an improved Indiana defense, Tom Dienhart of BTN.com says.

The early season bye is no big deal for Indiana, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

IU’s tackling was nothing to laugh at in the opener, David Woods of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Diver Michael Hixon has transferred to IU with an eye on the Rio Olympics, Grace Palmieri of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Just like Teri Moren, The Hives want to “Go Right Ahead.”


  1. I hope Chris Covington develops into a really good quarterback because moving him from linebacker to QB, even if it is just for the Wildcat scheme, is probably going to cost Wilson a couple of quarterback transfers, either from the current roster or a committed recruit or both. Covington makes five quarterbacks on this year’s roster, and IU does not need five quarterbacks. Next year, unless someone transfers or Sudfeld leaves early, it will be six quarterbacks. Something’s going to give.

    And since Covington has such a strong arm and has so much potential at QB, how did Wilson fail to recognize that while recruiting him? This is just strange, especially for the quarterback position.

    Wilson gives the impression that he likes to collect quarterbacks and is in continuous experimental mode. If that’s so, the problem is that the best backup QBs believe they have potential to be a starter somewhere else and will often transfer, leaving less experienced/qualified backups next in line (i.e., Tre Roberson and Coffman). It seems like Wilson gets bored easily and continuously experiments with quarterbacks for the sake of mental stimulation. That may not be good for the one position where stability and experience is essential to the team’s success.

  2. PO this is really pretty simple. Kinda thought we’d been through this once. I’m not going to 1-2-3 ya but I’ll list why this all works and why. Boudreau can’t haul the water as the backup nor as a competitor for it and Zander is not physically ready as a Frosh. CC has been brought over to preserve Zander’s Frosh year. CC’s Frosh year at LB is more expendable than Zanders at QB. He has played as much QB as Zander and at a high HS level. Zander is going to be red shirted. Covington is not going to crack the LB position rotation this year(he very easily could have been recruited with the designation as “athlete”. Next year everyone can start at square 1. Zander, Cameron and Stevens will compete for B/U QB and CC(unless he is a QB phenom in which case Wilson will be considered brilliant)will return to the D where can make an impact as an upperclassman. There is no quirk in Wilson’s actions nor is it an experiment. He is doing what he has to do for insurance in the event Nate gets hurt. The only experiment I know of is TR transferring to a program of lower competition and still can’t win the starting QB job, tied just like at IU. He is where the finger should be pointed. TR’s experiment is not going as planned. What I like most about Wilson is if he does misjudge a talent he is not too stubborn or proud to reverse it.

  3. I think Dienhart got it right. Too early to tell if IU’s D has made the leap yet. Signs are promising (very promising), but lets wait until they line up against a real D1 quality offense.

  4. Hoosier Clarion, I agree with your take on the quarterbacking situation. The truth is we are in good shape as long as Nate stays whole, we’d much rather not burn a year from Zander’s eligibility, whatever KW saw in Covington is what he saw in Covington, KW is a pretty good judge of QB talent and strategic planner.

    As valuable an entry as his way-off thoughts on ‘going for it on fourth down’, debunked by DD’s great post and reference to the

    I wondered earlier how long it would take Podunker’s football Ebola pandemic plague drum beat to emerge and set off the world-wide Hoosier fandom panic to ‘make a change before we all die movement’ that he annually sponsors to pour kerosene, burn the coaches’ clothing and bury the corpses of old and young alike while deep-burying the ashes of the IU football program; but…there is a method to the madness…his annual ‘Voice of Doom’ act and his usurpation of Fred Glass and emergence as ‘AD-in-waiting’ for strategic control has a logical design behind it, there is a method to his madness…, as long as the panic reigns, ticket demand will remain shorter than supply and he (PO) won’t have to pay ‘regular market price’ for tickets nor worry about a place (with free lunch included) in his buddy’s RV. He can use the change on other deep (though cheap) thoughts. My hero!!

    Give it a rest Westbrook Pegler. Tough that they issued leather-like cardboard helmets in ‘our’ days but, unfortunately/fortunately (?), the science of reviving the brain after it died has not yet caught up to the science of ‘rock’ preservation.

    For when it does, I include a copy (thanks DoubleD) of the outstanding article(s) on the discussion and math of fourth-down decision-making and the influence of factors like risk-avoidance in (backward) personalities. You won’t understand it but I’ve always been an optimist and have held out much hope for primitive socio-types to evolve.

  5. HC, you basically expounded on the point I was making. Wilson is experimenting. It could be for the reason you suggest, or it might be for other reasons. But that does not change the fact that he has 5 QBs on this year’s roster. And with five, that’s less practice time and fewer reps for the younger back-ups to develop their skills and understanding of Wilson’s offense. If you’re Zander and/or Cameron, and you’ve suddenly dropped another rung down the ladder, regardless that you’re going to be redshirted, and you’re getting less development in practice because a guy that started summer camp as a linebacker is now the back-up, you might start thinking, “Is it in my best interest to stay here?” If you’re a highly recruited (by Michigan State no less) High School QB that just made your verbal commitment to attend IU, and you see that next year there will be four or five quarterbacks ahead of you on the depth chart, you may start to reconsider your decision in favor of a school that will only have two quarterbacks ahead of you.

    And what about Covington’s future? If he’s spending his freshman year as a back-up quarterback, that’s a lot of time he’s not spending learning to be an effective linebacker. Will that put him at a disadvantage if Wilson gives him back to the defense next year? IU has proven that it can field a high quality offense. It has yet to prove that it can field a competitive defense. Given that Covington is a great athlete with experience playing defense and the size to be a Big Ten linebacker, you’d think, that unless he has the skills to be the next RG III, his future would be better served developing skills necessary to be a linebacker. It’s obvious that Wilson is a offense-first coach, but in this case that might bite him in the ass.

    As for your comment about Boudreau not being able to “haul water as the backup,” if that’s true, than why is he still on the roster? Has he been given a scholarship? If so, why would Wilson give a scholarship to a guy that won’t be a competent backup should Sudfeld go down with an injury? And if that happens, does Wilson believe a guy that just switched to QB from linebacker two weeks ago is going to be more effective than a guy who went through spring camp as a QB?

    As I said, I hope Covington develops into a really good QB.

  6. Podunker, I’m not sure where you get your “Wilson likes to collect qb’s” idea.
    His hand was forced with the departure of Roberson and Coffman. Diamont is not physically ready, nor was he that accurate in warmups last weekend. Do you truly want your next qb to be a walkon? I view Cameron as more of a legacy than anything. Maybe he eventually becomes something. But he’s not ready to get a potential bowl team to a bowl.

    Covington is a very good athlete who’s running skills are better than Robersons and he’s bigger and stronger.

    I’m for one, prepared to let the head coach, COACH.

  7. I am not certain that post #2 was actually Hoosier Clarion(with the ‘n’)….for to thou it was laced with a heavier dose of condescending seasoning borderline appropriate for their normal, cordial, relationship. It for thou also appearith to beith the largest summation of words expressed outith a stingiest of pen customarily disciplined and reserved.

    I don’t mean to blitz this ballroom, but I have suspicions that “Hoosier Clario” does not reside in the same single mortal conglomeration of living cells as “Hoosier Clarion.”

  8. Wow, is this a site where people discuss and debate IU athletics, or has it become something else? I understand that Tsao gets his panties in a wad and reveals his inner demons at the slightest hint of criticism directed at an IU football coach, but I thought some of us could have rational discussions.

    Nathan, while my “collecting quarterbacks” comment was a tongue -in-cheek, I got the idea from the fact that IU now has five players designated as quarterback on the roster, with the starter being a Junior. Next year, Wilson could have have six players on the roster that have experience practicing and/or playing Quarterback. That seems like a lot of quarterbacks.

    And where are all these definitive comments about certain players’ ability coming from? Who says Covington’s running skills are better than Roberson’s? Covington has been on a college football field for about three seconds and run one play! And I must have missed Wilson’s news conference when he said “Diamont is not ready to play,” or when he announced that “Boudreau can’t haul the water as a backup.” How ironic; I get attacked for questioning and/or commenting on a highly compensated professional coach’s decisions, but no one says a thing about several derogatory comments made at the expense of a few young student athletes (a couple of which are still teenagers) trying to represent IU! That seems messed up.

  9. Diamont weighs about 175. They don’t want him out there if they can help it. Boudreaux is a walkon. This isn’t really an issue. This stuff goes on all the time.

  10. J.T. Barrett
    J.T. Burrows
    Stephen Collier
    Cardale Jones
    Braxton Miller
    Luke Morgan

    It appears OSU is also collecting quarterbacks. Then again, maybe a benchwarmer QB is more content getting butt-blisters while wearing a Buckeye uniform.

    I highly doubt that Wilson would deem any kid more rightfully privileged in a Hoosier uniform than a Buckeye uniform. I’d also imagine these issues of depth at various positions tends to fluctuate(injuries/transfers/graduation)fluid.

    I’m also not sure if it’s such a bad thing that a linebacker learns how a high-powered offense operates from the “brain trust” position of QB. What better way to read a QB’s eyes from the defensive side of things than to have played looking through those eyes…? If/when Covington moves back to linebacker, maybe he’ll have a much wider vision and finely-tuned anticipation for the point of attack because of his experience at the leadership position on the other side.

  11. Conversely, maybe the already gained experience at linebacker would help Covington read/anticipate blitzes in his newly found role at backup QB…? The transference of expertise moving to and fro, offense to defense/defense to offense, could also filter into teammates more versatile and understanding of the idiosyncrasies that aren’t always so obvious when constantly absorbed from a more one-sided perspective…

    Wilson will never be a coach you can box in…I like the fact that he is meshing and experimenting. I like the fact that he doesn’t pigeonhole his players nor his ideas on how to build a stronger team.

  12. Po, Jimmy0 is correct. I took it for granted you knew Boudreau was a walk on. IU has 16 WR’s not including TE’s, athletes and so called H backs. How many transfer? You’re thinking too hard and ending up in left field and I’m not smart enough to help much. I am damned pleased we have a HC and staff that can adapt for the betterment of the team and can do so because they have built the depth to do so.

  13. Clario, yes, I knew Boudreau was originally a walk-on. Not sure if he’s been given a scholarship recently since he was designated the back-up coming out of summer camp. And yes, Wilson does not want Diamont to be on the field this year because, a) he’s a freshman, and b) he’s a undersized. But if Sudfeld goes down, pick your poison. Would you play a talented but undersized freshman who went through spring camp, or would you play a more physically mature but less talented (according to you) walk-on? Or do you play a freshman that was converted from linebacker two weeks ago?

    Let’s hope Wilson does not have to make that decision for the next two years.

  14. Harvard…I’ll be damned,,,you may be right on posts #2 and #15 (the second time is no accident). Good catch…observant of you Mr. Holmes and s, too long… the real HC speaks few words usually featuring all the subtlety of ‘carpet bombing’ (and this is NOT a critique of HC).

  15. PU, I can’t paint the picture anymore clearly than I already have. You either don’t get it or refuse to. NB is a walk on. Focus on this, if NS goes down the poison will not be Boudreau. There is the possibility Zander would play but slim. IU would have no better success with him than CC. No matter what the future holds over the next 2 years I am very confident in the decisions Wilson would make.

  16. We’re talking Hoosier FOOTBALL and Harvard is participating. Hell must be close to freezing over.

    Hope everyone got to watch the game last night. Sorry Pack, respect the champs. No “Fail Mary” to complain about this time, just straight “Fail.” Go Hawks.

  17. Tom, Good game for the SSH’s but could be bigger than a 1 game loss for GB. I mean unfortunate injuries may be long term. But SSH’s still have the D and they can almost coast with it against a near handful of teams on their schedule.

  18. HC, I don’t need you to paint the picture. I got it a long time ago, and without your input. That’s why I started the discussion. But your comments sound so definitive. Do you have inside knowledge from Wilson about what he’s already decided if that scenario develops, or are you just speculating with a bit more bluster than normal? Unless information has come directly from Wilson’s lips to your ears, you’re just offering your opinion as if it’s a fact. Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to watch NB play, and after concluding that he will not be effective, have instructed Wilson to develop another alternative.

    And as to your comment that “NB is a walk-on,” who cares? You derisively use the term “walk-on” as if it’s a scarlet letter. Either NB can play or he can’t. I’ve never seen NB attempt to play, or even practice, so I’m at a disadvantage compared to anyone who has. But there have been plenty of college football players that began their college careers as walk-ons who developed into valuable contributors for their teams. And if, after a year or two of development as a back-up, NB is not as good as a freshman recently converted from linebacker, than why is NB, as a walk-on, still on the roster? It was a rhetorical question intended to suggest that Wilson’s assessment of NB may be slightly different from your own.

  19. There are a good amount of YouTube clips featuring Covington’s QB highlights/big plays. Obviously, it’s against competition that can’t compare to college level, but the young man appears to have tremendous talent and a quite the outside burst if he gets around the corner.

    Clarion(at least from my observations of the many years he’s participated on Scoop) is far more passionate in the details of the talent/readiness on the football roster. It’s pretty obvious that he dives deeper into the particulars than many that are a bit more after-the-fact in their observations.

    The fact that we’re debating Wilson’s strategy with this kid is not that earth-stopping. What I find pleasantly astonishing is that Indiana Football was able to recruit a young man with such wide-spanning talents from the Chicago area.

    From my glimpse at the YouTube clips(even with qualifiers to the level of comp) he looked like a very imposing QB running down the field..He appeared to be a boatload for anyone in the secondary to haul in. He appeared to be light on feet with no hints of running out of gas after very long breakaway runs weaving through defenders.

    I’m rather excited to see the young man get some snaps and be utilized as another dynamic to a run game that, at this very early stage, looks very intimidating. Did I just say “intimidating” while talking Hoosier football?

    Seahawks looked pretty dominant. Wish I could care, but my heart is elsewhere. Additionally, I don’t have a natural admiration for Pete Carroll….or Sherman…or that bag-of-wind QB that was a Badger. Give me a guy like Urlacher….Leave the volcanic spew coming out the mouth for the football field. As with most forms of arrogance that becomes far too infatuated with short-term success(a basketball coach comes to mind), the Seahawks act like a 10-year-old that just won his first bathroom fight. They lack the swagger of a team that’s been there before. It’s wonderful when it’s all going well..The test of true champions is how they’ll react when adversity comes knocking at the door. With so much reliance on bravado and wind, I tend to think they’ll disintegrate from within.

    Go BEARS!!

  20. One thing Wilson will hopefully clean up is the manner in which Covington carries the ball(palming it outside his body)when on the run or scrambling. A well-coached defensive team eager to change momentum via a turnover will salivate over that unprotected pigskin as if it were Ines Sainz in cellophane jeans.

  21. Po, I read your 1st sentence and immediately thought “you could have fooled me”. If you got it a long time ago, what is the problem? Focus on what is going on and you’ll soon have a clearly painted pic. Yes I could be wrong. But not this year. By the way HC Wilson did not start this scenario. TR did create this with his decision to experiment and he is still not the starter. By the way Boudreau is a walk-on. Did you know? Probably always will be. Maybe the best the staff could get at the time to be a walk-on QB. Enjoy your sultry Friday night. I shall.

  22. Harvard, you are the first person I know to accuse the Hawks of being “windy.” Other than Sherman, they are a pretty humble bunch – especially Russell Wilson! And as far as “not acting like they’ve been there before,” did you hear about the banner ceremony? In the words of the great Jerry Brewer:

    It was a pregame celebration befitting a team over itself. Given one last chance to use Super Bowl XLVIII as reason to party, the Seahawks declined. They may have set an NFL record for the most nondescript unveiling of a championship banner.

    The moment was simple, understated. It went by so fast you would’ve thought it was a Percy Harvin play.

    After a highlight video, the Seahawks rushed onto the field as a team, no player introductions. The 2013 Super Bowl banner was presented in the rafters and on the field. A large, soccer-style tifo with an image of the Lombardi Trophy and the word “Champions” was draped over the north end-zone seats. And that was it.

    Now, compare this to your friend in Assembly Hall with the “victory over Ferris St.” banners and “Big 10 runner up” banners. I honestly think you just made that up to produce conflict, a la Harvard of old.

  23. Russell Wilson humble? He’s filled himself up on so much of his own humble pie that he’ll soon vomit out Gandhi.

    I find perfect role models about as boring as Tom Crean. Give me a Broadway Joe Namath…Give me a party animal and a playboy…Give me an alcoholic that doesn’t give one rat’s ass what the world thinks of him. Let me watch him shove that clean, pretentious, and false image down the NFL’s throat with all the natural, god-given beauty a bolt of lightning. Give me rebel with an arm. Give me long fur coat with a broad under each arm. Humble rhymes with fumble. A football player should frown and mumble…or maybe wear pantyhose in mocking gesture of the pure brutality of a game now soft as the mean words reserved for spit in the hair of a blond sideline reporter at the Super Bowl. Give me a humble Dick Butkus to rip Wilson’s head off and mount it on Carroll’s BMW.
    Give me the ’85 Bears defense staring across the line at Russell’s pair of Goody Two-shoes that sparkle up the dirty hoodlum streets of Seattle. Give me Richard Dent swatting every pass attempted from the “Mickey Mouse Badger that could”…Give me “The Fridge” to permanently pound Wilson into a chicken-fried Seahawk steak….Serve it up with some humble gravy…Give me the “Shufflin’ Crew”…Give me the city of shoulders..Give me Piccolo and Sayers…and men that didn’t need the constant adulation and self-serving crap filled in every humble bucket of tears cried by some NFL millionaire’s public service announcements saving us from our own sins and lack of compassion for the true suffering in the world..

    Just give me football on Sunday and let me love it in all it’s ugliness, hungry violence, honesty, and perfections absent the refinements of the perfect tongue, a perfect, humble man. Act like you’ve been there before by “not acting” like you’ve been there before. Before you know it, the fourth quarter has long come and gone. Only the vines on the Ivy League walls will grow and you’ll be too old to shuffle or remember the day you ran carefree without a humble bone in your youthful spirit.

    Go Bears!!

  24. That QB on Virginia Tech looks like a good one….

    Pac 12 beating up on the Big 10 again…What else is new?

    Did the door just open for the Hoosiers going to a Rose Bowl…? MSU, OSU, and Michigan all kicked in the teeth. Unfortunately, they’ll all know they can’t afford anymore stumbles the rest of the way. Hate to be next on any of their schedules…

    That Notre Dame team sure looks like a “hazzzbeen” program. Now if we could only look like a “hazzzbeen” basketball school again. Remember when the world was right…? Football dynasty in Indiana = ND…Basketball dynasty in Indiana = Candy stripes. Whine-asty = PU.

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