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A Missouri defense that might be better than last year’s awaits Indiana, Mike writes.

Two CBS games round out the men’s basketball TV schedule, and IU women’s soccer lost at No. 22 Illinois Thursday, we reported.

Missouri QB Maty Mauk will be the focus of the Indiana defense on Saturday, Sam Beishuizen of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

A Q-and-A on IU football with Indianapolis Star writer David Woods, from Tod Palmer of the Kansas City Star.

Speaking of Mauk (mach?), how about “The Speed of Sound” by Coldplay?


  1. Woods: “If he were at any school other than Indiana, Coleman would be a Heisman Trophy candidate.

    Thanks you for supporting my opinion. Until we get out of this rut, sadly many of our gifted athletes won’t get the proper attention they deserve. All you can do is try your best every week.

  2. That’s just complete lunacy..

    Dating to last year, the NCAA rushing leader has gained 652 yards in three games,

    “Dating to last year” did not include the last 3 games of the season(Wisconsin, OSU were the monsters of the BIG he did not rush against). Those huge stats were amassed against Illinois, ISU, and Bowling Green.

    In the four games against ISU and Bowling Green(2 last year + 2 this year) he has put up 735 yards. his rushing against those two teams accounts for over 50% of his total yardage in two seasons(1395 yards). You don’t win Heisman trophies putting up 53% of your total against ISU and Bowling Green. If you include lowly Illinois from last season, over 2/3 of his total yardage in his IU career to date(950yards/68%) was gained against three teams(ISU, Bowling Green, and Illinois).

    You’re not a Heisman candidate with 2/3 of your totals against ISU, Bowling Green, and Illinois. Mr. Woods comment is ludicrous.

  3. You can throw around all the numbers you want about the Heisman. The point I’m trying to make is it’s unfortunate our athletes don’t get the recognition they deserve, because we’re often overlooked and laughed at. If Coleman was playing with Ohio State, Penn State etc, I guarantee people would be talking.

    Until we win more games, our athletes won’t be talked about properly. I could care less about rewards. It’s time we get over this hump, and fill the darn stadium up. The future looks promising. I’m optimistic we will get there.

  4. Much of your thoughts are out of frustration. Losing doesn’t turn a lot of heads. I understand what you’re saying, but when it comes to evaluating individual talent, the people that need to notice will notice.

    I doesn’t change the fact that Coleman has amassed most of his huge rushing totals(68%)via two games against ISU, two game against Bowling Green, and huge game against lowly Illinois. To even put that into Heisman talk is insanity. To claim Tevin’s not getting enough attention is no different than claiming Knapke should be considered for national honors the same if he threw for 1500 yards in games against Indiana, ISU, and Illinois. He could claim that 68% of his totals coming against Big 10 teams! He’s the next John Elway.

    This victim act does not help the mindset of Indiana(whether at an individual level or at a team level).

    And if Tevin played for a OSU, Penn State, Michigan, ND…, he’d never be laughed at for claiming he’s not getting enough attention for the 1000/1500 yards against the powerhouse teams of ISU, Indiana, and Bowling Green. He’d also have a plethora of backs equally flirting with his talent level that could easily steal far more attention than anything he’s lost being the “big man on campus” at IU Football.

  5. Thanks for understanding H4H. I am frustrated. You’re correct. I just want this team to do well and get the respect it deserves. Thanks for listening.

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