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Just like they had to let go of the loss at Bowling Green, the Hoosiers must let go of the win at Missouri and turn the focus on Maryland, Mike writes.

IU’s Kelley School of Business is poised to become the preferred business school of the National Football League, Andy Wittry of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Injuries on the Maryland defense are piling up heading into the Big Ten opener at Indiana, Matt Zenitz of the Baltimore Sun writes.

Indiana hasn’t followed an upset victory against a ranked opponent with a win the next week since 1977, a streak the Hoosiers are looking to break, Kyle Rowland of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

The advanced box score of the Indiana-Missouri game, from puntjohnpunt.com.

Former Hoosier Marcus Thigpen is back with the Dolphins, signing on the Miami practice squad Monday night, Omar Kelly of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel writes.

Maybe Kevin Wilson has been watching too many kids’ movies, such as Disney’s Frozen? Like Idina Menzel, he wants to “Let It Go.”


  1. I have a question about coverage. Have seen nothing regarding Hoosier soccer in the last week. Not in the Indiana coverage and not in Hoosier Scoop. Did I miss something? If I recall the Hoosiers were playing in he East Coast. Can I assume that the team deserves some coverage turning around a luckless season (sort of a soccer version of ‘you make your own luck) and both TY and his new team have earned the right to good coverage?

    Could some review of recent activity be made for fans in Hoosier Scoop? Thank you.

  2. Thank You, saw the Butler story and the preview for the East Coast trip but never saw (until just now) the outcome of the Rutgers game (Great! Rutgers not an easy opponent. Jersey is fertile ground for recruiting, lots of South American leagues in the area. Thanks Mr. Price.

  3. Actually, the Rutgers result got by me because it was part of a summary which included other IU fall sports results (volleyball, etc)…my bad because with my excitement over the 3781-7 greatest-win-inIUhistory-since-we-defeated-the-Mongols-in-the-14th-Century, I skimmed over it and didn’t see it. Luckily, I was fairly certain someone at the HT would guide me to a result and JP did so.

    You are right though, the firm Graham, Price and Miller had to be quite busy (Graham and Miller traveling, Price on the desk answering the 200 inquiring confirmation phone calls.

    How about that Harvey…That train trip to Pasadena can still be done…and young Yeagley will have his second national championship…and we’ll be awaiting a good roundball year or wondering whether to include you as Chair of the search committee (me…I’d bring Bobby back). Harvs….a Maryland score, please???

  4. Hard to explain, Tsao…My predictions are something that just hit me. They are nearly spiritual and cannot be summoned. They only involve the most basic background or researching of the contest.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m just going against the tide/grain…but there’s still a feeling beyond the simple prediction of an upset.

    If you ever get the chance, try to see the movie “Best of Times” starring Robin Williams and Kurt Russell. If you do see it, just think of Harvey’s predictions as something that moves along the same parallel universe as Kid Lester’s character in the film.

    It’s not like it’s a 4-star film, but I think you’d enjoy it. The dinner table scene when Jack “Aquarius”(Williams)and “Rino” Hightower(Russell)are trying to make amends with their pissed off wives is priceless. Jack attempts to turn on the TV and put Monday Night Football on during the dining event with the ladies…(remember the old roller carts/stands that TV’s used to set on?)

    Anyway, I’ve always believed that “Best of Times” hits all the notes…It’s tragedy..It’s comedy..It’s hometown pride and resurrections…It’s life as one play hanging in balance where we really don’t play as much a part as we’d always like to believe. But it’s also about change and making the best of times when it doesn’t fall your way. Now that Robin Williams is no longer with us, I nearly get tears just thinking of everything that movie called upon that we often take for granted.

    There’s also a beautiful scene with a very famous Roberta Flack song.

  5. Just a few more notes on the film….It’s a football movie, but it’s not really a football movie.

    It’s cheesy…romantic…highly predictable…But it’s very powerful beneath it’s lighthearted and simple exterior…It engages you and takes you to places so absent in our current march through time….It’s believing in the fragile truth that acknowledging what may seem so trivial in your own world is worth fighting for when it’s someone you care for deeply.

    Best of Times is a lesson in selflessness… You learn the greatest rewards are the acts removed your own importance. Even in the cloudy despair of loss and defeat comes the gift in its purist form of innocence. It’s not the replaying of the big game from years past where he dropped the winning pass, but it’s the love and friendships that reclaim Jack’s day…It was always the sun he never saw present as it returns and fills the small raindrops pouring down on the football field at halftime; raindrops under the lights filled with destiny to those unguarded dreamers with an open heart to go where hope shall never cease.

    1. A reposting of TsaoTsuG comment that was previously misplaced:

      Harvard, the point now is for the Hoosiers to be consistent….

      There was this Condor, the regal and magnificent symbol of power and might who lived on a mountain. One day, the Condor got lonely as powerful condors tend to do and decided that the only solution was to become involved in a relationship, …even if a superficial one at that.

      so the Condor swooped down into the valley below and snatched a beautiful dove and took the dove up to its laird on the mountain top and kissed it and caressed it and did what Condors like to do…and then flew the dove back to the valley; and, as they were flying, the dove cooed, “I’m a dove…and I love to lo-o-o-ve!…”

      But, alas, that did not bring happiness to the Condor, only temporary and unsatisfying at that, relief. So, the Condor, lonely again recalled the dove who loved to love, and became excited. So, the Condor thought and decided to fly down to the valley again.

      And this time, the Condor snatched up a duck…and, ecstatic with the prospects flew back to the laird on the mountain top. There, the Condor kissed and caressed the duck with the same passion, if not more, than the dove and then did what the Condor wanted to do with the duck and…later, being a gentleman, the Condor flew the duck back to the valley…

      …and, as they were flying back, and the Condor happy and well fulfilled and satisfied, he happily looking at the duck, which had been continually quacking, since leaving the mountain top laird…while swaying the tail back and forth, shedding feathers which flew down on the ground…

      And the duck, excitedly and loudly looked with piercing eyes at the Condor …almost with anger, looked back at the Condor and, almost with disdain protested…

      …”I’m a drake and there’s been… a terrible mistake!!!!

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