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Indiana found its kicker, but there weren’t many other redeeming qualities to the Maryland loss, Mike writes.

IU men’s soccer gave up a goal with a minute left in regulation and settled for a 1-1 tie with Northwestern, I wrote.

IU women’s soccer couldn’t hold a 1-0 lead and lost in overtime to Minnesota, we reported.

Coverage from the Hoosiers’ loss to Maryland Saturday:
• The IU offense was flat, and the Hoosiers got flattened by Big Ten newcomer Maryland, Mike wrote.
• The Hoosiers were too hospitable to Maryland and laid an egg, Andy wrote.
• The Terps proved they belong in the Big Ten, Jon wrote.

IU football fell flat, because it’s Indiana, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com wrote.

Maryland had history on its mind and came through in its Big Ten debut, Roman Stubbs of the Washington Post wrote.

Mediocrity is a hard habit for the football Hoosiers to break, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel wrote.

North Texas heads to Bloomington curious to see how its team and quarterback measure up, Brett Vito of the Denton Record-Chronicle writes.

Griffin Oakes speaks softly and carries a big leg, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

2015 guard Shake Milton got a good look at a basketball school during his visit to Indiana over the weekend, Jordan Littman of Inside the Hall writes.

A melancholy tune on this Monday, “Maryland” by Vonda Shepard.


  1. Whew. Really tough weekend for the Hoosiers. Tough weekend for fans. Even tougher for those who’d like to watch a game without the incessant complaining that happens the moment things don’t go as planned for our candy-striped, chrome helmeted heros.

    I’m not interested in any of these old and tired derivative variants of “same old Hoosiers.” There’s so little critical thinking that comes with these emotional reactions as if there really is this cloud of despair that hangs over the North End Zone and causes Indiana to stink.

    Admittedly, I’ve gone there, too. I understand the frustration of decades worth of hollow promises, mediocre product and watching the visiting teams fans take over half of our stadium. Hoosier fans are proud of our University and it stings to keep watching this same movie play over and over again.

    But, it has to be taken in context. IU was obliterated on Saturday. But they lost (badly) to a pretty darn good football team. Their wideouts are equal or better than anyone in the Big Ten. They ate us up all day. On the other side of the ball, the narrative was that UM had a poor defense. Well, I saw an NFL quality CB (Likely) who was all over our young receivers. The normal balance IU had on offense was taken away with that single lockdown corner. That allowed UM to stack the line and stuff the running game. It was a game planning and even better execution. Likely was the best player on the field Sat.

    Our defense was aggressive, but unlike against Mizzou, they were overly aggressive. They didn’t stay home, so they were constantly getting outflanked by the screen pass. Pass rush doesn’t mean a thing if they can just toss a quick pass to a WR 2 yds behind the line of scrimmage and take it for 8 – 20 yds a play. It was all day, too. We weren’t calling bad plays on defense; we just didn’t execute.

    So, the Freakout Brigade is in full force because they predetermined before the season started that we had to beat Maryland to get to 6 wins. Well, Maryland is better this year than anyone thought at the beginning of the year. But Michigan is worse. Throwing Sudfeld, Wilson, Glass and the hot dog lady under the bus 4 games into the season because we stunk up the place is just unproductive and silly. This was a team that had a ceiling of 7 wins this year. We are not a Rose Bowl team. Our goal of 6 wins, with a ceiling of 7 is still within reach.

    But, instead, the chorus of whines will sing their Aria of Woe. It reveals more about those that feel that way than those running the current football program. It is shrieking and shrill. It’ll have you looking to turn the dial to Kanye instead.

    There’s a lot to criticize in Sat’s performance, but going to this tired canard of “same ‘ole,” is lazy and thoughtless.

  2. Also, HT Crew. You know that I’m extremely supportive of the job and effort around here. I’m not the squeaky wheel.

    A point of feedback. The Live Chat is going to really suffer if you don’t do something about the same knucklehead troll that gets his jolly’s off by impersonating users. I thought about just sending a personal email, but I think there are others that are frustrated by it as well. The same dude has been around as long as I can remember participating, but it has gotten really bad. Sat, I just sat out the 2nd half because of it. He won. Yay troll.

  3. Double Down,

    Not sure if you’re into the Twitter thing or not, but you can comment through that if you like. Down toward the bottom of the live chat is a Twitter log-on.

    I mean someone could still log-on as Double Down on chat, but your comment would come up like a tweet on Twitter. Just a suggestion. Miller and Price might have something coming in the pipeline. Good luck.

  4. I consider most of the comments on LiveChat as troll-ish in their nature anyway. The handful that visit LiveChat during games are making their appearances for laughs and cynical purposes(and this includes some of the journalists that kick up their one-liner’s while quickly turn on the Hoosiers the moment a game turns South). Everyone is attempting to ‘one up’ the next guy with narcissistic staging of quick witty comments that are rarely positive and supportive. It’s a Hoosier Football comedy club to try out the fresh material.

    The complaining of the so-called “troll” on the chat is added irritation to many that are only there as mockers in the first place. The tone is much different than what you’ll find on Scoop threads. Many of these jokesters that are regulars on the LiveChats either don’t comment very regularly on Scoop or must be going onto LiveChat under a pseudonym(e.g…Names like “Landon Turner Overdrive”…”Wilmont’s Kissy Face”…”Megan”…and “Guest” are a few names off the top my head that are never seen commenting on Scoop threads. I may remember “Wilmont’s Kissy Face” commenting once on Scoop).

  5. Double Down may be one of the few actually using his same name on both formats (Scoop and LiveChat). His recognized name may add to the “troll’s” desire to impersonate if the troll is also following Double Down on everyday Scoop threads. I will admit that I sometimes find the impersonator a dose of comic relief as I find many much of the behavior as sarcastically highlighting and ridiculing the fickle winds, erratic, and quickly reversing, fair weather support of those there for mostly narcissistic displaying of their great wit and to basically share laughs with the Establishment journalists at the expense of our long-suffering football program.

  6. Maybe we should censor the tongues of many “regulars” and “journalists” that almost seem to enjoy covering Indiana as a mocking ground for snidely intent more than any sincere, balanced, or decent intention to maintain dignified comments own their HT site in their own right.

    If we could only “fix” those intentions with all the fixes for the one silly troll that wages a little war by wagging the poor mocking tail of the big mocking dog.

  7. MM, no worries. Just for the record, I would support any solution involving shock treatment and waterboarding.

    Thanks guys.

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