Indiana running backs have each other covered in upset of Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo. — D’Angelo Roberts likes to tell stories of his friendship with fellow Indiana running back Tevin Coleman, about how the two are not merely friends but brothers.

They’re together on the practice field, in the locker room and on Facetime on Monday nights, when the two trade hundreds of pushups with each other via the video streaming service.

So, when Coleman went down with cramps late in the first quarter of Saturday’s 31-27 win over No. 18 Missouri, Roberts, along with freshman Devine Redding, had his back.

Roberts and Redding split carries in Coleman’s absence, finishing with 114 rushing yards and two touchdowns between them both.

“We practice the same (and) we all have the same practice habits,” said Roberts, the former Bloomington North star. “So when Tevin caught cramps and wasn’t able to come in for a little while, I had to step up and so did Devine.”

Indeed, the two of them followed through.

On Indiana’s last drive of the first quarter — its first drive without Coleman — Roberts and Devine took the Hoosiers to the end zone. Roberts picked up 14 yards on the drive, including the one-yard touchdown that gave IU the 14-7 lead at the time, while Redding ran hard on the way to posting 27 yards on the series, including two first downs.

Coleman returned to start the second half and finished with 132 yards on the ground and 189 all-purpose yards. In total, 241 of Indiana’s 493 yards came on the ground, with the team showing that while it’s impossible to replace Coleman, there’s a solid duo of backs right behind him.

Coleman knows as much, and he was happy to see them both — including his close friend Roberts — carry the load in his absence.

“I knew it was a chance for me to come back out,” Coleman said. “I was gonna come back for my team. I’m just glad D-Lo steped up as a senior and helped me out there. I love him. He’s my brother. He stepped up, helped the team and motivated me to get back out there. … He deserved this win. He played real hard behind me, taking after me. He teaches me a lot and it was good seeing him do his thing. I love him.”


  1. Losing Coleman did not cost IU momentum. I really appreciated the way the entire offense took that in stride. Congratulations to both back-up running backs, with special gratitude to Roberts for doing an effective imitation of Walter Payton diving into the end zone. The freshman looked very good, too.

    But to me, the unsung heroes in yesterday’s game were the down lineman in IU’s defense. They just gave Missou’s O-line fits all game. I was really impressed. The frequent high snaps to Mauk were, I believe, the result of IU’s nose tackle giving Missou’s center problems all game long. The D-line did a very good job.

  2. Podunker…agree completely and we can attribute this to good coaching. It would have easy for the offense to sputter blaming on their star who went down, but that did not happen!

    As for D line, you bet! Probably the best Dline play I’ve seen at IU in a very, very long time. Defense still needs a lot of work, but this was a major step forward. On to Maryland!

  3. Great post and you are completely right Po. The down linesmen made the Missouri coach cry. Who’s the man playing over the center, isn’t he the one who can lift 82,000lbs and push Assembly Hall back towards IND46 bypass 10 yards…Hoff?

    (hey! HOFF…Hall Of Fame Future, Hall Of Fame Find, Hall Of Fame Fiend, HOFFF- Hall Of Fame Fantastic Force)

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