Juwan Morgan commits to Indiana

Indiana landed its first recruit for the 2015 class on Wednesday, picking up a commitment from 6-foot-8 forward Juwan Morgan.

The Waynesville, Mo. native, a four-star prospect ranked No. 87 in his class according to the 247 Sports composite, chose IU over Vanderbilt. Morgan made official visits to both Indiana and Vanderbilt, and was in Bloomington last weekend.

“As I’ve said before, academics, player development and playing time are the best things I want to get,” Morgan said at his press conference. “So I’ve decided to further my education at Indiana University.”

The Hoosiers do not currently have any open scholarships for next season, but IU coach Tom Crean has shown a willingness to oversign in the past. Indiana assistant Steve McClain and strength coach Jeney Jackson were key factors in Juwan Morgan’s recruitment.

Playing for AAU outfit MoKan Elite, Morgan was named the most improved player in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League. He averaged 10.9 points, 6.8 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game this summer for MoKan Elite.


  1. Love it, congratulations Juwan. Fans will love you. No better place to be a basketball player.
    Nice pick up for IU. Seems like a good kid with strong academics, good athlete and desire to get better.

  2. Can’t speak for Higgi, but
    here is where I come out on the oversign:
    (1) Whichever kid has a break out year and is a lottery pick will go. I do not “hope” they leave but I will wish them well and congratulate them on achieving the loftiest of ambitions. And I will root for them every game they play in the NBA, even if they only played one year at IU. I root for IU basketball players. Always have always will.
    (2) Whichever kid is homesick will leave. I do not hope they leave, but some kids do. Despite the best efforts of everyone in the program.
    (3) Whichever kid is upset about lack of playing time. I do not hope they leave, but some kids do. Despite the best efforts of everyone in the program.
    (4) Whichever kid is injured and chooses not to play basketball or is told not to. I do not hope this happens, but some kids run into this problem. Despite the best efforts of everyone in the program.
    I actually hope that Tom Crean never “runs off” any IU basketball players. So far, I have seen ZERO evidence of that. Do you have some evidence of that? If so, do tell.

  3. Welcome to the Hoosier Nation Juwan! You will love being part of Indiana Basketball! You can achieve all of your aspirations in B-town. You made a great decision. Now work on recruiting other great players to “your” team!

  4. Congrats, Juwan, on your decision. You made a wise one. And welcome to IU basketball and the Hoosier family. We look forward to your contribution to our team

    Congrats to Coach Crean, McClain, Jackson and the players for your outstanding work in recruiting Morgan. Well done!

  5. Here are the most likely candidates for departure next year:

    1. James Blackmon, Jr. (NBA)
    2. Yogi Ferrell (NBA)
    3. Collin Hartman (transfer, too many better players ahead of him)
    4. Tim Priller (transfer, will never get a lot of playing time until he can prove he can play the post. Maybe able to start somewhere else if “serviceable” at IU this year)
    5. J. April (transfer, needs to show major growth this year to have a future in the B1G)
    6. Stanford Robinson (transfer, if IU signs another 2-guard he could decide to head back to the east coast)

    In any case, IU will have at least 2 schollys available next year.

  6. Not sure if you should allow people to embed links to their names that open web pages with extremely vulgar words…I am appalled! Is this place no longer intended to be a PG-13, family-oriented, site?

    There also seems to be quite the hypocrisy in giving credence to an article bashing the son of a man Crean has done everything in his power to validate himself via association with said family name. Ultimately, Crean is the (insert favorite ‘Deadspin’ vulgar words) for ever attempting to build his own credibility by rubbing up against this past Hoosier name. What father ever abandons the belief and love for his son….(insert Bible quote here)?

    Here’s an idea: Outside of successful witch hunts, hellbent attempts at getting warm and fuzzy handshakes with a 3-banner coach(the sorta banners that used to define Indiana Basketball)requesting to be buried face down with cheeks pointed in your holier-than-thou direction, and riding the coattails of the one “everything hinges” savior recruit from Washington Indiana that could have likely led IUPUI to a Sweet 16, maybe prove you can coach beyond such unprecedented “Sweet” limited success also achieved by Ball St, Butler, Valparaiso, Purdue, ND, and ISU.

    Great job landing a top-100 recruit. Now, go out and prove wrong all those Establishment publications(those that Scoop has so graciously provided the ITH links for our viewing) claiming that you’ll only be able to coach this year’s very talented bunch to something hovering between 8th and 10th place in the BIG standings.

    To paraphrase a Scoop contributor’s quote from the other day: It appears, outside the Cody years, that the Crean era is seeking its level again.

    Lastly, maybe attempt to use your persuasive powers to convince your recruits to keep the drama to a minimum during IU football season. You’ve had plenty of time to make your own drama. Last season, that March “drama” included an empty postseason.

  7. Higgi; im not sure Blackmon will go NBA. Kentucky has 9 McDonalds whose only dream was playing NBA and not education.The 2 harrison twins will go ,perhaps the other strong shooting guard that was compared to Blackmon, Booker i think his name is from Miss.,I called the basketball office and left the name of a 2015 class postman here in Dallas area.A teammate of Elijah Thomas at Pantego Christian Academy. 7’0 268 pound Rickey Brice.my wife’s physical therapist also treats a member of his family. we talked basketball and he told me he thought he was a good BBall player…..looked Him up he has 17 school with moderate interest,IF all the bigs leave like you speculate ;perhaps the staff needs to visit Texas.

  8. Here are the 13 most likely candidates for departure next year:

    1. Ray Rice
    2. Any Harbaugh with a first name starting with ‘J’
    3. “Coach” used as a form of addressing Tom Crean
    4. CNN’s last ugly female weather reporter
    5. Jonny Marlin’s “I’ve Still Got Yoga Pants on my Mind” Christian rock video
    6. Remy Abell’s PT
    7. A Jeremy Price solo ScoopTalk
    8. Any salary that could realistically define a middle class
    9. Confused looks directed at Calbert Cheaney
    10. Dan Dakich’s final attempt at a toupee
    11. The 28th year since IU Basketball has won a championship
    12. The “e” in Dan Quayle’s last name
    13. Hulls being labeled the “worst defender in all of Poland”

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