Kevin Wilson wants his players watching Monday Night Football right now. Yes, right now

Kevin Wilson is a baseball fan, but he doesn’t want to watch it. Not now, anyway.

He doesn’t want to watch endless re-runs of SportsCenter in the morning, nor does he want his players to develop those same kinds of bad viewing habits.

The Indiana football coach wants his guys thinking football — and watching it, too. He wants them watching games, whether it’s a taped television broadcast or it’s film of an upcoming opponent.

Wilson wants his players talking about situations. He wants them to digest different plays and players, and he’d like them to do so whenever possible. You can’t get too much football, Wilson believes. So at Indiana, they watch and watch and watch some more.

“I think the more they watch, the better,” Wilson said. “I get mad at them all the time if they’re not watching the Big Ten Network. If I go in the lunchroom and it’s not on the football game, I’m going to put it on.”

That goes for programs like Monday Night Football, too. Of course, Wilson won’t be going door to door, flipping television sets to ESPN each Monday night.

But he’ll ask them for their thoughts on the game. And he’ll know if they were watching.

“If a guy don’t tell me what’s going on, ‘Look, what’s up with you, it’s Monday Night Football,” Wilson said, giving his rendition of the famous ‘Heavy Action’ theme song. “Da‑da‑da‑dum! I mean, don’t you guys have that on your phone? It’s Monday Night Football. It’s one of the greatest nights ever. Thursday night? We’re going to tell them Thursday, here’s who’s playing Thursday night. Watch this. We put on our Friday travel schedule, here’s the game tonight on TV, watch these guys play, learn football.”