Kevin Wilson’s dad loves Tegray Scales and more from the radio show

When I wrote about Tegray Scales for Wednesday’s paper, I included a quote from linebackers coach William Inge about his trip to watch Scales play last season as a high school senior.

Inge went with IU coach Kevin Wilson to see Scales and Colerain High School play during Indiana’s bye week in late September. What Inge didn’t tell us was that they had a special visitor on that trip to Ohio.

It was Kevin Wilson’s father.

Wilson filled in the rest of the story on Wednesday’s Inside IU Football radio show at the Bloomington Holiday Inn.

“My dad’s here, he was with us a year ago on the open date weekend,” Wilson recalled. “I took him recruiting and we went to see Tegray play. He said, ‘You need that guy.’ My dad became Tegray’s personal recruiter, he thought. He came to practice today and when we took our break he went over to talk to Tegray. That’s all he wants is to talk to Tegray. That’s his guy.”

Wilson also touched on the ACL injuries to Kenny Mullen and Marcus Oliver once again, noting that of Indiana’s four season-ending injuries, three were in non-contact situations.

“One guy planted and got a back injury, two guys planted and got knees,” Wilson said.

After Saturday’s game in the heat led to an inordinate amount of cramping, Wilson said he had discussions with his support staff on Monday about player nutrition for the weeks ahead. He credited senior assistant athletic director for sport medicine and performance Amy Freel and strength and conditioning coach Mark Hill, among others, for their work in those departments.

“What are we doing with our Sunday night meal for recovery?” Wilson said. “What are we doing Thursday night, which is a big meal? Not only providing it, but are they putting it in their body and what are we giving those guys? To me, it’s not just eating a banana or the old salt tablet when we played. It’s a process of taking care of your body. Not just for this game, but for the wear and tear of the season. We’re trying very hard to educate guys on how to properly rest and still be a kid — still have the fun you need to have as a college student — but also make sure you have the appropriate diet and rest time, so you can prepare in a manner that you can go out and play hard.”

One of the final notable topics Wilson touched on was one of the more interesting ones. In Thursday’s H-T, we’ll look at Indiana’s stable of running backs and how they’re enjoying their newfound focus within IU’s offense. Wilson mentioned how appreciative he was of their work and made a telling comparison between Tevin Coleman and Adrian Peterson.

“When I saw Tevin as a freshman, he was going as hard as a freshman of anyone I’ve seen since I had a kid at Oklahoma who was really, really good,” Wilson said. “This guy goes hard. Coach (Deland) McCullough is one of the guys that I coached that maybe played as hard as any player that I ever coached. So, they’re getting some great practice habits and in the game they’re falling back to some good habits.

“When Tevin got dehydrated and was kind of out, that game was kind of in the balance. What D’Angelo did, not the touchdown at the end, and Devine’s runs when we didn’t score, but get the field goal, getting us down where it’s a really easy field goal was huge. The way D’Angelo played was awesome. Really proud of those guys and expect a lot of continued improvement from that group. It’s nice to have a guy I think is a very special player, (who) I think is one of the best players in the country, but you can’t rely on that guy on every play. You gotta have more. For that group to play like that has been huge for our football team so far.”