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QUESTION: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. Thanks for being here. A reminder that IU football has the week off and will be back Sept. 13 against Bowling Green, but there’s still plenty to chat about.

How is everyone today? Ready to get started?

JEREMY: Still waiting for the H-T’s bye week, but in the meantime there’s still been plenty to cover at IU, from football to soccer to women’s basketball. And volleyball got off to a nice start last week, too. Let’s get started.

MIKE: Ready to go. Looking forward to actually watching some games this weekend, with Michigan and Michigan State high on my radar. What’s up, everybody?

ANDY: Man, it’s like I woke up from a nap to suddenly find my Redbirds in first place by four games. What happened? Oh, and I find it’s time to chat.

QUESTION: Curt Miller is at TCU this week, consulting with the Horned Frog women’s basketball team. Is he likely eventually to be hired at some other school? Any media progress on FOI filings to get information about what happened to him at IU?

Randall Bychkov, B-town

JEREMY: Randall,

I saw Curt Miller’s tweet about consulting with TCU, but I think it’s a long-distance consult as somebody I know saw him in Bloomington. With the technology available, that’s not unusual though.

You never know with these things. My guess is he’d like to get back into coaching sooner than later, if possible. The question is first when he feels ready to do so and then whether anybody would hire him. There would obviously be quite a bit of risk there for reasons both apparent and not so apparent.

If he does return to coaching, that would definitely be another kick in the gut for IU women’s basketball fans.

As for what happened, research remains ongoing. If anything comes of it, you’ll certainly know.

MIKE: Hi Randall,

Saw that on his Twitter feed. Interesting. Just makes the whole situation at Indiana seem more peculiar (I know, I know, like it didn’t already). I’m sure he wants to stay involved in the game on some level. Knowing him a little bit, I’m sure it has been difficult to be pulled away at this point in the year. I mean, when was the last time he wasn’t working on practice plans in early September? As for future employment, all depends on circumstances, I suppose. Did he truly leave IU for the reasons stated in the press release issued six weeks ago?

I’m still waiting to receive my FOIA requests that I filed the day after he resigned. I’m told by the folks at IU that they’re close to sending them over. What they include is anyone’s guess. IU has a “reasonable amount of time” to turn over documents, but a reasonable amount of time is up for liberal interpretation.

ANDY: Randall:

I’ll let Mike update the FOI situation, as he was the beat reporter who formally filed the requests. As to Curt Miller’s future, it’s pretty opaque at this juncture. His on-court record tells us he’ll eventually find a job someplace, but perhaps not before whatever happened at IU is fully known and understood by those doing the hiring. People want to win. People don’t always want to take on unclaimed baggage left over from the previous stop.

QUESTION: Now that we know the coaching staff, I’m curious about the responsibilities of each coach….recruiting coordinator, maybe offense or defense, ect. Any ideas???

Steve, Indy

JEREMY: Steve,

I believe you’re talking women’s basketball here. At this point, there have not been any titles assigned in terms of associate head coach or recruiting coordinator. I do think Curtis Loyd is going to have a big hand in the defense, as Teri Moren has pointed out his success in that department at Minnesota, which finished second in scoring defense and first in field goal percentage defense in the Big Ten last year. And with Rhet Wierzba coming over from Indiana State with Moren, he probably knows the particulars of how she wants to run the offense (and the defense for that matter). Keep in mind that Wednesday was Todd Starkey’s first day in Bloomington, so I think it may take a little time and the breeding of some familiarity for the specifics of the staff dynamics to take shape.

MIKE: Not sure if anything is concrete just yet, as far as roles. I think it’s fair to say that Curtis Loyd will probably have a big hand in the defense, as that was his role at Minnesota under Pam Borton. Rhet Wierzba will probably help with a bit of everything to start, since he has more familiarity the motion concepts brought over from Indiana State. Not sure about Starkey. He was the one coach I didn’t have a chance to chat with, but it sounds like he also has some ideas on man-to-man defense that mesh with Moren’s philosophies.

ANDY: Steve:

I assume you are referring to women’s basketball and, if so, I’ll again defer to Mike. He was at the press conference and was among the reporters who had lunch with Coach Moren, so he would have more insight on this than do I.

QUESTION: Good morning guys, I hope all is well. As always, thanks for this chat and for your excellent coverage throughout the rest of the week. I’ll start by saying that it’s a lot of fun to have college football back and that I was thoroughly impressed with IU’s run game (every RB that played was good to great and the O-Line was as advertised). It was fun to see the Hoosiers be able to use a vanilla gameplan and simply physically overpower an opponent (even if that opponent was only the ISU Trees). Does it mean anything? No one knows. I enjoyed it though.

1. I thought Tony Fields, Chase Dutra and Antonio Allen were all pretty good at safety. Is Mark Murphy going to continue to see significant playing time on this defense? I know he is a veteran but Fields and Dutra appear to be ahead of him athletically and I don’t remember him getting many snaps on Saturday.

2. It’s impossible (and unwise) to draw conclusions from one week. That being said, are there any players who changed their season outlook/expectations in your eyes (positively or negatively)? I guess this a variation of the “stock up/stock down” question I asked last week.

Andy, congratulations on what appears to be another NL Central title for your Cardinals. I will say, my Cubbies are really turning the corner and I now expect them to at least flirt with a Wild Card spot next season. They won’t catch the Cards just yet but I hope that time is not too far away. Thanks for everything guys, enjoy the bye week, God bless and go Hoosiers.

TJ, Noblesville


Always good to see you here and let me thank you for Anthony Rizzo’s contributions to my fantasy baseball team this year. That’s it. Football dudes …

MIKE: Hey, TJ.

First, yeah. I thought Dutra had a heck of a game. He made an impression on me. I thought he did a really nice job disguising a safety blitz late in the second half that seemed to catch the ISU quarterback by surprise. Nice start for Dutra. I think with Murphy, he has savvy about him. No, he’s not on par athletically with the newer recruits. To be fair, he’s also been hobbled by injuries quite a bit. But I think he has value as a steady hand in a young secondary. You’re right, though. It’ll be interesting to see how much he plays down the road here. Wilson talks often about the importance of building a defense from the back. You want to have a guy who’s been through the battles. Murphy has. But you also need guys who can move and run around to cover the more athletic skill guys that IU is bound to see in the coming weeks. I think guys like Dutra, Allen and Fields, as you mention, are better fits. It’s just a matter of how quickly they can come along and Brian Knorr’s comfort in throwing them out there for important minutes.

Your second question is a good one, TJ. Really, I’m treating the ISU game as a scrimmage and you’re right — I don’t want to put too much, or too little stock into anything. So, I’m not sure anyone changed the way I feel about them, for better or for worse. That said, Tegray Scales is going to be a good player. A really good player. You just mentioned Fields and I know IU is very high on him. I liked what I saw there, for the most part. That 34-yard catch from Simmie Cobbs in the third quarter gave me visions of the previous crop of receivers to pass through Bloomington. There’s a lot to like there, it’s just a matter of Cobbs and the rest of the receivers getting on the same page with Nate Sudfeld. I think that will come in time. Let’s come back to this question in two weeks after we see how everyone looks against Bowling Green. We’ll know a bit more by then, I imagine.


1. Agree with your assessment of the young safeties’ play, though I also heard that Murphy’s play was considered very good Saturday. It was interesting that he didn’t record any tackles, but that’s not necessarily a bad sign. The linebackers were making most of the tackles, which is what IU coaches want to see, but I heard Murphy’s on-field positioning and leadership were really good. So I would presume Murphy and Allen will continue as starters for the time being with five guys in the rotation (including Kiante Walton.) Coach Knorr also mentioned five cornerbacks with whom he is comfortable right now: Hunter, Bennett, Mullen, Fant and Clark.

2. I don’t know if there was change so much as confirmation. Tevin Coleman was in full beast mode. We all figured Simmie Cobbs and J-Shun Harris might play a pretty significant role in the passing game and saw no reason to think differerntly. It was interesting that Evans and Kaminisky got OL starts, so I guess one could say their stock was up and perhaps Eckert’s and Taylor’s stock was down, but I don’t think it really matters much. All those guys were going to play, anyhow, and I wouldn’t put all that much stock into whomever trots out there for the first snap. Defensively, I thought Michael Hunter had a strong game, as did Flo Hardin, with both exhibiting good open-field tackling. I felt Bennett had a tough day. I thought Holt and Big Ralph held down the nose spot well. I thought Tegray Scales showed up at linebacker — again, as expected — albeit with a couple of youthful mistakes. And we already mentioned the safety play. I would say the kicking game remains a concern. Del Grosso was as advertised — strong leg, with every kickoff making the end zone — but erratic accuracy on placements. I thought IU’s return game was poor. But, again, we’re talking a very small sample size against a FCS foe regarding all the above.

Been telling all my Cubbie-fan friends for weeks that it’s just a matter of time now. There is such an impressive array of young power bats in the Cub stockpile that dividends are inevitably forthcoming. Given the paucity of offense (particularly power) in the majors right now, other teams are going to want some of those power bats, and the Cubs will be in position to trade a few for front-line pitching. Theo will most certainly do so. And the notion of having power all up and down the lineup for a team that plays half its games in Wrigley is always a good idea. The biggest challenge the Cubs are going to have is playing in the NL Central, one of baseball’s best divisions, because they’re going to have to leap-frog at least a couple of pretty strong clubs to get into playoff contention. But I think the Cubs will be capable of that soon, certainly in a couple of years and maybe even next year. For now, as a Cardinals fan, I am sanguine.

Thanks, TJ.

QUESTION: Heres my thoughts about iu soccer now that we are 2 games in and ive seen them play twice:

Defense is far improved and has had less mental breakdowns and communication is best ive seen in some time (new defenders look great). Offense is a total mess and can’t get more than 2-3 good chances a game and Andrew Oliver is not where he should be based on being a top 10 high school recruit. Defense has been left on its heels but so far up to task as ive said. Will need them to be all year as i doubt our offense can score more than 1 a game a lot of times so will need lots of 1-0 wins. Last point is this team is least talented one i have ever seen at iu like I was afraid of but may be able to makep up for it with heart and chemistry for a very good yearr which lacked on so many Mike Freitag teams (both games i felt like iu had inferior talent but pulled results anyways).

Yeagley’s recruiting must improve long term but overall more sastified with team than thought so far!

IU Soccer Fan, Bloomfield

JEREMY: IU Soccer Fan,

Nice to see you take a step back from the ledge. The defense was much-improved last weekend, although perhaps a little fortunate as well. But I think as a starting point, it’s a very good sign for a team that was really let down by the defense a year ago.

Not sure I would call the offense a mess, but it’s still a work in progress. It certainly would have been interesting to see this midfield paired with Tommy Thompson up front had he not left for the MLS, but I think it’s capable of more than what you saw last weekend. I thought the buildup for the offense had some good moments, just some struggles to connect on that final pass or two, which is not surprising given the number of new faces involved. The other thing is I noticed more long-range shot attempts from IU last weekend than has typically been the case in the past and asked Todd Yeagley about it. He said that’s partly a product of the personnel and the fact they like those kind of shots, but he also said the Hoosiers are being encouraged to do that in hopes of getting some more goals like Riedford’s rebound goal against Marquette, so that could prove interesting. I can tell you from watching practice that Tanner Thompson is quite capable of scoring from 25 yards and in.

Also, you mentioned Andrew Oliver. He’s a good example of a highly-ranked recruit that doesn’t always pan out quite like you might think. But he’s done a nice job staying with it, not just running off to more playing time elsewhere early in his career, and I still think he can be quite productive for IU. Truth be told, he’s very effective in the practices I’ve seen, but sometimes seems like he rushes himself just a little in games. I think if he could get a goal or two here soon, things might open up for him.

Lastly, I would agree that Georgetown was a superior team. That team looked really good to me, but I’m going to disagree on the Marquette game. Indiana had at least a 60-40 advantage in possession that match, and other than C. Nortey at forward, I didn’t see any other players that IU would want to trade for.

Regardless, will be interesting to see how if the Hoosiers can keep it going against Kentucky tonight and Dartmouth Sunday up in South Bend.

MIKE: I’ll leave this with the soccer fellas.


I won’t dispute your observations, given I’ve yet to see the team play this fall, but Jeremy has and can weigh in. I would say a draw and a win against highly-ranked foes is a good start, on paper, and that the vibes you’re picking up about chemistry may be true. And Oliver will likely have to be a factor in IU’s attack, as you note. As to the talent issue, again, just having seen the Hoosiers last spring, I think IU’s talent level is sufficient to play high-caliber college soccer. Recruiting can always improve, but if “the new defenders look great,” I think that tells us something about the more recent rounds of recruiting, at least in that area. It’s a long season that has just begun, so there will be plenty more to glean as things proceed, but IU has begun well.

QUESTION: Is there some reason why IU’s Soccer account has stopped live tweeting the matches? I couldn’t be there this weekend and was out both games and had to follow on my phone. You did an awesome job Jeremy and filled in for IU on your account quite nicely and gave great updates.

However, this weekend I assume you won’t be there and most of us cant treck up to South Bend (or any other road trips), so it would be nice if IU would resume regular tweeting of the match. I saw some complaints about this on the peegs board as well all weekend so im not the only one mad.

Notre Dame and Butler had live tweets all weekend off their matches constantly and IU had very few. When you have 15,000 followers it would be nice to provide regular updates like they always have. I tried tweeting the account to find out what was going on and even emailed the SID at IU for soccer and got no response.

IU needs to explain why they did such a poor job tweeting the match this weekend. It also is going to hurt recruiting big time if most other accounts are giving constant updates and IU is not. Parents are not going to send there kid to IU to play soccer if they can barely keep up with match and a lot of fans will lose interest also. THis is a major problem IU needs to answer what is going on and resume the constant live tweeting from previous years as it is the main way many of us fans follow the games.

Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,

Easy there, big fella. I think it will all be OK.

The @IUMensSoccer account generally doesn’t tweet as much from home games, because there are more responsibilities with the official scoring duties than on the road. Plus, there are folks like myself in the media there to tweet about the game, as well as having a live steam and GameTracker as options.

I have been assured that in-game updates will be tweeted from South Bend this weekend, just as in the past.

MIKE: Hi Darren,

I’m not sure what to tell you, but I don’t think the Twitter account for IU soccer is really going to sway recruits one way or the other. That program still has a recognizable brand. It gets coverage from Andy and Jeremy, as well as the IDS and other outlets. There are ways to keep updated, as you’ve noted. I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

ANDY: Darren:

Not sure how big an issue it is, but still it sounds like something IU perhaps can and should address. Melanie has always done a fine job keeping people informed during Hoosier matches, and I don’t know why that would have changed, if it has. I think it would have very little to do with recruiting. Social media is important in a lot of ways, obviously, but I’d hardly think very many college choices would hinge upon the exact number of tweets a school originates during matches. There certainly needs to be an adequate social-media presence, to be sure, but I wouldn’t think it’d be a deciding factor when folks are choosing a program.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for joining us. Be sure to follow IU sports on The Hoosier Scoop blog and app.

We appreciate your time, Andy, Mike, and Jeremy. What else should we know on the IU sports beat?

JEREMY: Whatever non-football stuff happens this weekend, we’ve got it covered on the Scoop and via Twitter. See you folks next week!

MIKE: Feelin’ a bit of the bye week blues right now, Moddy. Those will be resolved soon, I’m sure. Football gets back in action with a game week beginning on Monday. We’ll be there and, as always, we’ll be on the Scoop. So, hang with us. Thanks for checking in, everybody. See you next week.

ANDY: Juwan Morgan is in town for an official visit. Legit 2015 power-forward prospect. Pals with Shake Milton, a fine 2015 guard who is also considering IU. The 6-8 Morgan just visited Vanderbilt, and has a visit scheduled to Washington next week, and reportedly plans to choose between those three by Sept. 15. IU doesn’t officially have any open 2015 schollies for now, but look for the Hoosiers to add at least a couple of 2015 players and for the scholarship number situation to work out (it always seems to.) Anyhow, just wanted to make note of Morgan’s visit and to wish everybody a fine weekend — during which I’ll have a lot of opportunity to watch a lot of other college football teams with the Hoosiers being idle Saturday.

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