Loyd happy to have a home with IU women’s program

It was late July and Curtis Loyd was scared.

He was the new guy on Indiana’s women’s basketball staff, hired under the title of associate head coach to fill Curt Miller’s staff only two months prior. But just as quickly as he had arrived in his new role in Bloomington, he was thrown into a new one.

When Miller abruptly resigned citing personal reasons on July 24, Loyd was installed as IU’s interim coach and, suddenly, nothing was certain.

“This is a business where at a certain period, say June to July, you’re trying to get jobs, or trying to better yourself,” Loyd said. “So when that period passed, we were a little nervous.”

Loyd’s future under a permanent coach was to be determined. In the meantime, he kept his eye on possible jobs at other schools, just in case. When Indiana hired Teri Moren last month, the new IU coach found that Loyd could provide the staff with something it might not have otherwise.

Loyd knows the Big Ten, having spent the last four seasons at Minnesota until he found himself looking for work when the Gophers fired Pam Borton after last season.

Loyd had a previous relationship with Miller, when the two worked together as assistants for the 1998-99 season at Colorado State. Loyd says the two are friends outside of basketball, so when Miller unexpectedly stepped down in July, he was as surprised as anyone.

“It was a total surprise,” Loyd said. “Right now, I’m just happy that he’s OK and we’re moving forward. I promised him and the old staff that we were gonna do our best job to keep this momentum going forward. … I’m happy that (Curt is) getting his life and health taken care of. You just gotta go with it.”

For her part, Moren said that she seriously considered retaining Miller’s assistants, Brandi Poole and Kevin Eckert, but opted to go in a different direction with Loyd, Rhet Wierzba and Todd Starkey.

“I went through the process with both of them,” Moren said. “We sat down for over two hours and had discussions with both Kevin and Brandi and had a really good basketball discussion. It was just a personal decision that I wanted certain pieces to surround myself with. There’s a comfort level. I had to do what’s best for me and what will always be our players. But they got serious consideration.”


  1. Hmmm, seems strange Moren would keep Loyd who had basically no relationship with the team and not offer Poole and Eckert the assistants job. Her reasoning for retaining Loyd (because he knows the conference), doesn’t Poole & Eckert also know the conference and wouldn’t it be benifical to keep two assistants who also know the conference and would have been familer with girls IU have been recruiting? This all seems a little odd to me? I still feel we have really missed the boat by allowing these two excellent recruiters slip away.

  2. You have to make the fit comfortable. I am sure HC Moren is more comfortable with who she picked than with who she did not.

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