No major changes to latest Indiana 2-deep

There aren’t any major changes to report on this week’s IU depth chart. The same starters from Saturday’s game at Bowling Green are listed as the No. 1s here. One thing to note is Tegray Scales moving into the backup spot behind T.J. Simmons at middle linebacker. Kyle Kennedy was the listed backup last week.

Of course — and as always — Kevin Wilson does not treat this list as gospel. Alas, here’s how it all shakes out (starters in bold):

LT: Jason Spriggs, Dimitric Camiel
LG: David Kaminsky, Bernard Taylor
C: Collin Rahrig, Jake Reed
RG: Dan Feeney, Jacob Bailey
RT: Ralston Evans, Peyton Eckert
WR: Shane Wynn, Ricky Jones, Dominique Booth
WR: Nick Stoner, Simmie Cobbs
WR: J-Shun Harris, Isaiah Roundtree
QB: Nate Sudfeld, Nate Boudreau or Zander Diamont
RB: Tevin Coleman, D’Angelo Roberts
TE: Michael Cooper or Jordan Fuchs

DT: Adarius Rayner, Darius Latham
NT: Ralph Green or Nate Hoff, Chris Cormier
DE: Bobby Richardson, Zack Shaw
BANDIT: Nick Mangieri, Zack Shaw
SLB: Flo Hardin, Clyde Newton
MLB: T.J. Simmons, Tegray Scales
WLB: David Cooper, Marcus Oliver
LCB: Tim Bennett, Kenny Mullen
FS: Antonio Allen, Tony Fields
SS: Mark Murphy, Kiante Walton
RCB: Michael Hunter, Rashard Fant

K: Aaron Del Grosso, Griffin Oakes
P: Erich Toth, Nick Campos
LS: Matt Dooley, Josh Pericht
H: Erich Toth, Nick Campos
KR: Damon Graham, Shane Wynn, D’Angelo Roberts
PR: Shane Wynn, J-Shun Harris


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