Notes from Indiana’s 45-42 loss at Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Indiana needed this one, make no mistake.

The climb to bowl eligibility becomes steeper after the Hoosiers’ 45-42 loss at Bowling Green on Saturday. Is it too early to consider such things? Possibly. But there’s no clear view of the road ahead, with a date at No. 20 Missouri looming next weekend. From there, Maryland and North Texas await, and one would think that Indiana needs to collect a pair of wins between them both to sit in decent shape entering the heart of conference play.

I probably shouldn’t get too ahead of myself, however. There are still items to address before we put the Bowling Green loss to bed.

Alas, here are some notes from the road, where the Hoosiers have lost seven consecutive games away from Memorial Stadium.

The Hoosiers totaled 582 yards on Saturday, marking the 10th time under coach Kevin Wilson that they’ve eclipsed 550 total yards. On the other hand, Bowling Green was the sixth team in the last eight games to post over 500 yards of offense against the Hoosier defense.

Senior receiver Nick Stoner finished with career highs with six receptions and 59 yards. Junior tight end Michael Cooper, an Arizona transfer, picked up his first reception in a Hoosier uniform on a gain of 14 yards.

Dating back to last season, Tevin Coleman has 652 yards over his last three games. That’s an average of 217.3 per contest. He’s scored a touchdown in 11 consecutive games, the longest streak in the nation and the second-longest streak in school history behind Anthony Thompson’s 12 over the 1988-89 seasons. Saturday stands as Coleman’s fourth straight 100-yard game, including three that have surpassed 150 yards. Coleman finished with 190 yards on 24 carries against Bowling Green.

After catching 10 passes for 139 yards, Shane Wynn surpassed the 1,600-yard mark for his career. Wynn now ranks 12th all time in yards and is sixth all-time in receptions. This was his second career 100-yard game.

Wynn also finished with 186 all-purpose yards, climbing to No. 10 on the all-time list with 3,464.


  1. #IUFB – fool me once; shame on you. Fool me two hundred sixty five times; shame on me.

    I feel like I should start following Tennessee football this year.

  2. Ran tool:
    I was at the game. How do you expect a change in defensive scheme, stunts and fronts when we struggled to get 11 guys on the field, organized with a call from the sideline in prior to the snap? We had two weeks to prepare for this style and it was frustrating and embarrassing. Especially considering the fact we use the same hurry-up style ourselves. We had guys sprinting on and off ant not set on the snap of the ball a good majority of the second half.
    It is similar to our kicking game. What do our punters and field goal kickers do all week? It looks like nothing. BG’s kicker was automatic and I was holding my breath on a simple PAT.
    We are a joke and look unprepared, unmotivated and not improved. Wilson talks about player development like it is mantra. Talk is cheap. It looks like player development has actually happened at Purdue and Penn State and BG under new coaches. Maybe IU should hire coached with HC experience moving forward, besides 0-10 one year as a high school head coach.

  3. Very disappointing. Hopefully IU can learn from that loss and rebound next week just as Texas, though while losing to UCLA at the end last night, looked like a very different team from the week before with BYU. If not, this is going to be a long season.

  4. WaltD,
    Love your comparison between IU and Texas. Two very similar programs in terms of National Championships won in football. I wonder how IU would have done against a Pac-12 or a Big-12 team yesterday. You are right. a long season ahead.

  5. Last few day spent camping in Ky. Rode over to Bowling Green thinking I would be able to find a ticket. Nobody in Bowling Green knew anything about the game.

  6. You know what sounds good? All american bowl. Peach bowl. Liberty bowl. Independence bowl. Copper bowl. Amazing how that was not “good enough” at one point in IU football history. We eat our own here. Can we just bring Mall back and enjoy 6 to 8 win seasons without having delusions of grandeur?

  7. Hey Ron, Bowling Green University is in Ohio. Bowling Green, Kentucky, is a backwoods dump where they haven’t heard of television and reminisce about slavery.

    I have what passes for family there.

  8. Goo comment Walt D, and reasonable. But, where the ‘recovery’ needs to happen is on our side of the issue, the fans. We just need to stand firm, strong and with the same conviction most had last week…until they did the ‘expected thing’ and began whining after the loss to BGU (Ohio). We have to refuse to let them take over the program. We lost one game…but we continue to get better. I have no doubt KW will turn his attention to the balance of offense AND defense we need to become competitive with the best…and it will happen if we stand firm and strong. Keep it going until success!!!

  9. Chet, I like your comment. Though you are now confusing Ron. He’s looking at his map of Kentucky for ‘Ohio’. What’s an Ohio? Is that a town or a historical tourist attraction. Don’t you dare ask him if he knows where the name of ‘Bowling Green’ comes from, he’ll start looking for pizzerias with bowling alleys or want to rename a town “Green Pizza” and hold up traffic.

  10. Tsao TsuG,

    Thanks,TT! I agree. The sky is not falling though the fair weather fans are at it again. Yes, I’m disappointed with the team’s play at Bowling Green. But, life is not a continuous progression of ups, but ups and downs. So too with sports teams, especially those that are rebuilding. I remain confident Coach Wilson, staff, and players will make us proud of IU football again. We and our fair weather fans need to be patient. Of course, that’s a rare characteristic of folks in America who are always looking for the quick fix, and demanding it, or they’ll take their marbles home. We also need to remain steadfast in our support as you’ve challenged us to do. Go Hoosiers!

  11. I agree that the sky is not falling and that IU can certainly recover from this game. However, it was clearly a setback for a program that can ill afford setbacks. I saw some things defensively that I liked and believe we are making some strides there. The tackling was better, the angles for the most part improved. What I did not see on defense is a “killer instinct” for lack of a better phrase. This is concerning because technique can be coached but its harder to get then gut going and that is what needs to happen. Hopefully, we’ll see some attitude in the games to come.

  12. At some point the team has to make a statement that they have actually improved, Saturday was it and they failed. Still can salvage the season but the first two games have not been impressive to say the least. Have been a big supporter of Wilson but have come to question what seems to be moves of a desperate coach when it comes to fourth downs. On top of that, how can an Indiana team with so much to prove play so sloppy? A ton of penalties, awful punting, missed field goals, bad forth down decisions. A well played game by Indiana and this game is not close. This goes on the coaches. Looked like they overlooked Bowling Green but how can a team that with such poor records overlook anyone??? Frustrating.

  13. IU has improved but not enough to win with any consistency. We’ll pull off an upset here and there, but the defense will not be able to hang with any opponent having a half way decent offense. It is very difficult to stop offenses when you can’t pressure. The only thing you can do is hang back, try to stop the long ball and hope for the best. Also, very challenging to win with a lackluster kicking game. Bottom line is despite the improvements, we’re still not a competitive D1 program at this point. So, enjoy the upsets…I suspect Iowa could be one and I think we can win at North Texas and Purdue.

  14. The sky is not falling, but the people that get paid (a lot of money) to prepare this team to play at a competitive level need to be held accountable for the team’s terrible performance. With two weeks to prepare for this game, there’s no excuse for losing to BG. The IU coaching staff failed miserably. One Seven nailed it in post #4 above. When only one in three phases of the team is successful (the offense), that’s a big red flag. Defense and special teams were not ready to play on Saturday. That’s 100% on Wilson and his coaching staff.

    I really hope this team turns it around, and plays better. But given what is at stake, the performance I watched on Saturday suggests that major fundamental problems exist within Wilson’s program. And his post-game comments and attitude concern just as much. Two games into this season, Wilson and his staff are running out of time and excuses.

  15. Podunker, while I agree with your assessment of the coaching performance, the unfortunate reality is that if the pieces aren’t there, the pieces aren’t there! While recruiting has improved a lot, we still aren’t getting the caliber of athletes we need. We do not have a punter. We do not have a kicker. We do not have B1G caliber corners. I think we might have a talented safety in Allen. What we do have is a strong Oline, a stud RB and several receivers with I think significant potential and a solid QB. That’s a start but not a team. That said, this team is clearly good enough to have beaten BGSU, so you’re right in terms of this game. What you are likely to see at Missou is a team that is totally outclassed from a talent perspective which will unfortunately highlight the talent gap that still exists.

  16. “The sky is not falling” attitude is this programs biggest problem. This loss to a MAC team with a backup QB should trigger anger from both fans and staff alike. Coach Wilson should show some fire and emotion. Take a page from coach Knight and run the defense until they cant even suffer. It is absolutely unacceptable to lose that game. We have arguably the best running back in the entire nation to go with a Junior QB and “the best O-line in the BIG”.

    BG is a decent MAC team but they got beat by Western KY…. No way WK has better athletes on defense than IU.

    That loss killed us. Without a couple of major upsets this team is finished this season.

    We will almost assuredly lose to Purdue after watching how they played against ND.

    If the defense continues this way we may lose 8 of the next 10 games.

    If you aren’t ticked off and embarrassed I question your thought process.

  17. @WaltD…..what lame excuse’s in ur post…IU rebuilding ??..yeah right they have been rebuilding for about 30 – 40 – 50 years r so now….lol…fans want a quick fix?…’t they get a fix without waiting years and years and years…fan’s like you are the problem…you except bad football and then make the regular excuses year in and year out….if you ever want to follow a winning FB program u better go find another team…it ain’t gonna happen in Bloomington, In 🙂

  18. @Juan Blanco…..u r right on with ur post #21…IU FB will never change until they pay out the big bucks for a name coach that will turn it around in about two seasons but not gonna happen at IU…

  19. PO in #19 is right about IU having only 1/3 of the game. The D has been so bad that the sub-par play of the special teams has been mostly overlooked. I have yet to see IU bring pressure on a punter- I guess the KW philosophy is “Our potent offense is about to get the ball back- why risk a fifteen-yarder for roughing the punter?” But there is no excuse for blown field goals, and 150 yds. in penalties should be laid right on the coaches’ doorstep.

    Juan- the sky is not falling; the program has been improving from the deep, deep morass into which it had fallen and there are bound to be a few hiccups on the way, but you’re right about that fans should be ROYALLY TICKED OFF! I sure hope Glass is. And KW’s bromides about improving, getting better are wearing very thin; let’s hope that such pap is a façade for public consumption. I, for one, hope that Wilson blistered the paint off the walls in the locker room when critiquing the game with the team.

  20. Bob, is the problem that IU won’t pay the big bucks or that none of “name coaches” would accept an offer to coach IU no matter how much money they were offered? If you sell 25,000 more tickets per home game, not to mention concession revenue, parking revenue and IU apparel sales, and go to a bowl game every other year, the difference between what IU pays Wilson and what it would take to attract a “name coach” is not a big increase in compensation. The problem is, no IU AD is going to take that risk. Given IU’s history in football, and the fans’ low expectations, it’s much safer for IU’s AD, President and Board of Trustees to hire a coach no one has ever heard of and pay him at the low end of the Big Ten scale. If a highly paid name coach does not win quickly, IU’s AD would have tens of thousands of Hoosier fans screaming that the AD be run out of town on the same horse as the coach. Losing at football is expected and tolerated at IU. But wasting a lot of money to lose at football is a cardinal sin. Look at the griping directed toward Crean’s compensation, and he won the Big Championship two years ago! And IU is NEVER going to find a “can’t miss” name coach that would accept what IU can afford to pay. It’s aversion to risk, plain and simple.

    No, the best solution is to hire a man who achieved success as head coach at a smaller program and who sees being the head coach of a Big Ten team as a major step forward in his career progression. That’s the trajectory of BG’s former and newest head coach. And that man wins, you give him a huge raise to keep him in B-town for a long time. I believe we had a guy like that in Hep, but tragically, he was taken from us much too soon.

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