On Nick Stoner and his Justin Bieber cutout

While working on a Nick Stoner story that’s slated to run in Thursday’s Herald-Times, I got a chance to chat with the senior receiver’s mother, Fawn, over the phone on Tuesday afternoon.

I wanted to chat with her and get a gauge of what kind of guy Nick is outside of football. What kind of man has Nick Stoner grown up to be?

Stoner said it was fine if I called her, and supplied me with her number after Tuesday’s practice.

“She’s a good talker,” he said.

She sure is.

Fawn Stoner told me a great story about Nick, his one-time obsession with Justin Bieber and a carboard cutout of the Canadian pop star that he used to scare his parents around the family home.

Take it away, Fawn:

“Nick is funny,” she said. “He’s a prankster. He likes to prank his mom. He doesn’t talk about Justin Bieber as much as he used to, but he used to be obsessed with Justin. A couple years ago he thought God got he and Justin Bieber mixed up. He thought he should be the singer and Justin Bieber should have (Nick’s) dance moves. He had a Justin Bieber cutout he brought home at Christmas and it became quite a thing. I found it inside my laundry room one time and screamed. Another time I thought there was a man in my bathroom. He’d put it at the top of the stairs and one time my husband came home late at night … He loves to laugh, loves to have fun. He’s said before that he thinks he’s Peter Pan. He doesn’t want to grow up.”


  1. My heart forever yearned for a Justin Bieber story to find the pages of Scoop.

    Dustin- You are no longer missed.

  2. Podunker is Justin Bieber. Uses any excuse to egg the house of anyone he calls a friend and claims to support.

    Podunker: “Let’s see Mallory (check)…Wilson(next)…Johns(soon to be)…Et tu Crean (Christmas would be good)…Glass (jee, jee)….”

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