Resources for tonight’s Juwan Morgan commitment

2015 forward Juwan Morgan is expected to pick between Indiana and Vanderbilt tonight, and you can watch.

Morgan’s decision will be streamed live online at 7:23 p.m., including via this local Missouri station:

For more background on Morgan’s recruitment, Alex Bozich over at Inside The Hall has put together this terrific primer. I suggest you visit the link, but here’s how Bozich breaks down the two contenders:

— The Indiana recruitment: The Hoosier staff began making a strong run at Morgan early in the summer and scouted him extensively in July as he traveled the country with MoKan Elite, a Nike-affiliated AAU program. Associate head coach Steve McClain successfully recruited Alec Burks, now of the Utah Jazz, from MoKan while at Colorado and has a strong relationship with the program’s founder, Matt Suther. Indiana hosted Morgan for an unofficial visit in June and received his final official visit last weekend.

— The Vanderbilt recruitment: The Commodores received the first shot at an official visit from Morgan and shortly after that trip, he decided to move up his visit to Indiana. That sparked some speculation that Vanderbilt had established itself as his leader as a result of the visit, but Morgan never confirmed that notion in any of his comments.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Jeff Goodman is reporting that IU is the favorite to land Morgan.


  1. ok 4 star recruit….no elite programs on list recruiting him. IU needs a 5 star big man forward 6″8 or 6’9″ or center 6’10″+ to go with him in 2015 class to compete for championships….or IU will struggle to run with middle of pack in B10.

  2. You know T, getting a 5 star commit, doesn’t guarantee anything at all. We could pick up a 5 star guy, and he could bust majorly. Or, we3 could get him, and he stay one year, and go to the NBA like a lot of 5 stars do. Higher number of stars is great, but that doesn’t always translate into excellent players. Take Victor Oladipo, 3 star, who wasn’t heavily recruited, turned into a PHENOMENAL player. Some guys, who are 3 and 4 stars, haven’t hit their potential until after high school. Having three 5 star recruit commits doesn’t really mean much, as those guys could end up being busts, or not mesh well with the others. Crean won’t take a 5 star with work ethic problems, attitude problems, and grade issues over a kid who is a 4 star who gets along great with teammates, coaches, works his butt off, and gets good grades. You may say “It’s all about getting the best players” but those best players may not mesh well with the other guys.

  3. MikeC-

    I primarily agree with you….But there can be an element of risk with any talent level brought in. Crean has seen his own share of transfers and it doesn’t necessarily mean they had poor work ethic or couldn’t “mesh.”

    I sorta think the healthiest teams that really end up gelling and bonding have a certain amount of differences/diversity that great coaches can stir into something far stronger. Different ideologies…different priorities…different ways of looking at the college experience…different family backgrounds.

    Doing things the “right way” doesn’t have to mean seeing the world “my way.”

    And let’s be totally honest. Even when you recruit kids that say all the right things and appear to be exacting role models in every fashion(great grades, faith that coincides with the coach’s ideal, etc, etc), they still are kids. They still screw up. They can still get in cars while intoxicated…They can still attempt to consume alcohol illegally…They can still participate in all the evils and temptations that the guy you believed was the bigger “risk.” They can even get homesick and transfer because whatever Utopia that is IU may still not be enough. They can end up feeling used and unappreciated..They can feel expendable.

    When did we ever stop believing that all people have a capacity to change. Don’t we abandon the whole idea of team when we don’t take a bit of risk or seek a means to broaden our own horizons by stepping outside our comfort zones of the “ideal” human being?

    Grades and personal doctrines of beliefs splashed onto a twitter page are rarely an indicator of an ability to be an ethical and kind person. Embracing differences and opening up a pair of eyes to a potential not fully grasped from previous life experiences is what human interaction is all about. Taking some risk can pay far more dividends for the person that gets the opportunity to cleanse their own stereotypes.

  4. Yeah…Agree. That amount of self-absorbed theater has always turned me off. Turned me off when Zeller did it. UNC vs. IU…? IU vs. UNC…? Carolina can’t shake a stick at the tradition/lore of Indiana basketball. Whether you’ve made up your mind two minutes ago or two months ago, why are you making it a photo finish? Indiana and IU Basketball is a paradise of hoops like no other place in the country…If you don’t get that(or if you want to make a stage of anything that puts our program and fans in the same breath of your alternate love affair) then I’ll never be fully invested.

    I want my teammates…my coach…my school…my professors…my come away believing it was a no-contest.

  5. ALL players ranked in the Top 100 do press conferences. Every.Single.One. It’s a generational thing. No need to make character judgements because a kid makes an announcement in the press.

    BTW, we’re now 7 comments in talking about this. Apparently this is a newsworthy event.

  6. Indiana isn’t 100 other schools. And it’s not a character judgment. I’m sure he’s a great kid.

    Just for me, personally, I like a young man that knows Indiana isn’t a basketball discussion/decision belonging in the same thought process as Vanderbilt(or NC..or Duke..or Syracuse..or Butler).

    This was not a press conference just to confirm a decision already made. This was leaving two programs in limbo until the announcement.

    I’d like us to get back to being a program(one not predicted to finish between 8th and 10th place this season by most major sporting publications)where simply getting an offer from Indiana seals the deal long before a either/or press conference. It’s Indiana. There should be no either/or…Was there an “either/or” for Tom Crean..? Was it “either” stay at Marquette “or” take that equally attractive Indiana job?

    This is basketball paradise. Even those that “either/or” us find it out relatively quickly.

  7. When talking about 5 star recruits and very high 4 star recruits play the percentages (increases the probability of success) plus you have to be able to coach them. It does not mean a team does not have 4 star recruits and a couple of 3 stars in elite programs. However, a couple of 5 star recruits increases the probability of success and you need 1 or 2 every year unless you have a team of all high 4 star recruits to be a dominant elite team. Otherwise year in and year out you will not be dominant. Rather, you will have an excellent, maybe overachieve, year once in a while. This equals a recipe for just a very average BB program. IU needs to be at elite status in big ten which for the last 15 plus years they are not with the exception of that once in a while a time or two.

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