1. I like your suggestion about moving Shane back to slot receiver. He’s a better weapon at slot than he is at wide receiver. He’s just too short for wideout.

    Announced attendance of 44,000? No way. That may have been the number of tickets sold, but 20% of those folks never took their seats. From the TV, the “crowd” looked very sparse.

    Disturbing that MD’s linebacker knew the play before the ball was snapped on that fourth and one. Time for Johns to change some things up. We’re not good enough to be predictable.

  2. Nate “Dudfeld” had no accuracy or touch on his throws today. If he continues to play like this, then all teams will just stack their run D to stop T-Cole from having a big day. Tre Roberson…you were sorely missed today!

  3. I would say the stadium was maybe 2/3 full today. But the more IU stinks it up the more the fans exited starting with most of the students. Sudfeld was terrible today. But really I don’t think he has been great all year. The run game has saved IU this year and if that gets shut down so does IU. I hope Tre is playing and having succes where he is now because all I kept thinking today was Sudfeld would have been pulled quite a few times today and in other games with how poorly he has played.

    I also think this offense misses littrell. The offensive play calling seems to be no where near as solid as last year.

  4. Omegs, I agree with you about Littrell. It will take some time for Johns to get up to his level. But we lost a lot in the receiving corps after last season, too.

  5. Empty seats mean lost revenue. Didn’t they just dump a ton of money into that stadium? Where in the real world can a CEO lose revenue and keep his job? Apparently the Indiana fan base isn’t buying into this notion that this team is about to turn the corner. I hope it is. On to the next game.

  6. The revenue from attendance during AD Glass’s tenure is serviceable and survivable considering MS has never been a venue producing repeated full house status. Actually the ton of $ “dumped” into MS is a great value considering the amount spent and the product produced with the mileage gained in the image for recruiting.

  7. Tre Roberson is 3 – 0 at Illinois State as the starting QB, and was 12 – 16, 222 yds, 4 TDs on Saturday. Granted that the competition isn’t nearly the same in the MVC, but I seem to remember Tre lighting up the scoreboard against Michigan last year. We’ll never know…

  8. Yep, I’ll bet Wilson, in his heart of hearts, deeply regrets allowing Tre to get away and not realizing that he was in jeopardy of losing Tre to a transfer. If not the starter in Saturday’s game, Tre would have been put in before half and finished out the game. Sudfeld struggled all day.

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