The week after beating a ranked opponent has been unkind to Indiana

This is admittedly a small sample size with no bearing on Saturday’s game, but a look at how Indiana has fared the week after beating a ranked opponent over the last few decades is not pretty.

The last time Indiana followed a top 25 victory with a win the next week was 1987. The Hoosiers won two ranked games that season, first beating No. 9 Ohio State on Oct. 10 and following with a win over Minnesota the next week. The second top 25 victory of the ’87 campaign is where this ugly streak begins.

The wins and losses follow:

1987: Indiana beat No. 20 Michigan, 14-10, on Oct. 24. Lost at Iowa, 29-21, on Oct. 31.
1993: Indiana beat No. 22 Michigan State, 10-0, on Oct. 30. Lost at No. 19 Penn State, 38-31, on Nov. 6.
2000: Indiana beat No. 22 Minnesota, 51-43, on Oct. 21. Lost vs. Penn State, 27-24, on Oct. 28.
2001: Indiana beat No. 22 Michigan State, 37-28, on Nov. 10. Lost at Penn State, 28-14, Nov. 17.
2002: Indiana beat No. 23 Wisconsin, 32-29, on Oct. 12. Lost vs. No. 15 Iowa, 24-8, Oct. 19.
2004: Indiana beat No. 24 Oregon, 30-24, on Sept. 11. Lost at Kentucky, 51-32, on Sept. 18.
2004: Indiana beat No. 24 Minnesota, 30-21, on Oct. 30. Lost at Illinois, 26-22, on Nov. 6.
2006: Indiana beat No. 15 Iowa, 31-28, on Oct. 14. Lost at Ohio State, 44-3, on Oct. 21.


  1. IU is wearing the Crimson and Chrome helmets Saturday. The field ought to be a real tapestry considering what outfit Maryland may wear. I think IU could crush this team with a good ground game and if the 4 deep and nickel packages can do their job both with pass and the run. The Terps OL has not been real solid which may give our DL an advantage in the trenches. We should be hydrating in advance for the warm weather after what was experienced last week at Mizzou. Could be a great launch into our B1G season, I am positive but anxious to see. I wonder if attendance will crack the 47k this week?

  2. So, Mike, you’re going out on a limb and suggesting that the IU football program has a history of getting fan’s hopes up, then crushing those hopes? Say it ain’t so! Like Charley Brown running up to kick that football that Lucy is holding, though, we’ll be there Saturday, sure that this time we’ll nail it.

  3. I’m sure there will be a tick on the upside as far as attendance goes. Hoosier Football is still largely a “win and we will come” program. This team is balanced in many ways then it ever was in the past. It will be interesting to see if we can ride the momentum wave. This is a crucial game. I think we need to win this game to go to a bowl. If not, we will have to beat someone we’re not supposed to beat. (Missouri last week.) When all is said and done, I hope the Bowling Green loss don’t come back to haunt us.

  4. Definitely curious to see what the *actual* attendance is on Saturday. Fred Glass told the H-T on Thursday afternoon that he’s expecting well above 40,000. My guess this week was a figure in the 41-42,000 range. We’ll see.

  5. Anyone have an opinion about what the attendance would be this Saturday if IU was 3 – 0 right now? Having been a lifelong Hoosier football fan, my guess is that IU’s victory at Missou is neutralized by it’s loss to BG, and that there are still a lot of fans who are taking a wait and see attitude. I hope I’m wrong, but my guess is that there will be fewer than 43,000 at Saturday’s game.

  6. My opinion is rather unscientific but I know of two families who are actually going this weekend who haven’t been to a game in years. I too think this is a critical game: (a) back to back significant wins would be huge and (b) a 3-1 team that has beaten Missou and Maryland has to be taken pretty seriously. A win this weekend will cause both an uptick in attendance coupled with some love from the sports media. Conversely, a loss will invoke the same ole, same ole rant.

  7. No one wants to miss “the time when the Hoosiers became a major factor in football.” Not after waiting 20 years. Those who have been waiting, remember good Hoosier football in their early 20’s and are now in their forty’s and have the power of pocket. What better activity than a beautiful ride to Bloomington during a beautiful, leaf turning day in the hills and…seeing your friends at THE game when IT happened, followed by a night of toasting on Kirkwood…..with good weather, we’ll get 46,000+ souls whose curiosity is peaked and want to BE THERE!!!

    Anyone remember who Indiana beat to let the world know we were a SERIOUS program under BK, on the way to the national championship…MARYLAND if I recall.

  8. A real sweetheart of a sports reporter, aren’t you? Why don’t you try taunting Hoosier football fans and dumping on their hopes by pointing out (for the 20,000th time how feeble, wishy-washy and paralytic a respectable football program?

    How virtually ridiculous it is for IU fans to think…correction, dare to think that their feebleness can be overcome and respectability gained.

    How impotent it is to hope the integrity of their bodily fluids can ever contribute to football competitive bodies…especially if it is THEIR children.

    Then again, you can continue to congratulate yourself for laughing at how badly they want it…

    And, laugh at their futility… (ohh! you just did!)

    Or, you can congratulate yourself for your disrespect of the players…

    Or, you can congratulate yourself ‘for calling out CKW’s and his assistants for his smoke and mirrors of a program….

    Or, ridicule Glass for his selling a glob of pig fat of a program ‘recommended by a team-nutritionist’

    Or,… you can congratulate yourself for ‘increasing HT circulation’ by dumping on Indiana…

    Or, congratulate yourself for ‘journalistic neutrality’…

    Or, …ven better, when the Hoosiers beat Maryland 38-17, you can…

    ….stick your head in the toilet at halftime…and flush it!

    (Maybe ‘Doosh Dopirak can write another comment defending your meek ‘Jimmie Olson, copyboy/cub reporter impersonation’ from Hoosier fans who still want to believe…That will be quite a scene…you running out of the press-box elevator and East on IND46bypass, towards Brown Co., with Dopirak flattened behind you, run-over by 4000 redshirted Hoosier ‘extremist fanatics’ after you yelling ……”TO THE TREES!!! “TO THE TREES!”)

    Have a great weekend, ‘Meek’ Miller.

    1. C’mon Tsao,
      We’re not here to necessarily rain on IU’s parade nor to carry the banner for it. It’s a fact and a 27-year streak that warrants a mention by any reporter worth his salt. You know why Dustin never mentioned it? Because IU never beat a ranked team when he was on the beat.

      If Indiana wins, we point out the end of the streak and significance of the breakthrough. If not, well, we point that out too.

  9. Fewer than 40,000 in the seats will have absolutely nothing to do with a “wait and see” attitude. It’s the opponent that has the greatest impact on boosts in attendance. If IU was opening up their Big 10 season against a team from the conference traditionally strong, you’d see bigger numbers. If we were opening up against MSU, Michigan, OSU, or Penn State, there wouldn’t be an empty seat in Memorial…The excitement(and the spending on tickets)is usually a function of the match-up within the context of the recent past.

    There’s no better time to believe in Hoosier Football. When we take down Maryland(42-27), there will still be doubters. Doubting IU football is safe…It’s also weak. It’s also cynical and defeatist in nature. Predicting attendance is defeatist in nature. Getting your lazy butt to the game and not taking Maryland lightly is what winners do.

    I’m confident that Wilson is teaching respect for any and all opponents. If Wilson were to cling to the mindset of many the defeatists calling themselves off as “fans” into his team, there’s really no point in taking the field in front of 50,000 fans. You’ve already lost. Cherish the day…Cherish the loyal fans that cheer rather than jeer from computer screens…Make them proud and change IU Football through respect for yourself and the game.

  10. Excellent research Mike, but streaks are meant to be broken.
    Just Like IU broke Mizzou’s consecutive games with a turnover streak last weekend. Go Hoosiers!

    1. … because it reflects negatively on the team you’re rooting for. If Indiana was unbeaten against Maryland in the past 27 years, we’d sure as heck point it out, and nobody would complain.

  11. What a hack reporter… now I remember how sad the Herald Times sports has gotten… the last few guys have been absolutely awful, this new guy is no different… go back to Maryland

  12. My point on “wait and see” Harvard is once IU Football starts winning at least 6 games a season, the fans will come out in droves. Under Wilson it looks like it could happen. The loyal fans will support it regardless. Then you have the ones who will come from hiding once the team starts winning constantly. I’ve seen it many times in MLB, so there is such thing as a “wait and see” approach as far as the wishy washy fan goes.

  13. …point being that is not the streak being mentioned…and if it was it would not have to be mentioned either because we already would know it…we all could have typed that-no sweat…it is like lawyers always thinking they have to explain the obvious…

  14. Mike…Geez. Indy Star also mentioned IU’s history after beating a top-25. You beat them to the punch by 48 hours.

    I’d guess that the HT’s policy requires you to respond to some of these comments in a respectable / professional manner. Too bad.

  15. Has it occurred to anyone that when you have a program that seldom has won more that half its games during any given season that, statistically speaking, there is a very good chance that ANY win will be followed by a loss whether the opponent was ranked or not?

    It’s just math.

  16. Chet is now a math scholar. Chet’s next adventure will be to educate Kentucky in Math. Keep fighting the good fight Chet.

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