This and that from Kevin Wilson’s weekly press conference

Kevin Wilson didn’t start yelling when he walked into Indiana’s North End Zone facility for film work on Sunday. He and his coaching staff didn’t dwell on the negatives of IU’s 37-15 loss to Maryland, and they didn’t make any sweeping changes to the Hoosiers’ preparation and practice routines, either.

That’s because Wilson believes in the progress he has seen during the practice week, he sees the work and will to get better. But once again, he’s not seeing it translate to Saturdays.

That’s what troubles him and many others.

“What separates the really strong players and the really strong teams from the guys that aren’t, it’s consistency,” Wilson said. “It’s not that they have a bunch of better recruits and more tradition. No, they do it week after week after week. As we build, we’ve said back in preseason, ‘What do you want?’ We want competition and we want consistency. We’re still gonna keep pushing for that. For me, that creates the trust that we talked about a week ago — trust with fans. … We didn’t change our quote ‘practice routine,’ but for whatever reason we were not the same team. It’s disappointing. We’ll see if we can learn from it. I don’t think it’s some rah-rah talk. I truly believe we’ve been doing a lot of things right in our structure. We’re gonna keep doing this.”

After Saturday’s game, Maryland linebacker Cole Farrand — this week’s Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week after making 19 tackles against the Hoosiers — said the Terrapins were calling out Indiana’s offensive plays before they happened. Farrand said he thought it discouraged the Hoosiers and helped the Terps key on plays, especially the running calls.

On Monday, Wilson said he didn’t believe there was anything to that point. The IU coach countered by saying his offense has tendencies like any other team and that success and failure come down to execution.

Wilson said players and coaches would continue to review during IU’s self-scouting sessions if opposing teams are picking up on anything in particular, but that the Hoosiers actually tried some different concepts in Saturday’s game than they had in the previous three contests.

“If they’re on to something, we always keep looking at it,” Wilson said. “We were different. There were new things Saturday that we haven’t done. Some new routes, some of them didn’t work. But when you have success, you got all the answers. You should stand by me on the sideline. I call about 70 percent of the plays right watching their offense. Same side power, screen, screen, screen. Kids can’t hear you, that’s why your voice is raspy. It’s like you guys yelling at the TV when you don’t travel. It’s like can’t nobody hear you. But you get a feel for stuff. That’s the beauty. It still comes down to execution.”

Asked if Indiana may have revealed anything on the line of scrimmage, center Collin Rahrig also said the team would continue to look for any giveaways to be spotted on film.

“We’ve been going back and looking at it,” Rahrig said. “We need to do a self-scout every week of how our stances are, or if we’re selling anything if a guy’s trying to pull, or something like that. We need to go back and look at ourselves because that’s the biggest thing. That week’s over. Now, we have to go back to what we do.”

On the injury front, Wilson said that left tackle Jason Spriggs is day-to-day with a sprained knee suffered in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game. Spriggs was cleared to return late in the game, but IU chose not to put him back on the field. He will be evaluated during the week, as will safety Mark Murphy, who did not play due to a hamstring injury.

“We’ll see how he goes through this week,” Wilson said of Spriggs. “During the game, because it was loose, he was cleared to come back and we said no. Now that he’s had a couple days off, we get back to practicing and what really is the range of motion, what’s the strength level? We’re not gonna put him in a bad position if he can’t go. We’re lucky that Dimitric Camiel has started, Peyton Eckert started a couple years. We have some depth there. If we need it, we’ll move forward.”

Indiana did not name an offensive player of the week. On defense, Wilson said the weekly honors went to Darius Latham and Tim Bennett.

Latham finished with four tackles, including one for a loss, while Bennett made a team-leading seven tackles, including two for a loss.

Of Bennett, who was also beaten a few times by Maryland receivers, Wilson said it was his best game of the year. More than anything, it seemed Wilson was pleased with his leadership, saying there was more bounce in Bennett’s step.

“We had guys after the game that evening who thought he was our best player during halftime, second half and after the game, which was good to see,” Wilson said. “I thought earlier in the year he looked tired, looked a little sluggish — still playing OK, but just from things he gives us off the field. So, really proud of Timmy. Really great to see his attitude at a high level.”

Erich Toth and Griffin Oakes were recognized with the special teams weekly honors and Wes Martin and Noel Padmore earned scout team recognition.

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  1. An abysmal performance last weekend. Very poor tackling and pass coverage, coupled with no passing attack. Does anyone think IU will have a winning season? If u do…get a grip.

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