1. Wilson said, “we played a really good team.” Sorry coach, but “good” relative to what? BG is NOT a “really good” team. Your tendency to sound cavalier and brush off such a loss is eroding your credibility. You should be upset. You should be showing some emotion and saying, “this is unacceptable.” You should be saying “I got out coached today.” You should be saying that some of your defensive starters are going to be watching from the bench next week.

    Your team will play a good team next week. On October 18 and November 22 you will play really good teams.

  2. Wilson is a total joke as a coach just like the last 10 or 15 or however many it’s been of bad hires for IU…..really good team that got smoked by Western Ky and played with backup QB…yeah right….looking down schedule looks like one more chance at a win…N. Texas….but don’t bet on it…..maybe a two win season…but coach said…”it was a fun game”….lmao !

  3. at least we don’t have to read any more from idiot reporters how high our defense is ranked after one game. enjoy coleman’s last season everyone. he is probably the greatest back in iu history.

  4. coachv, the majority of IU alumni and fans will probably never know who Coleman is or remember him because they’ve long-since given up on IU football and no longer pay attention. I called a buddy of mine last week, he’s also an IU alumni who now lives in west Ohio, and asked him if he was going to Saturday’s game at BG. He laughed and said, “who are we playing?” He could not care less and had no interest in watching IU play football. He said, “I don’t follow IU football any more.”

    Many of the fans that participate on The Hoosier Scoop know and care about IU football and players like Coleman. But we are a very small minority of The Hoosier Nation. And that’s really a shame, because as you say, Coleman and a few others on this roster are special talents and have earned some notoriety and recognition.

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