2015 wing OG Anunoby commits to Indiana

Indiana added a second commitment to its 2015 class on Tuesday, picking up a verbal pledge from Ogugua “OG” Anunoby.

A 6-foot-7, 215-pound wing from Jefferson City, Mo., Anunoby chose Indiana over offers from Iowa and Georgia. With his commitment, the Hoosiers are now two over the scholarship limit for next season.

Anunoby is a three-star prospect, according to the 24 7 Sports Composite, and looks to follow in the mold of sophomore wing Troy Williams.

He joins fellow in-state forward Juwan Morgan in Indiana’s 2015 class. Anunoby was offered by Indiana during an unofficial visit in August. He made an official visit to Bloomington the weekend of Oct. 3.


  1. Two over scholarships. How about changing them to football scholarships? Sit on the bench for games, maybe kick the ball every now and then. Football has what, 60 or so scholarships? Filling the football scholarships with football players , see how that is working out. Than they could be walk-ons for BB…?

  2. this guy reminds me exactly of my HS teammate, James Penny, who started 3 years at TCU. I think he’ll be a solid contributor across all offensive and defensive stats by the time he’s a Jr.

    Check out the write-up for James in ’95-96 in this link – that’s what we have to look forward to i believe.


    and has had a long pro career to back it up…


  3. Seems like a decent pickup. Still dont get the priller or april pickups but some were certainly be creaned at the end of the season.

  4. Tom Crean
    Emmitt Smith
    Bobby Bowden
    Mike Martin
    Jimmy Fallon
    Michael Phelps
    Jimmy Johnson
    Matt Painter
    Mike Davis
    Pat Kennedy
    Brett Brown
    Noah Vonleh
    Steph Curry
    Kendrick Perkins
    Oliver Miller
    Todd Day
    Lee Mayberry
    Austin Ainge
    Chris Mihm
    Brad Johnson
    George McCloud
    Keith Smart
    Bobby Knight
    Dustin Dopirak

    Just for you Aruss… 25 sports guys I’ve spent time with on some capacity. Did you enjoy my list? Somewhat diverse…

  5. btw, name dropping implies that someone in the audience has heard of the person your “dropping” and may be impressed. I’m going with the assumption that no one on this blog remembers my buddy James Penny. The closest anyone ever came to remembering him was that he played under Billy Tubbs and with Kurt Thomas. My point isn’t that he’s memorable, or a superstar, but that he can contribute to a team in many ways because of his unique blend of size, LENGTH, interior defense, and perimeter skill…

    But continue to see the trees for the forest pal.

  6. Go home Geoff. Stop bragging. You’re posts bring nothing to the table. Spend more time with Grayson.

  7. say what u want Geoff…i found ur comment quite interesting that u were just comparing the new recruit to a former player u know…..don’t know how much u come on these IU boards but i will tell u they have some very rude…nasty….obnoxious people on them 🙂

  8. Geoff that was truly beautiful, great come back while thinking fast on your feet. I do remember the name J. Penny but only as a roster name playing against OU, Kan., or Texas some 1 down there.

  9. Good pic Buckets…. Basketball season nears, so I figured I grace yall with my presence a bit more.

    can I just say though, that I hate the re-design… blech.

    Lonnie – I missed you. Grayson is doing great. Thanks for the ever-present concern.

  10. Bob – thanks. depending on who you ask around here, I am probably one of those rude, obnoxious, and nasty people. Or maybe just dumb… Harvard has his own description of me that probably twists and winds around those adjectives, but also includes rigid stat nerd. However, I appreciate you receiving my point.

  11. Geoff-

    Glad to hear all is well….I agree with your opinion concerning the redesign.. Then again, I’m one of those that prefers some familiar branding and marketing hooks….I trust the familiar and hate generics claiming to be “the same.” I can’t even get myself to buy the supermarket’s cereal brand that comes in a no-frills cloudy plastic bag and is supposed to taste just like Cheerios..

    The redesign is ever so slightly better than the first days they rolled it out in cardboard boxes and tiny comment shipping labels, But even this “improved version”:still feels very thin polyester compared to the finely tailored wool suit that had some class and warmth….I guess the cheap tie is the butchered Hoosier Scoop logo that screams “I stay at Red Roof Inn”…

    And isn’t it great that they didn’t forget to bring the Google Survey back..? ….It’s equivalent to being distracted by the roach crawling up the wall..Gets your mind momentarily off the fine furnishings and mattress sheets made of recycled body bags.

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