A Tevin Coleman update and a look ahead

The bye week lifted Tevin Coleman on one national leaderboard, while he slipped on another.

After Indiana sat out this weekend, Coleman once again leads the country with 170.3 rushing yards per game, as Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon slipped to second with 166.9 yards per contest. Nebraska’s Ameer Abdullah and Marshall’s Devon Johnson leapfrogged Coleman in total rushing yards, with the IU back now sitting in third nationally with 1,192 yards to date. Abdullah leads with 1,249 yards and Johnson is second with 1,203.

Next up for Coleman and the Hoosiers is a game at Michigan on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. The Wolverines yielded 219 rushing yards to Michigan State in their 35-11 loss to the Spartans this weekend. MSU back Jeremy Langford rushed for 177 yards and three touchdowns, while averaging 5.1 yards per carry on 35 touches.

Michigan’s rush defense is fourth in the Big Ten, holding opponents to an average of 109.2 yards per game. Prior to Saturday, the Wolverines held opponents to an average of 2.73 yards per rush. They’ve held five of their eight opponents to an average of 2.5 yards per carry or less. Penn State averaged 1.5 yards on 35 carries, Rutgers averaged 2.5 yards on 30 carries, Utah rushed for a 2.2 average on 37 carries, Miami (Ohio) averaged 1.38 yards on 24 attempts and Notre Dame was held to a 1.74 average on 31 rushes.


  1. How about we celebrate one of the few bright spots for the season instead of whining about it. Coleman is doing a hell of a job and is getting no credit for it outside of Bloomington. Coleman keeping up the same pace of stats would be a great thing for him and the program.

  2. So Jon, you can’t acknowledge or celebrate Coleman’s superior performance and achievement because he plays on a team with a losing record? Wow, do you have a vote on the Heisman committee?

    Tevin Coleman is not mediocre in any sense of the word. His performance deserves to be celebrated, regardless of the team’s record.

  3. Podunker-

    you just said it yourself. No one on the Heisman voting committee gives a damn about Coleman because of what a suck team he plays on. football is a team sport, and unless the team is winning, individual achievements are ignored. That’s why I’m tired of the “indiana faithful” always blowing smoke about crap like this when the team continues to suck year in and year out. I WANT TO WIN BOWL GAMES.

  4. they got to stop putting those …spam…protection numbers so high…can’t count that high !!….lol

    Jon…i’m with u….nothing at all to celebrate about IU FB…again….Coleman a good player but u r right it is a team sport and they never have anything to celebrate at IU…pitiful……

    a huge thumbs up on ur comment #7 🙂

  5. So I assume that neither of you count yourselves among “the IU faithful.” Fair enough. But why even bother commenting? You’re not telling anyone anything they don’t know. But you are starting to come off like IU-bashing trolls. If you really don’t care, why bother to log on and comment at all?

    If and when IU starts to go to bowl games, be careful not to injure yourselves jumping back on that bandwagon.

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