Brian Knorr enjoys having an eye in the sky

Defensive coordinator Brian Knorr spent the first four games of Indiana’s football season pacing the sidelines and standing close to his new charges.

On Saturday against North Texas, Knorr shifted to the press box to get a different view.

“Being able to get up in the box and see them, plus with coach (Noah) Joseph with the young safeties was able to come down on the field with them as well,” Knorr said. “I think the transition was smooth. Coach (William) Inge certainly has a lot of experience with linebackers, so he helped with some of the hybrids, some of the edge players that I coach, so it was a pretty smooth transition from a communication standpoint.”

Knorr says that it wasn’t just a one-time move. He anticipates returning to the press box for Saturday’s game at Iowa.

“We have a couple other graduate assistants that are up in the box as well, being able to help spot and (use their) vision,” Knorr said. “From a communication standpoint, and really a correction standpoint, I think it helped us.”


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