Coleman becomes Indiana’s 1st 1,000-yard back in 13 years

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Long before the season began, before any of this appeared to be a foregone conclusion, Indiana running backs coach Deland McCullough pulled aside Tevin Coleman for a quick film study.

You want 1,000 yards? You could have had them by now, McCullough told his top returning back.

McCullough showed Coleman, who finished with 958 yards in nine games last fall, the plays that would have made the difference had he taken a different angle, or followed another blocker. The elusive 1,000 yard mark was within reach.

On Saturday, Coleman finally got it.

With 219 yards on 15 carries, Coleman became the Hoosiers’ first back to record 1,000 yards in a season since Levron Williams in 2001. He now has 1,060 yards, becoming the fastest Hoosier to reach that mark.

“It’s a blessing to be able to do that, but we still have more football to play,” Coleman said. “I’m still gonna keep coming, still gonna keep running. Really, the 1,000 yards came from the O-line blocking and things like that from the team. It was great.”

Coleman rushed for three touchdowns against the Hawkeyes on Saturday, while extending his streak to 15 consecutive games with a touchdown — the longest such mark in the nation and the longest in IU history. Saturday also marked Coleman’s national-best eighth consecutive 100-yard game.

He pulled off touchdown runs of 83, 69 and 45 yards.

“That’s why he’s not in at the end,” Wilson said. “When he’s gassed, he’s gassed. He doesn’t save. He knows D’Angelo (Roberts) is gonna go hard and they sort of feed off each other.”

Coleman’s 219 yards are the second-highest output of his career and a Big Ten single-game high. They’re the most yards for a Hoosier in league play since Williams rushed for 251 against Michigan State in 2001.

Wilson continues to praise Coleman’s ability to go hard in practice and on Saturdays. The IU coach said he has to limit Coleman’s practice reps in order to save him for game days. He may not be in the national conversation as on the of the top backs in the nation, but Wilson says he’s certainly deserving.

“What’s really good about him is he’s got good family and he’s a good kid,” Wilson said. “It aint like he’s just some guy with talent, or some guy going through the motions that got blessed. He’s worked hard. He’s been through a lot of things. He’s been phenomenal, he’s been our student of the month for the whole athletic department academically. He does a lot of neat things. He’s a great kid and he’s a hell of a football player.”


  1. I don’t give a damn. This in’t tennis or golf. it’s a team sport and right now this “TEAM” sucks. I want to win games. I want to win bowl games. Until that happens, I don’t care about this crap.

  2. It is a great accomplishment for Tevin Coleman. Congratulations for passing this milestone in your sixth game of the season. You were one of the few bright spots in today’s game. Stay healthy and break all the records.

  3. Agree with Jon. Coleman was complaining in the press right after the Bowling Green loss about him not getting any recognition. It’s a TEAM game and we shouldn’t be praising the “Get mine” attitudes. How about some more in depth stories about our sorry defense or more research as to why Tre Roberson left?

    Looking at this team in the spring and the sorry shape of the B1G, this should have been at least an 8 win season. We laughed at Purdue’s coach and now look at us & look at them.

  4. Tre leaving had to be not wanting to share QB…Quit beating a dead horse.

    Sorry, when something happens that happened in 13 years, it will get talked about.

    1. For what it’s worth, Tre Roberson and Illinois State beat Indiana State yesterday, 20-18. Roberson was 16-of-31 for 170 yards and an interception, 16 carries for 32 yards, although he did lead the Redbirds to a game-winning field goal with 3 seconds left.

  5. That’s nice. How did the defense do? IU should hire a defensive coach from a big time football powerhouse like…. Wake Forest.

  6. unfortunately for coleman, his days of running wild at iu are probably over. mich st and the others will be loading 12 in the box to stop him as long as sudfeld is out. after the season he is most likely off to the nfl. too bad. i was really hoping he might lead the country in rushing this season.

  7. All hope may not be lost. I hear we may move to the wishbone/triple option with Covington, Coleman, and Roberts. Defense be damned!

    Seriously though, Coleman should touch the ball 25 times a game. He averages a long TD like one out of every 6 carries. He had one out of every five this weekend. He can’t be gassed, that’s crap. The way he busted out he was bound to do it again as Iowa had no answer. Makes no sense.

    But as previously stated we are screwed offensively now as they will stack the box for sure. But I guess that could expose the d for a long run if he can break through. Gotta find the bright spot I guess. I would love to know if Tre wishes he would have stayed.

    In the end all I can say is this is IU football, it is what it is, always has been, and sadly might always be.

    And to the cray guys in posts talking about move all money to soccer and other sports. As sad as IU footbsll can sometimes be its revenue from games and big ten tv is what is paying for all the other sports success. Imagine if the stadium was packed every week how much more we could do for all the sports.

  8. Why did Coach use a linebacker turned QB freshman and not one of the 5 or 6 other QB’S? May someone please answer that question? Was he the backup on the position list? He can run but his throwing was way off. I hope Nate can play because it is his left shoulder but if a MS defense end or linebacker sacks him he will be out for the rest of the season. Maybe he should set out a game or two so he can help us beat Rutgers, PU and one more for a 6-6 record and a bowl game. Just a thought……….. A lot of football left to play.

  9. Jeremy is right – the only stat that matters is wins. Too bad CKW couldn’t see that Tre gave us the best shot at winning and wouldn’t commit to him. Now we’re stuck with our “Pro QB” who is known for his 1,000 yard running back.

    This reminds me of when we tried to turn Randle El into a WR but that coaching staff realized quickly it was the WRONG move and reversed itself.

  10. And here I thought “Win Today” was the “Wilson Way;” an embodiment of a culture/attitudinal change more than any expectancy in winning on the scoreboard based on very limited knowledge/predictable level from a very unsophisticated base of IU football fans.

  11. Congratulations to Mr. Coleman on a great accomplishment! The continuing woes of IU football should in no way diminish the feats of this or any other of our athletes.

  12. Hey Tsao, a lot of negative comments posted above. Why aren’t you pouncing on these guys? Your selective disdain is showing, but I guess I should take that as a compliment.

    What you don’t understand is that all IU fans (by definition, those people who care about IU sports) have a right to be upset and express their negative feelings. That’s as American as apple pie.

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