Covington could be granted extra year

Playing in four games is usually the cut-off point for applying for a redshirt year.

But Indiana feels it may have a unique case with Chris Covington.

IU coach Kevin Wilson said on his weekly radio show Wednesday that he will petition the Big Ten to grant Covington, Indiana’s freshman backup quarterback, an extra year of eligibility because he appeared on the field sparingly.

Covington played in five games, taking one snap against Indiana State, running two plays at Bowling Green and leading the final IU drives against both Maryland and North Texas before playing two-plus quarters at Iowa.

“By law he’s played in five, but it’s so little that we’re going to document it and see if we can get his year back,” Wilson said. “The rule says after the fourth game, ‘No.’ But it’s a little bit unusual with the resps, so we’ll see how it goes. That’ll be up to the Big Ten to look into for us.”

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  1. Great, Chris will be an outstanding qb and AIU will have truly talented depth at the position. One of the encouraging facts about the Hoosiers is that the you will show as experience 2 and three deep at each position beginning next year.

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