Diamont to start Saturday vs. Michigan State

True freshman quarterback Zander Diamont appears set to start Saturday’s game against No. 8 Michigan State, his mother told the Herald-Times.

Diamont’s mother, Cindy Ambuehl, said the family is planning to leave for Bloomington on Friday to see Diamont start.

“He’s handling it better than we are,” Ambuehl said. “Alexander cannot wait. He’s ready. He’s chomping at the bit to get out there. (His father) hasn’t slept much the last two nights and I’m just a nervous wreck as any mom would be. These are milestones and the first of many for Alexander.”

At 6-foot-1, 175 pounds, Diamont was in line for a redshirt year until starting quarterback Nate Sudfeld suffered a season-ending shoulder injury last week at Iowa. Fellow freshman Chris Covington replaced him against the Hawkeyes.

The Indianapolis Star reported Wednesday that Covington’s mother said he would not play against the Spartans.

Diamont has not played this season, but arrived in Bloomington as a three-star prospect. Diamont passed for 3,501 yards and 47 touchdowns at a senior at Venice High School, earning Los Angeles Player of the Year honors.

“He’s like Johnny Manziel and that style of play,” Venice coach Angelo Gasca said. “He resembles him and the fact that he’s undersized. He’s elusive and he plays with a lot of energy. It will be interesting to see. I think he’s as ready as he could be.”


  1. This is kind of exciting. No pressure, few expect the Hoosiers to win, just go out there and air it out! Show us what you’ve got, kid!

  2. The MOTHERS of team members are now the ones announcing who will or won’t start?

    Seems kind of strange way to inform the public. Wonder if this was done with CKW’s knowledge, permission, or approval?

    Or it could be just that our newest sports reporter is working extra hard to get a scoop, in which case, KUDOS to Mike……and the new guy at the IndyStar, too.

  3. Good call by Aruss…..Hope our line can protect the young man…It’s my understanding that he has far less the matured physique and muscle mass compared to Covington.

    Sorta feel Covington got a raw deal….He came in during a very tough situation in Iowa. A huge momentum changing play in the Iowa game(3rd down throw on his second series) was an intercepted pass off a deflection of a ball that was accurately thrown bullet that really should have been caught…

  4. This story is very weird – coming from the mommies that is. I think this story should be taken with a grain of salt. At least until we find out what Nate Boudreau’s mom has to say.

    I’m going to call HCKW’s mom right now to see what she has to say about this. I’ll report as soon as I find out.

  5. Hate it had to come to this but think this is the correct decision. It’s a shame he didn’t get a chance to shadow Nate a full year, but it is what it is.

    Good to know Zander comes from a loving home. It’s good to see them excited for his first start.

  6. My guess is that Covington will platoon in like Tre did last year. CKW is going to go back to the “keep em guessing” approach to QB substitution, as if MSU is going to be worried about either freshman QB.

    Not sure why Covington would suddenly be “demoted.” He was called in to last week’s game in an impossible situation. Was it two days of practice that Johns and/or Wilson used to make this decision? Or is Zander’s Mom jumping the gun. They may want to wait another day before buying those airline tickets.

    The goals for Saturday’s game should be to allow both QB’s to learn from some game experience and to stay healthy. This game was probably not winnable with Sudfeld playing, so there’s no sense in them taking any significant risk. We need these guys to live to fight another day and get ready to beat Purdue. Heavy on the run, short passes, and dumping the ball out of bounds if no receivers are open. Having both these freshman QB’s healthy and available for Michigan will be a big win for IU.

  7. Hope to hell you’re not implying Covington does not come from a “loving home.” Parents should really keep their mouths shut and not preemptively put something out there that could undermine a coach’s flexibility to make and change decisions up to whatever possible last minute determination he sees fit…

    Covington is a superb athlete and I’d hate to lose him because he feels slighted and disrespected….and even, possibly, undermined by a classless move in world of instant messaging and instant gratifications.

  8. If this “Mom” report is accurate, then Wilson has shown that he maintains his sanity. There is “no way” that Covington should be starting a Big Ten game. Keep him around for a ‘back-up’ (I guess) but IU needs a ‘real’ Quarterback for a ‘real’ game. Diamont is a ‘real’ Quarterback. He’s also really inexperienced but he’s a Quarterback none-the-less. Covington isn’t.

  9. His parents did nothing wrong. Mine would be the same way. Just more paranoia from a raving lunatic.

  10. How can you imply when I never even said such thing? The moment I come back you attack me. You’re a fraud.

  11. IU Long Ago: You wrote, “‘no way’ that Covington should be starting a Big Ten game. Keep him around for a ‘back-up’ (I guess) but IU needs a ‘real’ Quarterback for a ‘real’ game. Diamont is a ‘real’ Quarterback. He’s also really inexperienced but he’s a Quarterback none-the-less. Covington isn’t.

    Are you insane? Look, I think that whatever decision CKW makes on this issue is being made by a coach who, up to this point, has had a brilliant coaching career, especially where it comes to offensive thinking and coaching, qb’s in particular. But to say the above, to say Covington is not a ‘real’ qb qualified to play in a ‘real’ game is both off-the-charts stupid and a tremendously aggressive way of addressing a football player who was considered the top qb prospect in Chicago; and whose numbers run nearly the same as Zander Diamont’s (who I also respect). “Keep him around as backup (I guess)”.

    Are you for ‘real’ or just ‘backed up gas’ (I guess)! Pppffftt!!!!

    The only thing you accomplish IULongAgo is to put to ridicule the football support at Indiana University. None of us are as ignorant nor as distant as you represent with your comment. But, perhaps it is time to take a good, strong look at our following. Perhaps the lack of success of our program is, in fact, due to the weakness and ignorance of the support. Comments like this do explain the phenomena of fans not coming back into the stands after the six-pack is gone during half-time. As comments go, whether for Covington or for Diamont, most of the fans supporting one or the other are ‘real’ fans, you aren’t, The comment posted by you is a ‘real’ belch , ‘real’ gas and the aroma it leaves is ‘real’ too.

  12. I live near Venice High School where Diamont played high school ball and saw him play several times last year.

    I don’t know him personally, but from what I heard, he’s a nice kid, a very hard worker and certainly, for high school, he had a great arm and could tuck the ball and run too. It remains to be seen how that transfers to college. But we are evidently going to find out soon.

    His family is interesting too – not your typical football family (if there is such a thing) by any means. His Dad, Don Diamont (it’s a stage name, real name Donald Fienberg), was a soap opera star (22 years on “The Young and the Restless” and more on the “Bold and the Beautiful”). At one point, he was listed in People Magazine’s annual “50 most beautiful people in the world.” (1990)

    His Mom was also an actress and a model and is in real estate sales now.

    And why shouldn’t his family come out and watch the game? Even if he doesn’t start and just plays, dang, what a great thing for the family!

    As to the reporter and his Mom, I’m not sure how a reporter got to her, but the family is prominent, so it probably wasn’t hard. What’s the big deal?

    And, given all of that background stuff mentioned above, it could be one helluva story if he finds success on the field. I’m certainly hoping because IU football could use some good PR and this? Omigosh, this could be a PR person’s dream! You think Johnny Football was big?

    Indiana has hit home runs in Hollywood with “Breaking Away” and “Hoosiers.”

    Why not “Zander?” The legend starts here!

    Go, Zander, go! Go Hoosiers! Beat MSU!

  13. Covington better not platoon considering that’s how we got into this mess in the first place with Tre leaving. Zander needs to start and play the entire game against MSU. The experience he gains from this game will give us a real shot at what we considered the winnable games the rest of the year as he won’t see a better defense.

    CKW has already had too many QBs transfer because of his inability to chose QB1 during his tenure and if Zander is as good as we think he is and CKW screws him over too he’ll transfer – most likely to a school like Tennessee.

  14. Goodness gracious! Some commenters here are ripping Chris Covington for entering the Iowa game in a worst case scenario and being ineffective. Anytime he entered a game previously he CARRIED the ball. Clearly he IS a real QB or he wouldn’t have beaten out Diamont (who arrived in January 2014) and the other QB’s for the number 2 spot. Is he polished? No. Not many freshmen or sophomore QB’s are, but he doesn’t deserve ANY the nasty comments.
    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, however vitriol disguised as ‘straight talk’ from grown men is just pitiful. TsaoTsuG hit the nail on the head in post 19. Divisive posts undermine fan morale just as much as they undermine team morale. Historic negativity regarding OUR football program by some ‘fans’ continues to dog the best efforts of the athletic department and the football team, and until it changes the program will struggle.
    I’ll step down now, and wish Zander Diamont and this program success on Saturday, I’ll be watching AND supporting. GO HOOSIERS!

  15. Covington did not beat out Zander. Covington playing over Zander to this point in the year was a strategic decision by CKW to give Zander a red shirt year.

    No one has a problem with Covington but he was playing LB in the spring for a reason: he’s not a B1G caliber QB. The real complaint is with CKW’s poor QB management & planning.

  16. Aruss you need to back up. I don’t know if you are dumb or just have a propensity to lie but you are damn sure biased. Chris Covington was not in Bloomington for Spring practice. He was the starting QB at Raby for the HS leagues in Chicago. He has played much more QB than the 2 weeks of LB he practiced at this Fall camp. In other words he is a QB.

  17. Everything I posted regarding the competition for the 2nd QB slot is based on fact. Diamont came in January, Covington did not. If a kid is performs better than another he gets the opportunity, CKW has made this abundantly clear since his arrival. The fact that Covington did move from the defensive side of the ball to 2nd string QB is validation of his ability as a QB. Please don’t allow yourself to believe that CKW would redshirt a player who could contribute in favor for the place holder so many here believe is the role Covington is playing. QB management is one thing, but when you’re faced with wholesale defections and only have one experienced QB you won’t save ‘the real’ QB for next year. Especially when you know one play (Sudfeld’s injury) could change your season. Be honest with yourself, if with no one else. Go Hoosiers!

  18. We have to rely on and not second guess the coaching staff regarding who starts, who plays etc., Primary concern, as expressed by others, is to be prudent and try to avoid getting these young athletes injured. MSU is a very good and very physical team. Our guys are very young and inexperienced. On the one hand, they have an incredible and unlikely opportunity to play at this level. On the other hand, we cant ignore the risks. This is not a game we could reasonably expect to win even if everyone was healthy so lets support the guys and hope for the best and hope everyone stays healthy.

  19. Keith – Covington was “promoted” to 2nd string because he was a envisioned as a change of pace, wildcat situation QB. Zander was seen as/and is the prototype franchise QB of the future. Why are we even debating this? CKW had to show his cards with the rest of the season on the line and Zander got the call. I predict he won’t give up the job even when Sudfeld comes back.

  20. First of all, a fan website’s reporter said Covington’s injury is real…(I know, no announcement made, so take that statement for what it’s worth.)…

    Second, I’m not sure why all the name calling and debate above. Let’s just work the bottom line! Diamont is the QB, he needs all of the players to step up and play the game of their lives (no soap opera pun intended..lol) ….As Aaron Rogers would say, R-E-L-A-X…

  21. I believe, but may have misunderstood, that Wilson said the reason Diamont was not slotted to play this year was because Wilson and Johns thought he was too small/light. I don’t believe it had anything to do with Wilson’s evaluation that Covington was the better QB. Since he did not start practicing at QB until August, and Diamont went through Spring football camp as a QB, one would have to assume that in terms of preparation and knowledge of the playbook, Diamont was more prepared to play when Summer camp began.

    I believe, but may have read it wrong, that Wilson wanted to redshirt Diamont this year so that he could get bigger and stronger, and be physically ready to play Big Ten football. I’ve read conflicting reports (in this publication) that Wilson has quoted Diamont’s weight at 175 pounds. Then recently, Wilson said he weighs 160 pounds. Regardless of his actual weight, Diamont’s pretty slight-of-build for a 6’1″ guy. That’s dangerous when getting hit by Big Ten defenders weighing 100 pounds more.

    Today we learn the Diamont is going to start because Covington is injured. I don’t recall seeing Covington take any big hits in the Iowa game, but obviously he got hurt. Let’s hope it’s minor, and not a season ending injury. So, within the course of one game, IU loses two QBs to injury. For this Saturday’s Homecoming game, we’re down to a 170 lbs. (average of the estimates) freshman who has not played a down in college and a back-up that is a walk-on. We’re playing against one of the best teams in the country known for its outstanding defense. It’s either going to be a Hollywood-quality story, or the network will switch to another broadcast before halftime. Let’s just hope that the game ends with all of Zander Diamont’s body parts still capable of functioning as designed.

  22. Covington was the backup because he gave IU the most ready made alternative to Sudfeld. Period. Diamont has some skills, but he simply wasn’t ready to play, and Wilson knew this. Covington, on the other hand, is much bigger, stronger, faster and has a much livelier arm. Diamont may progress both physically and in terms of his ability to execute the offense, but he’s far from the assumed heir apparent that some here have suggested he is. Perhaps he’ll compete and start (on merit) at some point down the road. But, when both are healthy, Covington was significantly ahead of him.

  23. No matter who qb’s iu this year vs msu this year equals foregone same conclusion/result. Qb injury has no bearing on win or loss of this game. Not even point spread which maybe could be debated more or less for a variety of reasons.

  24. I do not know what to think other than we have little to lose and some measure to gain. I do hope ZD is much like the old Totes hats of yesteryear bendable, scrunchable, twistable and pops right back into place. I do hope the D comes back to life for this game.

  25. Aruss – My initial post was in defense of Covington being raked over the coals regarding his performance last Saturday. I felt he needed to be defended against unfair, and in some cases dumb attacks. I stand by my assertion that CKW will play any kid who can contribute, history bears this out. As for Zander being a prototype franchise QB. I’d wager that title is reserved for the guy who consistently wins games at IU…in other words we haven’t seen him yet. Clearly you’re a fan of Zander, and I hope he has a great game on Saturday. I also hope Covington and Sudfeld recover from their injuries. I want to see this program continue to move forward regardless of who’s under center. I will not sit by and see unfair blame and criticism heaped upon a kid by jaded or clueless ‘fans.’

  26. Keith, Aruss is an absolute idiot who used to ‘offer’ his services as an alternative sports reporter to Dustin Dopirak before DD left for a Tennessee newspaper. Dopirak, over-time, gently but very firmly, declined the offer. Aruss’ knowledge of sport had one thing in common with his intelligence quotient, it didn’t even register. So, Aruss disappeared. Until an almost general turn over at the HT sports desk, allowed him to re-introduce his name to Miller and a couple of other new sports writers.

    The Aruss virus, a mutated form of the Ebola virus) is not a phenomenon of IU football alone. Similar viral infestations are also somewhat common in soccer, where a form known as ‘IU soccer fan from Bloomfield” causes a weekly epidemia that request postulates that soccer coach Todd Yeagley, a former All=American and an NCAA and Big Ten champion in two of his three (or a worse three of four) years at IU be fired because “he is not meeting expectations.

    There has to be some way to exterminate these viruses and end the contagion that follows.

    So Aruss is who he is. Every bit as ignorant and ridiculous as his posts suggest. It is indeed unfortunate that Coffman and Roberson left. Coffman, in spite of having proven himself an adequate replacement (ironically, for ROberson) transferred because he did not want to be the third man in a two-man rotation. Roberson seems to have transferred because he did not like sharing time with Sudfeld, nor did he particularly like playing in an offense that favored passing above running, especially on a team that had a top-notch runner as Tevin Coleman. With Wilson unwilling to make guarantees that Roberson thought necessary, he decided to transfer to Illinois State. Simple, no behind the curtain back stabbing; a consequence of the me-me-me epoch of football we are living where the players see their opportunities as precursors to their chances to an NFL job. Team loyalty and brotherhoods be damned, and out the door on the next car going to wherever there may be another qb slot. Go Red-err Big Blue-err Green-err Yellow…whatever baby.

    But…it does become what Indiana…My Indiana becomes known for. As an Indiana grad, rabid fan and appreciative alumni…I have no place for the anti-Hoosier b.s., especially Aruss’ and others subversive, treacherous self caused death by a thousand paper cuts (last phrase stolen from some good letter I read somewhere.

    I don’t even put all the blame on these football-player/kids. That’s what they have learned …not in high school, but their entire lives . Brotherhood?…ask Roberson how much he misses Coleman. Ask Coffman what he remembers of Sudfeld. The weird thing is that there is no one other than Kevin Wilson who has the responsibility and the accountability for the decision and, by reading the above postings you’d be hard put to identify who CKW is.

    And, it seems to me that with one or two exceptions, what is best for the Hoosiers (coming together, becoming a team, making a unified effort, one-for-all and all-for-one, five-fingers-one-fist is just not even a conceivable concept amongst the Hoosier backers. So, you end up with idiots like Aruss who claim that Covington could not possibly be a legitimate quarterback (probably based on the weird logic that good qb’s cannot come from urban, inner city schools (isn’t that what is actually behind some of the push to shove Covington aside?; or the belief that 175 lbs Diamont has no skills to save himself from ‘real football players’ like Michigan State.

    I’ve been watching this soap opera since the late 1950’s. It makes me want to puke. Sharing the passion for the Cream and Crimson, even inside a football helmet with the ignorance, the stupidity and the biases of the Aruss’, makes it indeed hard to believe we’ll ever create a culture that can someday produce a self-respecting football program.

    Lord help us…!

  27. Keith – no worries. Again, while on the surface Covington takes the brunt of criticism for his performance (which was bad) our real frustration is CKW’s leadership that got us to this point. Not having the pulse of your QB who transfers so late is fairly terrible for a coach. If it was an isolated incident with QB transfers it would be one thing, but look at how many have done so under his watch not including Gunner Kiel.

    TT – I was the first to state Zander would start. My record on this site speaks for itself. Also, Dustin used a lot of my ideas.

  28. Try on more time

    There’s more than one offensive tackle(left, right, defensive, offensive)…there’s more than one guard…there’s corners at each side…there’s defensive ends and offensive tight ends…there’s at least one pair of wide receivers that get tons of playing time…There’s defensive backs(plural)….There’s special teams units that offer opportunity for players not in traditional starting roles….There’s a premier running back on the Hoosiers, but there are plenty of compliments that still get involved and get carries…Outside of a center, and a primary kicker or punt specialist, there’s quite the opportunity for quality recruits and talent to get playing time(or realize just how close opportunity can knock at the door)on a football team. …..but., their is only ONE very visible QB on the field. It is the starring role and it’s likely the most important role to maintain stability and leadership in the offense.

    If you’re a QB and your not getting playing time, it can easily stir a restlessness and anxiety….You obviously believe in yourself and you bring your own set of skills and very strong credentials to be on a major college football team….You know your time is limited to prove your worth. You hope you can earn the eye of coach and the confidence in teammates to get that shot. But if it appears that shot may not come, it has to stir feelings that the door may be more open elsewhere….Fresh start…Fresh opportunity.

    I don’t believe there was that much mismanagement….I’m utterly astonished that any team can go 3 or 4 deep in QB’s….So damn hard to get on the field and get noticed..Patience is thin…and it’s even more thin at a school up to tonsils in frustration and impotent results for decades upon decades. You have a bad game and suddenly every negative arm-chair quarterback is no longer in your corner.

    Shocking that QB’s transfer….? It’s more shocking if any a bundle of QB’s without a lot of class/age separation would be content to all wait it out. It’s too easy to take cheap shots at Wilson for these transfers…Look how damn often Gunner Kiel moved around until he found his so-called fit? To bring up Gunner is the weakest of all arguments to use as condemnation for Wilson’s management of his team. It’s a sign of the times…Doors close quickly on playing beyond college and a QB’s skills are very narrow and specialized(especially for those not big and strong enough to play linebacker)..

  29. Podunker.

    I also read where Wilson was quoted that Diamont just wasn’t ready. Obviously his ha d was forced with Covington being injured. Forgot where I read it.

  30. Aruss, you have earned Tsao’s wrath by committing the unpardonable sin of criticizing an IU football coach. Congratulations! Your recent criticism of Wilson requires Tsao to vent his spleen by calling you names and trying to insult you. Next thing you know, Tsao will be calling you a “terrorist,” questioning your patriotism and accusing you of single handedly eroding the football team’s morale, affecting attendance inside Memorial Stadium, and causing verbally-committed recruits to re-open the recruiting process. I’ll bet you never knew how powerful you are! You see Aruss, from Tsao’s perspective, Wilson and/or his assistants should never be criticized, because Tsao has deemed them good, smart and competent people and possessing the vision and philosophy necessary to transform IU football into a winning program. Forget the results and lack of achievement, he just needs more time. Trust Tsao, the wins will eventually. Besides, Tsao believes IU’s coaches are trying their best and are therefore worthy of unwavering support and allegiance of all Hoosier fans. And when you criticize any member of the football coaching staff, especially in a public forum like the Hoosier Scoop, Tsao believes you’re being disloyal, which will prohibit/delay IU football from achieving success. Apparently, Tsao does not understand or believe in the concept that highly paid and powerful people in positions of authority should be held accountable for their team’s performance and results. To Tsao, “the buck never stops with an IU football coach,” because they’re all trying to change IU football’s culture and losing legacy. Tsao tries to silence anyone who does not agree with his opinions and conclusions. For a while, I thought it was just me. But now, thanks to you, I get to double my fun reading and laughing at the insults Tsao directs at you. And while I don’t agree with all of your opinions, on this or any other matter, I really enjoy the response it has evoked. Thanks, indirectly, for the laugh.

  31. The negative statements above concerning Covington had nothing to do with “opinion.” They were framed as definitive and arrogant assertions before the young man is given his due opportunity….The were not introduced with statements like “I believe”….or ” I think this is the right move”…or “I like the idea of giving the freshman from Venice a shot….”

    In a nutshell, they were derogatory remarks…They were framed as close the door assertions that Covington doesn’t have what it takes. If you want to call that an “opinion,” that’s fine…But at its root, it’s undermining of a kid that’s only played three quarters of college football(inserted into a game on the road on a team that doesn’t have the same pieces in the receiving core as last year)….I think the closing of the door on Covington is more than snidely. It’s viciously disrespectful of an 18-year-old kid that wanted to be a Hoosier. And within that context, I found it upsetting that others pile on such “closing of the door” remarks directed at Covington by calling Zander’s parents “loving.”

    We sure aren’t “loving” our Hoosiers when we knock down one young man wearing the uniform to build up another. Why can’t we live with the coach’s decisions(and as often as many claim our coach makes many wrong/incompetent decisions, they sure want to hang their hat on this “right” one), without tearing down a young football player that’s as eager to play and prove his ability as the next man up?

  32. How is it a diss to Covington to call Zander’s parents loving? I don’t get it. For all I know Covingtons are as well. I was looking forward to seeing him play. Just Harvard stiring that huge ladle of his. 🙂

  33. Ben- You’re right….My apologies…The more derogatory remarks aimed directly at Covington didn’t come into the thread until after your initial post(sorta). Your comments weren’t negative….They were worse than derogatory…They were defeatist(at, sad, and weak…They were all of Hoosiers suffering and blame assigned to Chirs Covington with a predestined righteousness in their doom as if you were hauling him on that symbol that you haul everything else…..You tied him to goal posts…and nailed the extra point…(“nailed the extra point”…Get it?) ……No bowl games in your Christmas, Chris! ..”Hate it had to come to this…..”.{…} …”It’s a shame…” ). Your comments basically sounded like a eulogy for Covington… Let him rise!….Let him rise if he is a QB god!…But for right now, while he’s wearing that crimson, the correct thing to do is let him be a symbol for 3000 years of a Hoosier orgy in losing we have obscenely frolicked. …Let’s begin the proceedings….

    Dear Cuv, Its’ horrible it had to come to this….You couldn’t prove your worth as a QB in 3 quarters of football during an indoctrination on the road after our starter went down, but we’ve seen enough ..Our coach has seen enough…Ben has seen enough. .We’re now ready to close the book on your QB career at IU…Not for one game, but forever. Really sorry to call you down this way. No worries, a better place awaits on a QB clould somewhere outside of Saturn’s rings….It’s a better place that you deserve….(Now let’s all bow our heads as we lower Chris Covington into the hole of defeatism we just painted upon his entire career based on 3 quarters in Iowa..).Heavenly Father, Take care of Chris’s arm he’ll never use again to throw a football on an IU football field…Make this memorial to him given by Ben at Memorial a lasting testament to the right decision our words used as comforting dirt shoveled into the generously kind hole we provide to his name….Keep him healthy forever in the “correct decision” to bury him after his 3 quarters of football….And while we all “hate it had to come to this,” as we bow are heads in remembrance of Chris Covington’s career as a QB devastating over because it should have never been, let me remind everyone here in attendance this joyous football funeral that Zander, his best friend and teammate, has very loving parents….Amen….LET’S PLAY SOME FOOTBALL!

    My apologies, Ben…You actually nailed it.

  34. oops..

    …as we bow are heads in remembrance of Chris Covington’s career as a QB [devastatingly] over because it should have never been(or “should have never Ben” :mrgreen: )

  35. Why thank you Harvard! I can’t wait to correspond this Fall/Winter with you! Should be very exciting with our banter. Now you’re putting words in my mouth. I like to eat, but I can’t begin to digest what your ramming down my throat! I’m glad you see it my way. I’m actually in Northern Indiana to celebrate my loving grandmas birthday. Chesterton is only 40 miles. Want to grab some grub and talk? I’m sure it will be “lovely”. Amen.

  36. I love how you use faith against me. Just supports my theory of your quackery against me. I’m actually going to the very place you described tonignt to go mor my granapa. I’ll be thinking of you friend. 🙂

  37. Ben-

    You use “faith” against yourself…You’re the one that put the nail of permanence into a lack of faith in Chris Covington playing QB. But it’s o.k….Zander has a loving family. . I have faith that both these young men have yet to prove much of anything on a college stage. One has basically played three quarters more than the other. My faith doesn’t involve any presumed “correctness” or predestined defeatist attitude on either bases on such a tiny sample set.

    I don’t live in Chesterton anymore…..Did you know that Chesterton is also home to mixed martial arts fighter and former WEC Bantamweight Champion, Eddie Wineland? …..and Mitch McGary(took NCAA tournament by storm)…and Zack Novak(a big part of resurrecting Michigan basketball)…and Matt Nover(Hoosier and part of “Blue Chips” cast )…and Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears(before the family moved to Santa Claus, IN.during his h.s. years…Jay’s father actually played QB for the Chesterton Trojans…and Jim Gaffigan(comedian)….and Harvard(LOOOOzzzzzer/BOOOOOzzzzzer)..

    Take care, Ben If you want a really good turkey dinner, go to Strongbow Turkey Inn in Valparaiso(Hwy 30…only about 8 miles south of Chesterton…Hwy 49 goes directly south from Chesterton to Valpo)…It’s a unique place..Been in business for well over 50 years..Family owned and started as a tiny, unassuming roadside diner back in the days your grandpa was probably your age… Great tasting turkey..Closest thing you’ll ever get to a homemade Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant…mash potatoes, wonderful gravy, cranberries, and stuffing…I believe they still raise their own turkeys on a local farm…MUST GET ALERT: The french onion soup is the best you’ll ever have…Served in a small crock with tons of Swiss cheese spilling over the sides…Delicately sweet onion broth…It’s magnificent.

    I’m not sure how close you’ll be to Chesterton/Valpo, but If you have some time, Strongbow Turkey Inn is worth the drive.

  38. Ben-

    Note: They added a new bar area to Strongbow….It’s called the “bow bar.”….I still prefer the old dining area. But if you do decide to sit in the bar, you may be able to order the “:Turkey Sandwich”(basically the same as the hot turkey dinner with the sliced turkey served “open face” on bread… Just slightly smaller portions and doesn’t include dessert)…Easier on the pocketbook and still delicious).

    Not throwing you a curveball, buddy…Take your family to this restaurant.. You’ll have a nice time. Sorry that I’m such an ass.

  39. WestCoast Hoosier #14

    Thursday, June 13, 2013 – 12:12 AM EDT

    This kid is Jewish (as am I by the way).

    Now, that fact should be irrelevant here for almost any reason because religion is one’s own business. It certainly has nothing to do with sports per se as Jewish pitching great Sandy Koufax and Jewish swimming great Mark Spitz (of Indiana University!) among many others of various religious backgrounds have proved.

    But it is interesting in that it highlights an issue that has been discussed on this website and from which I’ve refrained.

    Much of the country faces this now, but in Indiana, it has perhaps been a bit slower to become an issue. But, as our country changes, it will become more common to have people from non-Christian backgrounds on teams at IU and elsewhere. It won’t be uncommon to have Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Sikh or other religions represented on teams. There may also be atheists and agnostics and who knows what else.

    In light of that, coaches, it seems to me, can be religious themselves – nothing wrong with that and I’d argue that is good – and they can be supportive of players who practice their own religions, but they need to be very careful about things like prayers as a team, and more specifically, prayers in the name of any particular group, including Jesus, the prophet Muhammed or anyone else.

    And I think that is good because I suspect that most would agree that whichever deity you worship probably doesn’t care if Indiana beats Purdue – well, that may be a bad example – the deity would have to be on the good side in that one (and in case it isn’t clear, I’m only kidding on this last point!)

    Food for thought.

    Just thought the above was an interesting post ….It was from a thread that goes back to the announcement of Zander’s commitment(Report: L.A. quarterback commits to Indiana, Posted by Dustin Dopirak in Football on Wednesday, Jun. 12, 2013 at 1:08 PM.). There’s also a very snidely post from Podunker that is basically making Zander sound like chopped liver(compared to other California QB;s recruited by Pac 12 schools, etc).

  40. The mans faith wasn’t the issue. You brought that on. All I said is I’m glad his parents love and support him. It’s a dire world out there. Hard to find families that stick together for a long time and show unconditional love to their son. It wasn’t a diss to Covington at all.

    Thanks for the referral. I printed out the directions and I plan to take my family there. I’m sure my parents and grandma will enjoy it. It’s on the way to O’Hare anyway when we fly out. Thanks for the referral. You’re not an ass. A head of steel maybe but not an ass. We were overdue for one of these blowouts anyway. The good thing with us is we reconcile and move on. If you decide to meet I’m 6’8, Athletic frame, blue eyes and a shaved head.

    I’ll let you know how our experience went. Take care of yourself. I’m in North Webster, Indiana actually which is in Kosciusko County.

  41. You sound as imposing as a rangy Hare Krishna ….. Hope you enjoy Strongbow.

    Take care. Speaking of overdue “blowouts”….Do remember that turkey can sometimes cause rather fast-producing intestinal gas and you’ll be pinned in a car for another two hours with the grandparents. Let us pray.

  42. A song dedication for Ben’s trip to O’Hare filled with sinful expulsions …emanating from unidentified flying objects courtesy of Strongbow turkey, undercarriages, and onion soup.. May the Lord be with you.

    I think we just bonded with flatulence jokes…..

  43. Hollywood,

    Thanks for the compliment. Tough issues.

    And, back atcha’! I always enjoy your insights (and incites)!

    Go Hoosiers!

    West Coast

  44. Oops, dang ipad! Sorry!

    Not Hollywood! Harvard!

    You’re probably not ready to change to Hollywood for Hillbillies, are you?

    Besides those hillbillies are already set up down the road a piece in Beverly Hills! Y’know? Black gold. Movie stars. And all that jazz!

  45. ARUSS (the paper-boy)- [#20] Covington better not platoon considering that’s how we got into this mess in the first place with Tre leaving … CKW has already had too many QBs transfer because of his inability to chose QB1 during his tenure and if Zander is as good as we think he is and CKW screws him over too he’ll transfer – most likely to a school like Tennessee….[#26]-Covington was “promoted” to 2nd string because he was a envisioned as a change of pace, wildcat situation QB. Zander was seen as/and is the prototype franchise QB of the future. [#22] No one has a problem with Covington but he was playing LB in the spring for a reason: he’s not a B1G caliber QB. The real complaint is with CKW’s poor QB management & planning. [#35] I was the first to state Zander would start. My record on this site speaks for itself. Also, Dustin used a lot of my ideas.

    Note to Aruss- It certainly does speaks for you, that is the problem. And, I do remember you trying rally hard to ‘sell him’ (Dustin) and his diplomatically rejecting your offers. While I didn’t agree with all of Dustin’s opinions. I did consider him a solid journalist and, do not believe in the wildest of enhibreations he would ever accept the statement that he,Dustin ‘used a lot of [your/Aruss’] ideas’.

    Podunker(#40)…I have to confess…you are right, I have very little tolerance for stealth, clandestine and venomous stealth attacks on Hoosier coaches. And I strongly feel that pompous arses who seem to rejoice in Hoosier misfortunes and emerge from under their rocks doing their own end-zone dance while overcome by the drunken glory feeling and the orgasm of power you and others like you seem to feel when misfortunes strikes the Hoosiers, is the greatest obstacles we Hoosiers face. You seem to enjoy those moments when you can emerge from hiding, waving your machete, flying your own agendas as a flag and yelling, directed at our coaches, ‘slice off their heads!’, But Podunker, while most of your rant is true…what separates us is that I can understand the challenge and assume that it takes real strength and character to achieve our goals, that it won’t be easy and that we will have to face many tough moment before the Hoosier program succeeds. And, it is that strength and character to achieve in the hardest of circumstances, exactly what you lack. Thanks you for recognizing it, Po.

  46. TTG-

    Umm if anyone vanishes its you. You’re here one moment and poof you’re gone. It’s like you’re the second coming of Houdini. RC out.

  47. Tsao, do you see dead people too? How ridiculous you are writing about “clandestine and venomous stealth attacks on Hoosier coaches.” That’s just so typical of your over-the-top buffoonery. It’s another of your lies, and either you know it, or you’re more delusional than I thought. Maybe all those years as a “journalist” with an agenda makes you incapable of recognizing your own lies? My “attacks” (really just opinions, but I’ll humor you) are direct and straight forward. Always have been and always will be. When I thought Mallory was failing as IU’s Defensive Coordinator (and obviously Wilson and Glass agreed with me), I just came out and said it was time for him to be terminated. He was not a bad guy, just a bad defensive coach, at least for IU. And when you could not silence me or convince me otherwise, you went crazy, called me a “terrorist,” and exposed yourself as a small minded, mean-spireted man of low character. If I ever develop the same opinion about any other IU coach, I’ll express my opinion as clear as a bell, so that even you can recognize it as a direct “attack.” But in the meantime, I enjoyed getting you to lose control and expose yourself, and I continue to laugh at your sophomoric attempts to silence people on this blog by insulting them, calling them names (like a child on the playground) and acting as if you hold the moral high ground all by yourself. It literally makes me laugh out loud, so I should thank you for what is a regular source of humor. As as I’m sure you would agree, IU fans always need a sense of humor this time of year.

  48. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the Hoosier Scoop’s quote of the year, delivered with extreme arrogance and the ultimate irony, by none other than Tsao TsuG; “what separates us is that I can understand the challenge and assume that it takes real strength and character to achieve our goals, that it won’t be easy and that we will have to face many tough moment before the Hoosier program succeeds. ” A man who calls others “terrorists” and questions their “patriotism,” who insults and calls people names on a regular basis, like a petulant child, claims that he understands “real strength and character.” That’s an all time classic. But stay tuned folks, I’m sure more will be presented soon, assuming Tsao does not injure himself falling off his high horse.

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