Fischer: Covington tore his ACL at Iowa

Did you think this week could get any more strange?

Well, you’re right. It has.

Indiana play-by-play man Don Fischer said on 1070 The Fan’s “The Ride With JMV” that IU quarterback Chris Covington tore his ACL in last week’s game at Iowa. An IU spokesman could not confirm.

True freshman quarterback Zander Diamont is expected to start Saturday’s game against Michigan State.


  1. Hope all those crapping on this kid for not being the “real” QB deal and boasting of their “right call” on a decision process that had nothing to do with their assumptions, to carefully extract the gargantuan shoe from their collective “soap opera” tiny mouths.

    So sad that he got a taste of what a good share of Hoosier fans are all about….Get well, Chris Covington.. Some of us knew their had to be more to the story. Some of us knew that our coach was silent for a reason.

  2. You are absolutely and completely right, especially where it concerns those who went beyond the decision being made by those closest to the program (CKW and assistant) to a remarkably stupid and personal attack on Covington’s skills. If there is anything worthwhile in this experience it is the exposing of some fans who are real low lives. The difficulty the Hoosiers have in making the program takeoff is completely on them. As a Hoosier fan it’s hard to forgive their roles.

    Now that it is cleared up, it is time to point at the more virulent ones. And since most of their virus was being spread this week, not a bad idea to take down their contributions and save them for the day ‘they’claim they’ve been ‘supporters’ all the way through. Thanks HfH for standing firm.

    Hope both Covington and his understudy, Diamont, both well and give us many great wins as this program grows.

  3. “The difficulty the Hoosiers have in making the program takeoff is completely on them.” That’s the most ridiculous statement written on the Hoosier Scoop in a long time. Even though I agree that it was shameful for people to have been “crapping on this kid,” for any reason, to blame a few morons with bad judgment, who sit in their mothers’ basements and write negative comments, is ridiculous. More importantly, why would you ever suggest that such lowlifes have any power to affect IU’s football program. They have no power to affect anything.

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