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The Indiana soccer team rose to the occasion in a 1-0 win over No. 1 Notre Dame Wednesday, I wrote.

New IU women’s basketball coach Teri Moren is putting her own touch on the Hoosiers as the season approaches, Jon writes.

IU women’s players are still stunned by Curt Miller’s resignation, but they are moving forward with their new coach, Mike writes.

Expectations are the primary focus of the mailbag at Inside the Hall.

IU men’s basketball players shared their thoughts on the upcoming Hoosier Hysteria, at IUHoosiers.com.

Michigan State’s Tom Izzo says not to sleep on the Hoosiers and Boilermakers this season, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

IU women’s basketball players Kaila Hulls and Nicole Bell will not play this season, Casey Krajewski of the Indiana Daily Student reports.

Indiana goalkeeper Colin Webb came up big when necessary to record the shutout vs. Notre Dame, Michael Hughes of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

The investigation at North Carolina turned up real answers, the ugly truth and proper blame in both an academic and athletic problem, Luke Decock of the Raleigh News & Observer writes.

How the NCAA handles the unprecedented situation at UNC may well determine its future, Stewart Mandel of FoxSports.com writes.

This seems a good choice today — “Carolina Drama” by The Raconteurs.


  1. Dear all head coaches, assistant coaches, and recruiters at UNC over the past 18 years,


    I brought up this UNC story over two years ago…….Crean and his joyous group of Scoop fans too busy beating up on Jeff Meyer, Ron Patterson, 3-way phone calls, and KELVIN CANCER, could have cared less about the corruption at UNC that was being swept under the rug….Guys like Geoff that were always turning to UNC as their “elite” model citizen for “winning within the rules” and doing things the right way…

    And to think we were still playing UNC in basketball while sitting on our high horse and taking UK, a great rivalry game honored for decades, off the schedule….Crean was always to busy making us all want to feel the shame of Sampson …Make us all feel he was willing to die for our terrible 3-way calling sins….and then bring us back from the dead ruins we deserved as a result of such horrific cheating…..Extend contract ..Extend contract….Extend contract.

    19 F’s or THOUSANDS of fake A’s earned during 18 years of fake classes…..? The NCAA is a joke ….The Establishment is a joke. Can we start chasing the real wreckers? Can we stop protecting the corruption at UK by allowing two friends to falsely pretend it has anything to do with neutral courts? Can we stop crucifying Knight for raising his voice to an ornery frat rat ? Can we stop crucifying many of our own for doing absolutely nothing compared to the truly thick corruption at programs that have lived in years of ugliness and hypocrisy(e.g. Penn State and UNC)?

    If IU had to be ripped to shreds and held up as the poster child for corruption on the eve of March madness ….and Sampson had to do five years over 3-way calls to recruits, then Penn State should have been given a 10-year ban from any postseason/bowl participation…UNC should be stripped of all titles over the past 18 years and banned from March Madness and bowl games until 2025. Punishment should fit the crimes. Raping children in showers and completing faking classes and allowing an academic transcript to be filled with fake classes is where “elite” finds it home …? The NCAA is a joke…Those that jumped on Crean’s mission to make Hoosiers feel a whacked out amount of disproportionate shame are a joke…Those that didn’t want to allow Ron Patterson into IU in the backdrop of such shame unnecessarily cast upon ourselves are a joke.

  2. As usual, you are a little of base. Are you suggesting IU initiate some sham courses to help out an academically challenged athlete ? Or are you confused by CTC’s adherence to standards, whether they are Institutional or NCAA?
    It must be a little frightful living in your world.

  3. correction: Raping children in showers, competing while athletes are faking classes, and allowing an academic transcript to be filled with falsehoods, made-up grades, and lies, is where “elite” finds its home …?

    Wonder if Sean May knew anyone taking fake classes…..? Yuk…Who would want to play for MJ and those Charlotte Hornets in front of all that corrupt ‘Blue’ that likely also bleed that cheating UNC school through and through….Whole state of program wreckers that one woman was willing to stand up against….What will the NCAA do….? What will the NCAA do..? Notice how this didn’t break on CNN or ESPN on the eve of a March Madness tournament….? Protect the Establishment….Protect those Blue Ridge hillbillies….too afraid to fail a class at Indiana.

  4. I’m suggesting standing up to your word and not finding an EXCUSE to cut a kid out because you’re oversigned on scholarships and you have a more preferred choice….I’m suggesting giving the young man guidance, extra tutoring, and closely monitored academic counseling/tutoring….instead of wasting time making him another target, chasing villains not villains to prop up your own image(e.g. Jeff Meyer) and to stop make IU fans feel some sense of shame where none should be felt. The real “program wreckers” of college sports are not the villains Tom Crean has been chasing(to excuse his own lack of coaching skill and creae a perception that he had some sort of unprecedented wasteland to dig Hoosiers basketball out of)…The real corruption and very sick people in college athletics make Kelvin Sampson look like Joyce Meyer’s chastity belt equipment manager.

    I’m plenty happy with my world….Your world exists in misguided puritanical Salem of Bloomington witch hunts in order to support a man that is a complete fool…..Meanwhile, boys are raped in showers and UNC is the model citizen for “elite:” programs…..and you have no comment and no condemnation of true perversions and corruption. Think Crean is commenting about UNC on his Twitter page….or do you think it’s more Joyce and verse?

    Last question….Do you know a former blogger known as Seahawk Tom(a.k.a. Husky Tom….a.k.a. Steve in Ottawa)?

  5. Well, this story might have produced an interesting string of comments for discussion. Too bad three of the four posts above have already eliminated that opportunity. Other than the potential of an ongoing soliloquy in which one subscriber continues his delusional rant against IU’s basketball coach and institutional academic standards, this string has already been destroyed.

  6. “The real corruption and very sick people in college athletics make Kelvin Sampson look like Joyce Meyer’s chastity belt equipment manager.”

    Mr. Dustin ‘Establishment’ Dopirak- You out there? Think that was my 2nd best “visual” since this one:

    “Bob Knight is the Hoosier nipple that Crean cannot get enough milking….I’m having a visual and it ain’t pretty.”

    Sampson sure had horrible timing….He wrecked a program before Penn State and UNC wrecked all of college basketball…..Meanwhile, lifelong clean whistle and brother of another upside mother, Tom Crean and Johnny Cal can’t quit quitting on each other. …You and me against the world…Sometimes it feels like…..

  7. Sampson sure had horrible timing….He wrecked a program before Penn State and UNC wrecked all of college sports..

    The horror!! The horror!! Harvard wrecked another thread….In other words, Podunker would rather crap on Hoosier football, defend a righteous goofball that misidentifies the true “wreckers” of college athletics(Penn State, his friend at UK, UNC, etc.,etc)), to satisfy his dysfunctional puritanical agenda. Did he tell you that Kevin Wilson once dipped into a bit too much alcohol….and chased someone in a dorm? Did he tell you that he defended Kevin Wilson during such horrors and accusations and was willing to give the boozer the benefit of due process…..? You’re too slick for slick, you puritanical (rhymes with private detective)..

  8. The North Carolina athletic program should be shut down completely, from basketball to Cross-Country, for three years. Its athletic offices shut down as well for those three years and its administrators fired if they knew or should have known anything was amiss; or reassigned to another program in the university if they did not know of any of the cheating. Furthermore, the NCAA should be put on notice that if it does not show it is closely monitoring its members institutions, it too calls for a revolt in its memberships against its present structure and against its present enforcement, which privileges those members like North Carolina that bring in big money to its coffers and barely tolerates minor Division 1 members that simply nee its stamp to compete against other similar members. (i.e. Columbia vs Yale, Army vs Buffalo).

    It is out of control, completely out of control! The ESPN/TV and the symbiotic weight of advertising dollars from major corporations have absolutely corrupted (major) college sports. There is real trickle-down theory, as the North Carolina scandal illustrates. Not only were the college’s athletic administrators corrupt; but, they played major roles in corrupting the University’s top administrators. Between them they tolerated and encouraged regular and chaired professors to be corrupt, academic support personnel to be corrupt and between them they taught and encouraged 18-23 year-old student athletes to sell their innocence (indeed, if it existed when they arrived on campus) to become corrupt and develop a profoundly warped sense of values.

    I would even add that parents of these athletes ought to file suits against UNC, its ‘corporate partners’, the conference and its commercial patrons, and anyone who contributed to this; one of the most grievous attacks at our own cultural immorality, a lawsuit so large that the entire state would have to consider bankruptcy. There would be one qualification, however. I have no way of knowing if these athlete’s parents knew or didn’t know their kids were ‘turning academic tricks’ and encouraging, or even turning their heads’, while their kids defrauded hundreds of thousands under the guise of getting an education.

    As did the thousands of non-athletes who were enrolled in these same classes and befitted from the free grades towards graduation. “They weren’t all athletes”, protested a CNN talking head, herself a graduate of NC. Of course they weren’t MS Talking Head of the Year. Having 100% athletes in dozens and dozens of classes would have called attention immediately. Proof of the level of felony in the minds of those who planned the system is the fact that these non-class and freebie-grade classes were carefully molded to hide the athletes in a room of other, non-athlete, students to hide from suspicion.

    Nahhh! This was a felonious criminal conspiracy to defraud and turn everyone who came in contact with the good folks in Chapel Hill into ‘dumb johns or mary’s’ seduced by ‘$3 street prostitutes’.

    It also staggers my imagination that this was the third or fourth ‘investigation’ into this wh___house,; made necessary because the previous three or four sought to throw cheap perfume on the rotting Tarheel body. Which gives me additional pause about the NCAA which had to know about the stink coming out of the once proud state of North Carolina and gave them quick cover about two years ago with what seemed like a sanction for public consumption but snuck out of the back doors to go count the significant dollars coming out of North Carolina while wrapping itself in its customary cover of skunk droppings.

    Now, after the fifth- and only reliable investigation-, it is our turn to act. Act by drawing a line as wide and as deep as the Grand Canyon; or allow (and admit) that we as a cultural society have become as completely corrupt as the University and the State of North Carolina.

    The Spanish Falangists had the perfect cry during the Spanish Civil War that preceded and introduced the rise of naziism in the 1930’s. Their cry was perfect for any legitimate opponent finding itself having to share a stadium, a football field, a soccer pitch, a basketball palace, a court, a mat, a swimming pool…wherever they are forced to compete against the Baby Blue stink of the Tarheels: “Long Live Death!!!, the falangists cried as they ran out of the trenches. Death penalty for the North Carolina Tarheels!

  9. Correction: #8/Par 3- “[largest attacks aimed ].,,at our own cultural immorality”, should be …”at our own cultural morality”.

  10. This NC – NCAA thing must be a real quandary for you HH. Hate for anything and all things Crean related, Yet support for Kevin Wilson? One of the assistant coaches at NC during the review period and has refused interviews with the independent team researching the concerns. ( I don’t blame him, I would try to stay as far away as possible.)

    That has to confuse your moral compass.

    No, I’m not Seahawk George or whoever. Ironically, I chose my new alias from a recent HH posting.

    Would you consider documenting all the “I Hate Crean” comments and make it an attachment , similar to the video/pictures you do? If anyone is interested they could click and read . That would saved you a lot of time., make this blog readable and salvage some credibility for yourself. May ease the blood pressure also.

  11. “How It Worked
    The now-retired secretary of the African and Afro-American Studies had a soft spot for athletes and started the independent study classes in 1992.

    Even though she was not a faculty member, Deborah Crowder registered students in the courses, assigned topics and handed out As and Bs after a quick scan of final papers regardless of work quality. By 1999, Crowder began offering lecture classes that didn’t meet, apparently to get around limits on the number of independent studies courses students could take.

    Knowing the classes were easy As and Bs, counselors who helped athletes pick courses recommended them to struggling students.

    When Crowder left the school in 2009, former department chairman Julius Nyang’oro continued the practice until questions were asked in 2011 and he resigned”(courtesy: Business Insider).
    Wilson was a graduate assistant coach at NC from 1984 to ’86….I’m pretty sure that’s six years prior to any beginning roots of the current NC scandal……

    If you have something solid on Wilson having any part/involvement with the UNC corruption (the time line surely doesn’t fit your accusations), please cite your sources. I’m reading that it went back 19 years…Wilson’s last year at UNC was 28 years ago….

  12. And why an alias? What are you afraid of? Scoop continues to allow this, but I don’t see how any integrity in a debate can be maintained when, without access to previous statements/positions that can be attached to some sort of consistent blogging names, posters can continually and hypocritically modify their positions while playing hide-and-seek and invisible dodgeball. How convenient to never be accountable to something previously stated/argued…Your arguments and assertions…and lies become as cloaked as your cowardly methods to hide behind a new “alias” once a month.

    I did also really enjoy Tsao’s post….Good stuff.

  13. 15 Miles North- a breath (of somewhat) relief. While reading your #10 I thought, “ohhhh shhhh_____!” when I remembered Coach Wilson was a graduate and a football player at UNC. And remembered he’d also coached there…So, I did some quick research. KW was a Graduate Assistant for two years (1984-1986) not a full assistant in their football program. He was a GA while doing his Masters Degree in Mathematics and the way the description of the easy-pass, easy-grades was described didn’t at all sound as if graduate level mathematics was involved. (It would be pretty hard to put together an Advanced Calculus for Dummies Masters level class. I suspect they all thought he- CKW- was pretty weird, an actual student.

    It (the search) did, however, give me a good idea for a story for the HT to take seriously; interviewing CKW for his experience and reaction with what I think may be the biggest story I’ve seen about college intercollegiate athletics. So nauseously corrupt! CKW seems to me (I emphasize ‘to me’) to be a pretty straight and wholesome character, thus a perfect individual to comment (he must be hurt as hell himself). He may not be too excited about being interviewed. And, I don’t know how those at the HT may feel about approaching him on it . But hell…that’s why they call journalism ‘work’. (Note: Andy Graham may be absolutely perfect for the story; he’s been around and seen NC as a power along with Indiana (who’ll ever forget Bobby Knight against Dean Smith- (Mars vs Thor)…not Shakespeare like, in this one every character would have died in the beginning of the opening act). Plus Andy has a recall of our own two suspensions… And, Andy writes very well.

    Thanks for your appreciative words. I enjoy writing (that’s what I did for 20 years); and, when I manage to put some restraint on some pet peeves that draw out some ‘bad sides’ in me,, I get some fun outcomes I can enjoy.

    Really good you’re sharing your thinking. Thanks

  14. Well. My creditably just hit rock bottom. I apologize. Coach Wilson not involved in any way. I must have read Chuck Pagano and my feeble brain somehow – got confused. I hope I did not tarnish Coach Wilson’s name in any way. Poor research and jumped the gun. Sorry.

  15. 15MiNorth- I don’t think I thought anything of it. Just the fact he had a history with UNC and I did want to try to figure out the time lines and possible relationships. Actually, as soon as I remembered CKW was a math-major working on a Masters, while the scandal was in the AFAMSTUDIES department, it became obvious there was no link. I saw your intervention there as a positive.

    More interesting, and I’ll try to write a comment in the next day or so, the last HUGE suspension scandal I remember was the 4-5 year wacking IU received back in the day- 1959 or 1960- as the result of the suspension of IU football, but which included all IU sports through the mid 60. The swimming team, for example, had BY FAR, FAR the best swimming team in the world and they could not participate in the NCAA tournament because of the football suspension. Nor could the basketball or the track team participate in NCAA championships because of it. IU atheletics was damned near destroyed during that period. It emerged in 1967 with the Rose Bowl team coached by John Pont. And…the suspension may have led to hiring Bob Knight to replace Lou Watson because academic and athletic integrity were such an issue AD Bill Orwig probably looked for a very thorough, young, bright mind in a very disciplined program, leading him to West Point where he would find Knight. So, it all comes around.

    I’ll try to get to the 1960 NCAA sanction story tonight or tomorrow. (BTW I believe Tulane and SMU got ‘death sentences’ but I’ll have to check it out). The NCAA never came close to sanctions like us again.

  16. “So, I did some quick research. KW was a Graduate Assistant for two years (1984-1986)”

    Good Lord, wasn’t that just stated in post #12….? Though I received no slathering of suntan lotion down my lower back…..And, gosh, I once remembered stuff found on Wikipedia too….Where’s the love…?

    Here’s the story, Tsao…I mentioned this UNC corruption two years ago on Scoop….It was obvious it was going to have legs two years ago. Nobody here cared…Nobody will care now because it doesn’t fit the narrative….Nothing can out-scum Kelvin Sampson…He’s the man that stole all innocence…Not Sandusky….Not Bobby choking Neil Reed…Not UNC…Not O.J. Simpson or O.J. Mayo….Not Caliparii(Crean’s keeper of the suntan oil)…Not anyone else in the world can be the “cancer” and the “wrecker” of the 3-way call serial banner burner……They love their Bible…They love their Republicans.. They love to change voting district borders…They love their guns…Geoff’s brother loves to wait tables near Ashville….Don’t mess with North Carolina…It’s Kelvin….Kelvin is the dark demon of college athletics….Get winded by chasing Jeff Meyer and Mitch “Pothead” McGary around the block a couple more times…Your wind aimed at UNC is wasted..

    This nothing bomb was dropped in late October…It will be forgotten by bowl season…It will be barely an occasional utterance from the Establishment come March Madness….

    “The real corruption and very sick people in college athletics make Kelvin Sampson look like Joyce Meyer’s chastity belt equipment manager.”

  17. TTG -you enjoy writing. At one time part of my duties included writing operational technical procedures. I felt I did a excellent job in detailing the use, indications, contraindications, safety, warnings & maintenance of “unit X”. A governing agency reviewed my Policy & Procedures and deemed them unusable. Quote them ” this needs to be described in sufficient detail to guide someone who had never seen “unit X” and allow them to operate it. My response; ‘ to operate “unit X” one is required by law to be trained and licensed for this specific unit and to define the operational manual to such detail to allow it’s operation by anyone would be illegal”. I lost.

    And did I read today that a long-time employee of the Chicago newspaper resigned in protest..?

  18. 15 Miles North-

    Please don’t tell me you’re Double Down….Percentages and dates?

    And you don’t get the pass that quickly on messing up the dates…You went beyond messing up the dates…You invented a total lie in asserting Kevin Wilson had “refused interviews with the independent team researching the concerns.” Where do the dig you people up?

  19. ‘where do the dig you people up’? Yes. My bad. And a big bad. I like and support Coach Wilson. Percentage and dates ?

  20. 15 Miles North….. of your integrity. LOL Pegano? Yikes…..That opens up a whole can of interesting….Luck have it.

    I do give you creativity points for claiming Wilson was “refusing interviews with an independent team.” …Sounded very official.

  21. Harvard,, it will break your heart…but, I will go ahead and say it anyway…you’re right, you had the dates of KW employment at NC correctly (as I ascertained by googling), and I had NOT read your #12 where , Lord, you had already mentioned and figured out there was no way KW would have been touched by this scandal. Sorry, I didn’t see #12, it happens from time to time (especially, as I am still trying to get used to the new layout).

    And, I do remember your also not having a lot of faith in UNC’s first ‘investigation/confession and a rather unspectacular acknowledgement by the NCAA. I can’t be that specific but I think I wrote something similar at that time or thought it. However, I think there is something different about this one. It is the fifth investigation and, basically, what they are saying is that none of the previous four were to be believed because they (UNC, various lawyers assigned to investigate, various academics who kept repeating and enhancing their lies) were not very forthcoming with their spectacular lack of credibility and integrity and with the involvement of the entire institution with this magnificent (in size) scam.

    I do feel sorry (well, a little bit) for the graduates whose degrees now turn to sh____.

    Harvard…and none of this was ignoring or rejecting your contributions. But my reflexion on the issue began again today because of the stories on the fifth investigations, and a mildly passive exchange with 15MilesNorth. I’m glad you are part of the same conversation, hope you stay with it and we devote the time to making sense of the freaking bad issues involved, not each other. Peace Brother.

  22. 15milesNorth…Dave McKinney, of the SunTimes, a really solid and good reporter; the Springfield (IL) bureau head now which is the most political since it deals with state government. He evidently was unhappy about the treatment one of his stories got and felt the Republican candidate for governor was pushing his weight around. David was married to a Demo operative and felt there was more politics involved… The SunTimes has changed hands 2-3 times in the recent past and there’s a lot of tension there now. I really do not know, other than to know that McKinney was a good journalist.

    About your experience…on something like that you could have written a combination of the Old Testament and the French National Anthem, The Marselleise and been closer to getting it accepted. The guy reading it knows he makes ‘his mark’ rejecting it.

  23. Don’t worry about it…I pretty much knew you were typing that ‘Pulitzer in a Box’ (PIB) while I was posting the dates Wilson was at UNC…

    But as I told you, there are a lot of reasons it won’t mean anything to most here…(other than Jeremy’s cute song choice adding an ounce of cynicism via a YouTube clip). We’ve had our villain party.

    With ISIS and Ebola, who’s going to spend much time worrying about a few athletes handed a few good grades in a few fake classes for a couple few decades from a few elitists professors paid off by a few corrupt boosters that own a few coaches and a few academic advisers so they could win a few games and hang a few more banners..?

    Being the most horrible villain in history is all about timing…It’s also about having absolutely zero buffer because you’re not part of a circle of bureaucracy, cronyism, dollars, and lawyers that will cover a favored status ass…This UNC thing will go down just like PSU….The big names at UNC esaw nothing because their eyeglasses are thicker and foggier than Joe Paterno’s teacup saucer corneas …..

    Those with agenda dictate that timing of these “Breaking News’ stories based on allegiances…..This had some legs, but I doubt if it will pick up much steam…The surrounding noise needs to be limited and the media establishment needs to drop the bomb when a college sport is stealing the scene(e.g. Eve of March Madness)…

    Sorry to steal your PIB party

  24. Something that Ron(Scoop blogger that used to be known as “t-shirt girl” and “only way to go out West on a road trip” Ron)….. or Chet (Colorado Chet/Ashville Chet/Pensacola Chet) might enjoy….

    There’s also this clip but you have to stay with it until the 0:32 mark….

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