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Indiana coach Kevin Wilson expects Zander Diamont’s play to do the talking this week, Mike writes.

IU freshman guard Robert Johnson brings value beyond scoring to the table already, Mike writes.

Soccer’s Grant Lillard earned Big Ten honors, and women’s golf is tied for 11th, we reported.

IU football is allowing opponents a touchdown on 100 percent of their red zone drive and other numbers, by Gillian Van Stratt of MLive.com.

A Q-and-A with much ballyhooed IU women’s basketball freshman guard Tyra Buss, by Alex McCarthy at Inside Indiana.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke’s demise is in the details, and it’s time for him to go, Bob Wojnowski of the Detroit Free Press writes.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo had successful surgery over the weekend and is expected to miss a month with a facial fracture, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel writes.

The Charlotte Hornets should trade Noah Vonleh to the Pacers for David West, or so says Joseph Crevier at rantsports.com.

NCAA president Mark Emmert calls the Wainstein Report at UNC “troubling,” the Associated Press reports.

Sending out a song for Zander Diamont this morning, Mike and the Mechanics with “Silent Running.”


  1. The National Academy of Sciences recently published a paper which may explain UNC and Penn State issues. “Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior”. Further defined as ‘unethical decision and behavior at work’.

  2. I’m not sure if it higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior….I think that’s a cop-out for those of higher social class that likely had very little character before they moved up the social class ladder….I would be more inclined to surmise that the increased social class simply ncreases the likelihood to get away with progressively escalating unethical behavior. It thus prolongs a safety net of corruption based on secrecy afforded by more funding….The corruption grows..The players within the corruption understand the repercussions and fallout…The fear of massive fallout if the corruption was discovered begets more layers of deception …More walls and thicker barriers to truth get infused into the process of protecting the institutionalized lies and ugliness…..

    The less funded criminal gets stopped in his/her tracks…Does it mean that money breeds unethical behavior? Or, does it mean money simply provides the feeding, funding, and protection of deeper and broader levels of deceit where any man, of any social class, already lacking in restraint and dignity, could fall if given the same financial power to ward of investigations into the truth….? There are also plenty of temptations and lowly acts of despicable personal behavior that erode society that have very little to do with access or holding of wealth…..It’s become a very “self” oriented world where empathy and any care of how actions impact others and the planet are of little concern….It spans the small town living room to the big city corporate boardroom.

  3. Amateur sports, and the access to college level sports, served as a hope that such opportunities could foster a desire to achieve in an educational/classroom environment…What occurred at UNC is beyond irresponsible…It makes a charade of the dignity that can be found in learning…It makes a mockery of those that try to lift themselves up through sports rather than cheat their way through the system because of the sport. UNC damaged a trust with those that truly want to improve their lot in life beyond a “social class” only defined in terms of wealth attainment. Without education and without the role models to foster a desire to challenge a young person beyond fast payouts realized by the very few that truly make it to professional levels of sport, the athlete is merely a glorified prisoner of the greed that lines the wallets of those that benefited from generations of discrimination and unequal access to a quality learning environment(something that should be guaranteed to all Americans). What UNC allowed to happen was a carrot for mind in dire need of love and guidance to, instead, choose an easier temptation, allowing the abandonment of a passion to learn for all minds capable…There actions perpetuate lower classes never moving up…The only way to truly move up the masses is through a change in values…They deemed the classroom as a barrier to getting ahead rather than the only true door that must be pushed through….It’s a plantation mentality that created those fictitious classrooms. They perpetuate the cheating of oneself and kill the heart in believing in one’s own ability beyond a football field or basketball court….It indoctrinates an attitude of second-class status that has already been shoveled into the same streets of a forgotten America that has few rungs of opportunity to ever move up a rare ladder..Education is the only realistic ladder.

    UNC should be completely stripped of any accreditation….They’ve turned a diploma into toilet tissue. They’ve rewarded having (poo) for brains to win some games…They’ve indoctrinated 1800’s defeatism into young and fertile brains.

  4. Very good HH. Now they published another paper, roughly something about finding a virus normally found in lakes, in people. Never found in humans before. This virus , ATCV-1 negatively affects visual information processing and attention span. This could, maybe account for the Butler games when CZ was on the bench for the last play. Maybe the whole team was affected by this virus on the last in-bound play at Illinois?

  5. Oh, you’re being cute again. Sorta pointing out the naivety of yours truly… (e.g. Wilson avoiding questions from an investigative committee connected to the UNC fictitious classroom scandal)? Yeah, that’s fine. Indiana hired Tom Crean….I’ll happily concede my naivety to the brunt of that joke.

  6. Have you ever spent some serious time with a toddler? Have you engaged in stay-at-home type duties with your own child? Have any children? Forced to do any hard time with them without any easy escape to a daycare center while on your way to a job rescuing your sanity…? Oh, and I’m not talking about pinching their cheek at a dinner table, pouring a bowl of cereal before you’re darting out the door, or all that routine and shallow casual interaction after a long day’s work…I’m talking about actual continuous hours of raising and interacting with those deceitful little manipulators…I’m talking about the confined hours those little turds teach you they’re a force to be reckoned with .We really take the whole process of parenting so terribly for granted….Those future bearers of civilization’s torch can truly put you in your place if they generally have your utmost attention for months upon months…You quickly find humility as they outsmart you at nearly ever turn of a card….And then there’s that critical point of shared solitary confinement…You can reach the food.

  7. Upon my retirement, I took care of two grandkids. One was 4 and the other 6 months. Did that for two years. Possibly most rewarding years of my life. They are now 13 & 8. Amazing the impact you can make on both short and long-term basis.

  8. Take my hat off to you……Many grandparents aren’t willing to step up to those sort of demands after the years of burnout from raising their own. I have rather mixed feelings on the subject…I guess it all depends on the situation…. Some grandparents are rather taken advantage of..Glad to hear it was rewarding for you…If it’s rewarding for you, then the grandkids were given something they’ll always hold dear to their hearts and memories.

  9. 15Miles North(Harvard for Hillbillies)…interesting conversation. I’ll try to add in a bit (yes Harvard, I’ve had to take care of young ones, two children including raising one( the boy, a very accomplished and good person; a daughter, an incredibly talented, beautiful and just as accomplished in he field) as a single father (the mother is a fantastic lady, friend and a deep soul) and at this moment playing with my two grandchildren on son’s side, ages 4 and 6 both boys so too busy fighting alligators to think about draining the swamp…). Also two on daughter’s side, ages 8 and 6. a smart boy who is a very good athlete and a truly gorgeous and smart redhead, also an excellent soccer player). Couldn’t ask for more and no…don’t think they (kids in general) are master manipulators, just feeling expressive. To be a master manipulator you have to know what you are doing and there is a level of innocence to the way they deal with the challenges brought about by adult power that, if anything, is standard self-defense.

    More later…have to fix a derailment on the wooden railroad.

  10. PS- 15 Miles…amazing the impact they can make on us as well, that’s why these are the most rewarding years of our lives, no matter what we did and what we accomplished before.

  11. First, I didn’t say “master manipulators”…I said they are deceitful little manipulators….Much of the post was tongue in cheek, while at the same time, giving kids a respect that is often unappreciated and ignored by many an authoritarian model of parental perfection…Gaining their respect is to understand and be somewhat of the child yourself as it opens the door to their understanding and respecting your role.

    And what child has not used an Academy Award worthy winning performance as “Best Temper Tantrum in Short Rolling on the Floor” or a “Most Heart-melting Pouty Face Performance in a Stay up One Extra Hour in Pajamas” to see mom or dad come through the door after his/her long day? Pull the strings of mom or dad…? Of course they do! They’re some of the best and brightest manipulative creatures on the planet….The little evil intent spin I put on post #7 was tongue and cheek inspired(find your inspiration of a good Halloween movie…maybe Gregory Peck in ‘The Omen”….or maybe just beyond the toddler years for a movie like “Lord of the Flies” portrayal of the innocence in a child refused civil examples and nurturing)…

    But where I turn back to appreciation within such purposeful exaggerations is the crime we commit in devaluing and often negating a parent that does invest much of their time to stay at home and truly do the work in the trenches….with the little devils.

  12. Rhinestones- Again? I do think it would be fair to let me respond to Tsao’s spin on my tongue in cheek tale of those evil little manipulators we work so hard to raise right. He has shown a real arrogance in assuming one master plan.

  13. About 50% of the time, I have no idea what you are talking about (rhinestones?).
    50% of the time you complain, pretty much about everything (CTC, Establishment, etc. etc.etc).
    Rest of the time I agree with you.

  14. “Rhinestones” is Jeremy’s nickname…..It’s a long story centered around who was wearing the censorship pants(cape) when he was paired up with Dustin for most Scoop duties. . Did you see the HBO film/series “Behind the Candelabra?” Jeremy began to go all Liberace…..(he threw his jewels around when Dustin was away covering a Penn State game…or on the road with the Hoosier baseball team)..

    I understand you just fine…I understand that you’re quite creative and you quickly make up things about Coach Wilson…I may not think real highly of Crean, but I don’t invent stories….. It was proven quite early in your Scoop debut that you invent….It’s unfortunate because it sorta immediately wipes out credibility…I hope you don’t invent with the grandkids…Hard to tell if you’re telling the truth about anything….Not that it matters…At least for 50% of your short time here under this new alias it is pleasant lying and not complaining.

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