Hoosier Morning

For Indiana safety Mark Murphy, football is a passion he shares with his father, Mike writes.

Jamie Vollmer is Indiana soccer’s surprise scoring leader as the No. 2 Hoosiers head to Evansville, I wrote.

A trio of IU men’s golfers placed in the top 10 Tuesday, we reported in our roundup.

IU’s Yogi Ferrell comes in as No. 37 in the nation’s top 100 players, though his supporting cast is not so highly thought of, according to Brandon Rutherford of SBnation.com.

Tom Crean’s Hoosiers are changing their attitude in search of changing the results this season, the Associated Press writes.

Freshman James Blackmon welcomes the challenge of being defended by Yogi Ferrell in practice, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Is Indiana still a basketball state, is the question posed by Tori Ziege of the Indiana Daily Student.

Three coaches, three takes on the transfer epidemic in college basketball, Evan Hoopfer of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Michael Jordan weighs in on former Hoosier and Charlotte rookie Noah Vonleh as the Hornets prep for tonight’s season opener, Alex Bozich at Inside the Hall posts.

T-shirts in favor of Michigan and in favor of Michigan firing AD Dave Brandon will be rolled out Saturday vs. Indiana, Alejandro Zuniga of the Michigan Daily writes.

For the Murphy’s, Cat Stevens with “Father and Son” live.


  1. “Graduation Rates Up”. Record numbers of college athletes are graduating. Guess they did not factor in the North Carolina fiasco.

    And IU BB preseason #26. I would rather seen the rank at #76. Start the season with an attitude that’s BS. we’ll show them.

    HT guys. Will you be providing updates of IU’s overseas players? Nice touch last year. How about the transfers? Remy, Ron, what’s-his-name who headed to Georgia and whoever I missed.

    1. We’ll try to keep an eye on Hulls, Elston, Sheehey, even Creek overseas, plus wherever Watford winds up. And ditto on the transfers — Remy Abell, Luke Fischer, Austin Etherington and Jeremy Hollowell (has to sit out a year though).

  2. There we go. Yogi #30 something. No other Hoosier ranked in the top 100. May turn out to be true, but does gives the guys a littler more motivation.

  3. It would be a good idea that the HT continue to follow and publicize the ” Univ. of North Carolina corruption” scandal and publish and/or provide links to other articles written on the scandal. There is some fear, despite the incredible magnitude of this completely rotten and corrupt program, that it will become lost in the memory because ESPN does not want to publicize it given its economic interests with UNC, public memory is short and forgiving if not disinterested and some prefer to avoid it because it may draw attention to their own favorite ‘my team’s academic ‘constipation’. Yet, at IU we are proud of the classroom performance of our student athletes, with reason; and even prouder of the role in that academic performance played by our coaches, athletic administrators and the university leadership to be uncompromising in pursuit of academic success.

    Thus, we as consumers of college sports need to make sure that UNC’s corruption over the decades when we considered them a worthy, truly respected and sought after opponent is exposed and continues to be exposed for what it is: a poisoning of the well of college athletics and thus, a poisoning of the value of education in our society. We can not ignore it, nor allow this truth to be silenced by time. The HT and its readers can do a lot to empower ourselves to ‘cure’ this illness that sickens the body of the NCAA and college athletics with its own form of moral/ethical Ebola (the word ‘moral’ is used purposely and no, it is not an exaggeration).

    Our intolerance for corruption within the institutions that make up the NCAA and our intolerance for corruption within the NCAA and for the passivity of the institutions based on financial partnerships with its members must be made clear and loud.

    So, please help HT…and HT readers with your comments to keep this case alive

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