Hoosiers lose Sudfeld, fall at Iowa 45-29

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Indiana’s worst fear was realized in a 45-29 loss at Iowa on Saturday.

Starting quarterback Nate Sudfeld left the game and did not return after getting sacked in the second quarter at Kinnick Stadium.

ALthough Sudfeld’s status and injury were not immediately available, the junior quarterback was spotted in the tunnel wearing a sling on his left arm in the second half.

The Hoosiers sputtered without Sudfeld, and were unable to overcome a 38-21 halftime deficit.

Indiana outgained Iowa 432-426. Tevin Coleman scored three touchdowns for the Hoosiers, running for 219 yards on 15 carries. Chris Covington replaced Sudfeld and completed 2 of 9 passes for 16 yards, while throwing two interceptions.

Indiana is now 3-3 and 0-2 in the Big Ten. The Hoosiers will host Michigan State for homecoming next weekend.

Iowa, one of the most plodding, methodical teams in the nation, scored its first four touchdowns in the span of four touches. The Hawkeyes opened with a 15-play, 80-yard drive that ended on a 12-yard touchdown pass from Jake Rudock to Jake Duzey.

Desmond King intercepted Sudfeld on the next possession, Damond Powell took a 72-yard pass from Rudock to the end zone on Iowa’s next possession and the Hawkeyes followed an 83-yard touchdown run by Tevin Coleman with a 60-yard rushing score by Jonathan Parker on the ensuing series.

Iowa, which entered play averaging 22 points per game, owned a 28-7 lead by the end of the first quarter. The teams combined for 373 yards through the first 15 minutes, with Iowa accounting for 209 of those.

The Hoosiers opened the second quarter with a 13-yard touchdown pass from Sudfeld to Nick Stoner, but realized their worst fear on their next possession.

On the second play of the drive, standing at the Iowa 43, Sudfeld lofted a perfect ball to the goal line. The throw led Shane Wynn past two defenders, but Wynn dropped the ball in the end zone to extend the drive. Two plays later, Sudfeld was sacked and left the game.

Covington entered at quarterback on IU’s next series and handed off to Coleman on the first play. Coleman went 45 yards for the score, cutting the Iowa lead to 28-21.

Iowa added a 22-yard field goal and a 1-yard touchdown run by Mark Weisman to close the half and boost its lead to 38-21.

The Hawkeyes extended that lead to a 24-point advantage on another 1-yard touchdown run by Weisman to open the fourth quarter. Coleman answered with his third touchdown on the next series, a 69-yard run down the Indiana sideline that cut Iowa’s lead to 45-29.


  1. In a sense, there ought not be such a concept as a winnable game for IU given our history. That said, this did look like a game we could compete in. The play of the defense in the second half cannot excuse their play in the first. Questioning preparation and focus, as well, with the impact of first half penalties and turnovers.

    Will we ever put together an even, solid, effort/performance in a B1G game? Or are we simply incapable. If Sudfeld is out for any extended length of time, it probably irrelevant. At least Coleman is fun to watch.

  2. D-Bone is absolutely right.

    Watching IU football is getting to be a joke. It’s not worth it anymore for me. They’ve caused me nothing but turmoil for years now. I can’t come up with a scenario in my mind where things will ever change for this team. I mean how could they? You can’t out recruit programs like Ohio St. Michigan Notre Dame and other big dogs on the national level for players on a consistent basis.

    It’s pathetic, disheartening, etc. When does basketball season start.

  3. Out-gaining the other team by three yards is a meaningless statistic. Who cares how many yards IU gained when they get beat by a couple touchdowns? Who was it that said, “Statistics are for losers.”

  4. Sure am glad to be half way across the Atlantic instead of watching this game. I’ll bet chat was filed with more epic whining and complaining. I can’t stand watching games with fellow Indiana fans anymore. I get that it is frustrating that we suck, but every play that doesn’t go our way elicits indictments and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Come on folks. We’re fans, nothing more. We have so little effect on the outcome of the game.

    So, on to the big news. Sudfeld out? Ouch. Hopefully it is a separation on his left shoulder so he can come back. That’s going to be a huge blow of not. We afford to lose Coleman before Sudfeld.

    Tough day for the Hoosiers.

  5. Podunker…had to be your mom when she weighed you. And look, she stayed by you, nursed you… If anyone has an argument with her, it’s those of us who read your negativity. On and on Hoosiers, ’till we get it right.

  6. This is another tough game to swallow and I don’t know if other schools go through clogging of the throat as much as Indiana but if Sudfeld had stayed healthy…who knows.
    Two huge meltdowns on defense are mind-boggling (both long TD’s) and again compound the long-term misery of that unit.
    I don’t like being a pessimist because I still like watching this team play, but if Sudfeld is out for an extended period of time, those guys will be picking up wrapping paper and eating leftovers on Dec. 26.

  7. When Tre Roberson decided to leave IU, I thought about what a disaster it would be if Sudfeld went down at some point this season – as usually happens to an IU QB at least once during the year – because we were left with no experience at all behind him. I thought it was ridiculous to read the supposed experts like Andy Graham and Terry Hutchens saying that Roberson’s departure might actually be a positive. I’ll be interested to read what they write now about the lack of an adequate backup at the team’s most important position.

    “But there is no reason to see Roberson’s exit as some sort of unmitigated disaster. It might, in the long run, constitute a net positive for all concerned.

    “There are silver linings aplenty.

    “Sudfeld is a bonafide NFL prospect. He was always the best overall candidate on the roster to emerge as the primary quarterback, always the guy best suited to thrive in Wilson’s passing offense, and erasing any questions along those lines has to help him in any number of ways. The decks are now cleared for the captain of the ship to take command.

    “And that figures to translate into positives for IU on football Saturdays next fall and beyond.”

  8. IU was in the game. Scoring easily. Iowa began to fall apart. IU loses.

    Nuke the program for morbid. Pour money into soccer (always competitive), track&field (history of olympians, IU athletes on US national team roster), etc. Coaches can’t turn it around, athletes not physically or mentally tough enough to turn it around.

    Waste of money. Waste of energy. Never thought I would get to this point. Just can’t watch this crap anymore.

  9. We have arguably the best RB in the country why is he splitting carries? 15 carries? I am speechless. I know Roberts has put his time in for his 8 carries, but in what alternate universe does the countries leading rusher not see 75% of rush touches? I’m not ready to blow up memorial stadium as some previous above, but please there are some huge questions that need answered. T Coleman not being a horse? Why is 5’8″ Wynn playing split end and having problems getting the ball, when we had him at slot and he was all big ten? Why is our DB’s consistently getting taken to task? We make average receivers look amazing week in week out. I honestly had milk out of my nose when the commentators called Bennett one of the best DBs in the country………

  10. Kevin Wilson has removed all enthusiasm from the few hard core #IUFB fans. Mr. Bonafide NFL QB should not have started over Tre Roberson. If we were playing in the NFL, then by all means start him but this is college football where the dynamic, mobile QB rules the roost. If Wilson was too stupid to see that, then he gets the pink slip that is coming his way.

  11. Tsao, your attempts to insult me are funny. They make me lol. And today, they have been the only source of amusement involving IU football. But reading through the strings since the game ended, my comments are nowhere near the most negative. You show me a happy lower, I’ll show you a loser. If any Hoosier fan is positive about today, he’s not paying attention or does not care.

  12. Podunker to Tsao: “You show me a happy lower”

    Would this fall in the category of foreplay….?

  13. Last time I reported in as being “halfway” across the Atlantic it likely involved the accent of Scotty from Star Trek and half a bottle of Cutty Sark…..and maybe a Christopher Cross song.. If only men had half the wherewithal in a strong and sound hull to go along with all their wind filling the sails upon clouds of their egos..

    Hoosier football…? It is a ship so easily abandoned. It is also a voyage where the unknown sea shall always call…You mustn’t get too down on her. One day she will deliver a most beautiful sighting of bountiful and luscious land where “tried and true hearts” stood true to love, dreams, hope, and duty.

  14. For what it’s worth, I thought Covington showed some real promise….Very good size…He moves with surprising speed and agility to go with that size… He made mistakes…He had some jitters. His first pass was a drop that was directly in the numbers of an IU receiver. Covington has some real presence…He carries himself like a true winner.

    MSU game could be much more interesting than many of you mutineers are anticipating.

  15. “MSU game could be much more interesting than many of you mutineers are anticipating.”

    As my old high school football coach used to say; “You’re kidding yourself!”

    IU football players don’t step up. IU football players have no pride when playing at home. IU football has no identity, and no leader or presence on the field. I would love to see them beat MSU. I’m surrounded by Spartan’s at work. I just don’t see the execution.

    And what if they did win? So what? They would need six wins like it to mean anything.

    So frustrating.

  16. GO IU!!!! the tre roberson transfer hurts Indiana because if he had transferred before Cam Coffman, than i have a gut feeling Mr. Coffman would still be a Hoosier, that said hindsight is 20/20. i still believe in this team….they played Iowa very tough…..If Sudfield had of stayed injury free this team would have made this a very competitive game, for the record i though IU would beat Iowa this year. With Sudfield going down it is now time to rally around Chris Covington (true freshman) and hopefully this young man will mature into a very good quarter back. we might not make a bowl game this year but next year this Indiana team will be very good…..keep up the good work Kevin Wilson

  17. Post 19: I have to assume you were being totally sarcastic. Otherwise – LOL – discussing how good we’ll be next year and applauding a HC who loses 3 out of every 4 games he coaches would require some major medication adjustments.

  18. I’m with IU79. Yes this season is looking like a wash at this moment but this job has already been dubbed one of the toughest jobs in college football and Wilson is bringing it along. It took 100+ years to create this mess it is going to take more than 4 to get out. The fact that we could consider beating Iowa going in is movement in the right direction. Yes today sucked but we have the rest of the season left to play. These young men regardless of the circumstances will go out and give 100% for their coach which is more than we were getting for Lynch. So if my team is going to give 100% on the field then We owe them 100% in the stands. Anyone who jumps ship now is the real loser! Don’t want to hear from any of you sorry asses when Wilson turns this around.

  19. As stated in previous posts, IU is playing far more competitively than in the past and will continue to improve. Iowa is a good football team. Give them credit. Their recievers in particular are significantly faster than our corners/safeties. Their QB is turning out to be a solid guy and they have a good RB.

    We played well. We do not yet have all the talent we need to compete consistently at this level and that shows but we are much improved over years past. I remember several years back when we only had a handful of guys who could compete at a D1 level and we were gatting blown out just about every week. That’s not the case any longer. We’ll win some games. Will we go to a bowl…probably not and what is the great thing about getting to a bowl game only to get blown out because we really don’t belong there in the first place. Just keep improving and we’ll eventually start winning consistently.

  20. Missouri got destroyed yesterday at home.They will fall out of the Top 25 this week. It kind of looks like they are not as good as we thought they were. Just ask Georgia.

  21. Supported by IU79 Pfunk once again demonstrates he understands the big picture of the IU FB program. 1 of the toughest jobs in collegiate sports. The picture before us is just as I saw it after the ISU game 3-3. The joker for the 2nd half of the season is of course NS. MSU next and Covington will be force fed for the game and then a bye. Time for Nate to heal and Covington to grow for the 2nd half of the season. I did not plan on W’s against the Hawks nor MSU. Hell the schedule did not change after Saturday. The possibilities are the same ,Meatchicken, Rutgers, Lions and Puke. All year I have thought 5-7 or 6-6 and I don’t feel any different now. But please, for all the weepers who weep I do not want you to change, weep on.

  22. CKW’s managing of the QB situation has a reasonable explanation and it is rooted in the situation he inherited at IU and has managed throughout.

    He came into the program with two knuckleheads that didn’t belong playing QB at any level. Tre got his shot as a frosh at the end of watching the limp brigade. He recruiting Cam Coffman in the offseason knowing that Tre was his guy and that he needed a back up.

    Well, score one for the coach, as his insurance move paid off. Tre went down in the 2nd game for the season and Cam came in and provided a veteran presence. Sudfeld came in as a frosh and split time. It was about as well handled a situation as it could have been given the program’s stature and the situation.

    In CKW +3, no one here can point to the stats and say that either QB did enough to win the job outright. They were both very good, but not great.

    At the end of the year, Cam knew it was likely he wouldn’t see the field again with Tre and Sudfeld ahead of him. He came in knowing he’d be the #2 guy, not the #3 guy. So he bolted.

    Tre was obviously the shocker. But it makes sense. He and Sudfeld went into the Spring and nothing was changing to cause separation between them. Tre decided he’d rather be the guy somewhere else. He didn’t exactly transfer to Ohio State.

    CKW at +3 had the problem of having 2 really good QBs. Not 1 great one and 1 good one. The Lynch years left the cupboard bare. We have a lot of youth in the #2 – #3 slots. I think the situation was a product of CKW’s success of developing QB’s, not the other way around.

    Not as glaringly, but this is the situation at WR right now too. We had Hughes and Latimer. One we knew would graduate, the other, we had no idea would bolt for the NFL. Latimer had a phenomenal year and now he’s in Denver. So we’re left with a really, really young receiving corps and our best receiver playing out of his natural position.

    In CKW +3, we just don’t yet have the depth to make up for unforeseen losses (either injury, transfer, or NFL). TC is likely gone at the end of this year, but RB looks like a position that we have some depth in. Roberts and Devine look ready to step up when it’s their turn.

    There are a lot of things to criticize CKW about, especially when it comes to in game management. I just don’t see the argument about how he’s handling managing the QB situation to be very substantive.

  23. CRIMSON, I hope you took math classes at Purdue. Kevin Wilson is 13 – 29 at Indiana. That’s a winning % of .448 not .250. That also includes his first year at 1 – 11. He was 5-7 last year and is 3-3 this year.

    #20 just isn’t a true statement.

  24. How many years in advance are the Big Ten football games scheduled? Does IU’s AD have any influence on the Big Ten schedule? If memory serves me, Michigan State has been pretty good for many years, certainly since this year’s schedule was finalized. Who was the genius who scheduled Michigan State for Homecoming?

  25. The Hoosiers under Wilson have won 13 games out of 42 coached by Wilson in his 3½ seasons (13 wins, 29 losses)

    13/42 =..30952 = 31% overall win percentage.

    Posts #20(.250 win percentage) and #26(.448 win percentage) are both incorrect…a.k.a. WRONG !! I guess you were roommates at Purdue. :mrgreen:

    Year Team Overall Conference* Standing
    2011 Indiana 1–11 0–8 6th (Leaders)
    2012 Indiana 4–8 2–6 5th (Leaders)
    2013 Indiana 5–7 3–5 4th (Leaders)
    2014 Indiana 3–3 0–2 (East)
    Indiana: 13–29 5–21

    *(conference win percentage 5/26 = .19231 = 19%)

  26. Now that we have the math out of the way….Why get hung up on numbers?

    It’s completely unrealistic to even figure in the first season….I don’t think Wilson took over a program that even belonged in the conference. Not sure if it still belongs in the conference, but it’s at least, occasionally, showing signs of improvement.

    Covington and Coleman are a couple of very entertaining athletes….If Covington(and it’s a relatively large ‘if” considering how quickly the young Chicago high school standout is being thrown into the BIG fires) can gain confidence through some timely completions and gradual success in the air, he’ll bring everything we had in Roberson and then some….He’s bigger…He’s stronger. He appears very durable..I would imagine that you’d have to be durable to play linebacker and QB..

    .I actually believe Covington will settle down very nicely and surprise. The kid did some pretty special things in high school….I’m liking our chances against MSU. We got a little punched in the face at Iowa in the opening minutes, but our defense is appearing far more aggressive/active than anything I’ve witnessed for quite some time….They don’t fade…Maybe it better athletes…Maybe it’s more depth. I’m not the expert, but it just looks like a better product.

  27. Wow…The 5-1 Dallas Cowboys tasting a bit of the old glory days again. Nice to see Pete Carroll get that smug, rah-rah, look off his face. Whoa…DeMarco Murray sure steamrolled over Sherman on that last TD….

    And “Good Cutler” showed up today…

    DA BEARS!!

  28. Just testing to see if you could confirm that I’m completely retarded. Confirmation = affirmed.

    I’m banning myself for next two weeks for being the dumbest ever.

  29. Losing is losing. We were going to lose with Sudfeld and we are going to lose without him. Pretty simple.

  30. To both DD and H4H:

    I’ll stand by my post 20. Two things. It takes a special breed of person to take everything literally. As in “special” needs. I won’t harp on your issues out of feeling sorry for you.

    But – to prove a point. HCKW is 13-29 in college and was 0-10 in High School.

    That would work out to 13-39. Which is exactly 25% winning percentage. Or if you will – as stated earlier – he walks off the field as the loser 3 out of every 4 times.

    The question is – are you more embarrassed of your poor math skills – commenting on me and being completely wrong or being foolish enough to take everything literally.

    I would say you both should split your shame.. I’d give you percentages of who deserves more shame – but I think it’s fairly obvious – neither of you would understand.


  31. Double Down or Hugh Kellenberger…? You make the call.

    DubDown- Don’t be so hard on yourself. Blame it on lack of sleep….or Harvey tension.

    Ole Miss vs. Tennessee…Kellenberger vs. Dopirak….It’s all sorta strange how they launched their careers and primarily built their resumes at one of the most storied basketball programs in the nation resurrected with Zellerpalooza….How strange that it was enough…. How strange the power of Indiana Basketball… To cover Indiana hoops is far more the “Seal of Approval” in legitimizing journalistic talent than any Establishment blowbag would ever dare to admit when their soaking up the mojo still present beneath those five banners. Mediocre coaches soak it up as well . And then they hop…They hop like healthy bunnies…. They hop behind the coach they all wanted to burn at the stake…They hop East, West, North, and South….just like Hugh and Dustin hopped on that plane to head South as seasoned, card-carrying, experts of the craft now wholly qualified to cover the giant football money machine whores of college football…. The power of the candy stripes, indeed..

    Don’t get me wrong….I love to watch the Lil’ Hoosier Football Engine that Could…. But you have to admit, there’s a ton of irony watching the primary figures of ‘The Zellerpalooza Rat Pack‘ now all fattened and finessed to cover SEC football down South.

    You simply can’t put a dollar figure on what Indiana Basketball can do for the career of an Establishment mouth.

  32. CRIMSON-

    My math skills are just fine….They were based on Wilson’s college coaching career. I simply thought that you were throwing out an estimate. I put in the exact figures(based solely on Wilson’s first years as a college head coach) to give Double Down a hard time for his brain fart…We sorta have a fun bit of back-and-forth banter going on.

    Anyway, I’m not ready to use any of those numbers to defend or beat up the man..It’s far too early based on the task at hand…..The old numbers were not in my office to make a decision to hire the man. Obviously, Oklahoma was not phased by his lack of high school coaching success and Fred Glass was impressed enough from his work at Oklahoma to overlook such horrific h.s. flaws that would normally damn a man for life from opportunity and chances to prove differently. I have no idea if his success as an OC will transfer into success at the head coaching level. at IU.. But why not give him the chance? I’m a believer in timing, opportunity, drive, and fit. Every job has its challenges…Every opportunity has its day. I’m not sure what challenges existed at Wilson’s high school gig… .I’m pretty sure we’ve all failed at something …And maybe the early failures drive a man more than inheriting something as strong as fool’s gold.

    If you’re concluding what a head coach did during a singular season at the high school level and the first year of taking over a bottomed-out Indiana Football is sound enough reasoning in applying it as 50% of his total games coached, that’s being far more anal and exacting. If you wholeheartedly believe that is a fair means in the evaluation process of his job at IU, then your excellent math, in my hum;be opinion, is wasted on defeatism and sour grapes you’re already bringing to the table.

  33. Since Fred T. Foard was a perennial basketball power with little football pedigree at the time, the school’s best athletes typically gravitated toward hoops and avoided football out of fear of injury. The team Wilson inherited had a sophomore who had never played a varsity game at quarterback before, a senior at running back known for fumbling too often and a handful of undersized starting offensive linemen who weighed less than 200 pounds.

    Modest talent alone wouldn’t have doomed Fred T. Foard to a winless season, but lack of effort and dedication was also an issue. Previous coaches often didn’t penalize top players for showing up late to practices and film sessions or skipping them altogether, forgoing discipline to try to put the best roster on the field for games.

    “The best players had been given prima donna status because of their talent and skill,” Seese said.

    Added Beaver, “[Wilson] was dealt a very ugly hand. There was very little talent and probably less commitment.”

    Considering the environment in which Wilson was raised, it’s no surprise he grew frustrated quickly that so many players at Fred T. Foard didn’t share his passion for football(courtesy: Yahoo!Sports).

  34. CKW coaching record is not at issue here or anywhere else. He’s our coach. He’s not on the bubble or hot seat. I believe for the most part he has done exactly what he was hired to do which is to elevate the program from barely lower D1 level to at least competitive B1G. That is a HUGE transition! Is he there yet, no. Is he getting there, yes.
    Will he get there…I think so, but maybe not.

    This is a tough gig. We’re in a bad neighborhood. Our campus, while undeniably beautiful, is a little off the beaten path by comparison to many of our competitors. Top caliber talent, thinking about NFL careers, are not putting us at the top of their list. Our program does not get a lot of positive media attention. IU is not considered a good coaching stepping stone. And, we don’t get a lot of fan support and until very recently, not a lot of institutional support. So, I think we can all agree that we do not have ideal conditions for building a winning football tradition.
    That said, we come further in the last four years than in the previous twenty!

  35. Just took a quick look at MaxPreps site…

    Sorta funny….20+ years after Wilson’s miserable failure as head football coach at Foard High School, they’ve somehow endured the setback and rebounded to be nothing short of a perennial football powerhouse.

    Foard High School :
    2013 0-11-0
    2012 2-8-0
    2011 2-8-0
    2010 0-11-0

  36. I’m taking a break from this site myself a Double Down. I can’t handle all this garbage being tossed around.

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