Hoosiers preparing for Iowa’s red zone defense

Indiana coaches have said repeatedly this week that Saturday’s game plan for Iowa needs to include some wrinkles for scoring touchdowns in the red zone.

Because the Hawkeyes just don’t allow many inside the 20.

Through five games, Iowa’s defense has allowed only three touchdowns in 12 red zone opportunities, while forcing one turnover. Outside of Wisconsin (two TDs), that’s among the best figures in the Big Ten.

On the other side, Indiana’s offense has 13 touchdowns, including 12 on the ground, in 19 red zone opportunities through five games.

“It’s just gonna be about execution,” offensive coordinator Kevin Johns said. “Schematically, they’ve done the same thing for a long time. They’re very sound with what they do. They get guys in good position, so for us we have to put together a good plan, we have to execute that plan (and) we have to be smart with the football. For us, it’s gonna start with Tevin Coleman and trying to find ways to put the ball in his hand.”

As mentioned in today’s story for the print edition, Indiana could also look to utilize its tight ends more in four-down territory.

“That could happen,” Johns said. “We did a little bit more with the two-tight end package last week and we’re certainly pleased with how that came out, so it’s got a chance to continue.”

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  1. I thought that most coaches feel that if an offensive or defense is not performing, the idea is to subtract (return to basics) not add (more stuff onto what’s not working). As Hank Stram said, “There are no secrets in football. So execute.”

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