Hoosiers won’t use cameras on helmets of quarterbacks

GoPro cameras won’t be coming to Indiana football practice anytime soon.

IU coach Kevin Wilson says he isn’t keen on strapping the portable camera devices to the helmets of his young quarterbacks to see what they see. It’s a recent practice among some football coaches, who are trying to gain a little more understanding of what their quarterbacks are seeing while they make their progressions.

Wilson, however, doesn’t see much value in the idea. Especially with all the sudden, jarring movement on the tape.

“I’ve never been a motion sickness guy, but every time I watch a film (on a GoPro), I almost get motion sick,” Wilson said. “Like, I’m not a car sick or air sick dude, but it bounces so much, I don’t know how you see things because the guy is moving around and all that deal.”

“We haven’t done it. Some guys do it. A lot of great coaches have. We haven’t done that GoPro stuff on the helmet yet. One of the things we do do in practice — even though you might only have one guy throwing — the second and third quarterback stand behind and they play the play because I might be five yards or six yards deep in the quarterback, but I can see things. We can tell right there without a ball, ‘Hey, why did you throw?’ because he actually throws without a ball. ‘Hey, you’re throwing here and the rotation is here. Shouldn’t you be going this way?’ So we try to cheat the system. But I’ve never been a GoPro guy.”

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