Indiana knocks off North Texas, 49-24

Nate Sudfeld threw for 230 yards and three touchdowns, D’Angelo Roberts and Tevin Coleman combined for a big day on the ground and Indiana drubbed North Texas 49-24 on Saturday before an announced crowd of 40,457 at Memorial Stadium.

The Hoosiers outgained the Mean Green 593-348, running for 363 yards against the No. 10 rush defense in the nation. Sudfeld completed 23 of his 29 passes, adding life to the Hoosiers stagnant passing game.

Seven Hoosiers had at least one reception, led by Shane Wynn’s five catches for 127 yards and two scores. Isaiah Roundtree set a career high with six catches to go along with 29 yards.

Tevin Coleman rushed for 150 yards on 17 carries with one touchdown. D’Angelo Roberts added 102 rushing yards on 14 carries.

The Hoosiers head to Iowa next week.

Indiana scored on three of its first four drives to start the day and never trailed. Freshman linebacker Tegray Scales intercepted North Texas quarterback Dajon Williams on the third play of the game, setting up an easy seven-play drive that ended on a one-yard touchdown run by Coleman.

IU coach Kevin Wilson elected to follow with an onside kick that was recovered at midfield by Clyde Newton. The Hoosiers took over five minutes off the clock before Sudfeld connected with freshman tight end Jordan Fuchs for a 12-yard score. The touchdown catch was also Fuch’s first career reception.

Indiana followed a three-and-out with one of its biggest passing plays of the season. Shane Wynn made a quick move on his defender before cutting wide across the field and hauling in a 45-yard touchdown pass from Sudfeld to give Indiana a 21-0 lead.

For as explosive and effective as Indiana’s offense operated in the first quarter, it went back to sputtering in the second quarter. North Texas’s offense was just as ineffective, but used a 20-yard touchdown pass from Williams to Carlos Harris to get on the board just before halftime.

Roberts boosted Indiana back to a three-possession lead on Indiana’s opening drive of the second half when he ripped off a 47-yard run through the middle of the field. Roberts pushed through initial contact and spun away from a would-be tackler before running for the score.

Roberts struck for his second touchdown of the game on Indiana’s next possession, running to the left side from three yards out. The score was set up by a 74-yard carry by Coleman, who found a hole, stepped over an arm tackle and raced down the IU sideline before getting stopped at the NT 9-yard line by linebacker Jamal Marshall.

North Texas tried to make it a game in the fourth quarter, scoring back-to-back while taking advantage of a Hoosier turnover. Williams led the Mean Green on a nine-play, 83-yard drive that ended on a 20-yard pass to Marcus Smith against busted coverage. Damon Graham fumbled the ensuing kickoff and North Texas punched it in on a four-play drive that finished with a one-yard pass from Williams to Tanner Smith.

Devine Redding capped Indiana’s scoring with a three-yard touchdown run with 33 seconds left in the fourth quarter.


  1. @Iowa, MSU, @Mich, Penn St, @Rutgers, @OSU, Purdue.

    Now it’s time to put on the big boy pants. Come out above .500 in those next seven and then we can talk of corners being turned and progress.

    The Terps vs. OSU(24-52) sure didn’t look anything like the Maryland team that showed such dominance against our Hoosiers last weekend. Missouri is the only team that provided much of a comparable test assimilating upper level BIG competition….Not much of a sample set. Hope it just wasn’t a very flat outing for the Tigers.

    A lot of unknowns.

  2. Well, today’s outcome (a victory) is the way games are supposed to turn out when a Power 5 conference team plays a team from a non power-five conference. Glad to see both parts of the offense were working today and especially that Sudfeld could find his receivers. Good for him and good for both of IU’s running backs. Looked like the defense did better and is showing some signs of improvement.

    But this one really makes the loss at BG sting so much more. Oh to be 4-1 right now. My guess is that if IU had been 3-1 going into today’s game, with a win over Missou, the “announced attendance” would have been higher that 40,454. And obviously, by the way things looked on TV, a good portion of those 40,454 stayed at the tailgate parties in the parking lots. For goodness sake, IU should be able to get 50,000 people in Memorial Stadium to watch a football game on a pleasant fall day!

  3. Didn’t look that pleasant…Wasn’t it rather cold, gloomy, and blustery? Great weather to play football…(except for the long ball with the wind). Not sure if it’s the greatest to put butts in the stands against a soft opponent.

    Attendance numbers(and those actually staying in the seats) will pick up with the perceived increase in the quality of the opponent.

  4. I agree with Podunker and I’d throw Maryland in there too. That is not a “really good” team as some said after that loss. It is a ‘middle of the road’ or mediocre Big Ten team and IU has to start beating those teams (especially at home) in order to give people a reason to attend the games. Iowa is also ‘middle of the road’ and mediocre. IU needs to win that game.

  5. IU seems to do well against Iowa. Not sure why, but I’m cautiously optimistic about our next game. If we play like we did against Missou, we will beat Iowa!

    Good to read the Spriggs was “good to go” if needed today. That’s a relief! No sense in playing him today in a game that was well-in-hand from the start. Hope he is fully healthy next Saturday. He’s a special talent and should be playing on Sundays in two years.

  6. iulongago, I agree with you about Maryland. OSU exposed them as a medicre team today. Either that, or OSU has gotten a lot better over the last two weeks.

  7. How can attendance be “officially” reported as 40,000+ while it was obvious from your vantage point and the camera shots of the stands that there was half that amount in a half empty Memorial?

    Are there that many season ticket holders that merely just don’t show?

    I think there should be more effort to report accurate numbers of fans “in attendance”(meaning they stay in their seats well into the 2nd half)rather than a number based on pre-kickoff ticket sales.

    Are many tickets bought by third party brokers in considerable bundles/packages(possibly for company outings, etc) that inflate reported attendacnce, but in actuality remain as no-show’s?

    Personally, I don’t think this type of attendance reporting gives an accurate depiction of the lackluster support. The loss on investment of the price of an IU Football ticket is obviously not enough to convince a good share of fans to just not show up(heaven forbid, that they must stay home because the weather is 10 degrees cooler than normal).

    This is what remains troubling…Concession stand sales…memorabilia sales….parking fees…local restaurants that could benefit from fans staying around Bloomington until something approaching the dinner hour. The dollars infused into the football program and the surrounding Bloomington businesses all take a hit when the butts not actually in(or remaining in) seats don’t equate to exponential benefits.

    It’s sorta like going to the movies….The ticket price is often only 505 of what you’ll end up dropping in dollars after the concession visit. And then there may be dinner before the movie….etc, etc.

    Reporting 40,000 in attendance means little when the spending that could be generated from true passion(passion that isn’t willing to throw away the price of a ticket, actually shows up, and stays in seats) is only 1/2 that number.

    It could be easily argued that less fans in a basketball arena that stay for the entirety(thus pushing sales of IU souvenirs, programs, concessions, restaurants and bars, hotels)….is generating far more cash flow for IU and Bloomington.

    Not to mention how absolutely silly it looks to report such a sizable crowd when the camera shows vasts empty expanses of seats…There is more passionate attendance(and nearly equal numbers actually in seats)for a Carmel vs. North Central Friday night game.

    Our fans, administration, coaches, and local journalists should stop the deception. None of the aforementioned should be blaze or comfortable with putting forth numbers that are deceptions in terms of true importance and passion amongst the fan base. The ticket price is obviously throw away money. The product should out-love the price. It should be considered a steal and a joy to stay in your seat at such a good bargain…That’s when IU football will prove it means something of lasting value. The dollars that could be filtered into the stadium and the surrounding economy that never leaves the wallets of the butts never in seats until the conclusion is the realistic indicator of how much IU football means to a “so-called” IU football fan.

    We only make real bucks when the truly passionate Buckeye or Nittany Lion…or Spartan …or Boilermaker makes the trip. When it’s a nobody opponent, our nobody fans don’t give a crap…That’s a disgrace and it’s a disgrace to report attendance selling passion where there is little.

  8. oops.

    It’s sorta like going to the movies….The ticket price is often only [50%] of what you’ll end up dropping in dollars after the concession visit. And then there may be dinner before the movie….etc, etc…

  9. oops x 2…

    None of the aforementioned should be [blasé] or comfortable with putting forth numbers…

  10. I here a lot about contracts and extensions…and security..and stability that proves we’re willing to throw more money at the head coach to prove how much he means to us and how much we value his knowledge and passion in IU Football.

    I don’t understand those arguments when we are basically lying about “in house” attendance numbers. If we truly love the job Wilson is doing, and the IU fans truly embrace college football played in Memorial, then show it by sincerely enjoying the product enough to keep your ass in a seat. Otherwise, please stop talking about throwing more incentives at a coach when the reality speaks to a fan base that just doesn’t care.

    You can’t buy love. We want to buy the security and love of the coach when 1/2 of our fans spend money on a ticket they care nothing about? When you don’t love something and you still spend money on it for the occasional act when nothing else is available….? I think that makes IU Football your fat hooker.

  11. I [hear] a lot about contracts and extensions…

    Best get to bed.

    312 + fatigue = even more spelling errors than usual.

  12. JPat went to games…He put his butt…his wife’s butt…his kids butts into the seats…Blogging from California to Chesterton to Chicago to Ottawa is cheap words and loving thoughts for the fat IU football hooker….”I’ll come and see ya when I see ya…”

    And I’m willing to bet my left walnut that JPat and his family and his in-laws stays at the game until the happy or bitter end.

    Best way to support IU football is not in the 1000 words I fart out or the 1000 Tsao farts out a day. The best way is to get my ass off the chair and keep it in a seat at Memorial…Then I can claim that I have passion to equal JPat’s. Then I can claim I respect her and love her rather than own her for a quickie lasting for two quarters.

  13. Po, I keep my eye on the Bucks as it is my adopted state. Maryland is good but the whole OSU squad has really turned it on the last 3 weeks as the young QB has improved with what I would call tremendous maturity. Typical results for a Meyer coached QB. If VT played them today they would be in trouble dealing with OSU’s O&D. Against Meatchicken bet the over even though Meyer will play lots of people but Blue will not stop the trouncing from the momentum created by the 2 deep depth chart. If that game were to be held at the big house it would not be filled to capacity. Which would break some kind of record.

  14. Harvard for Hillbillies. Are you aware of the fact that hotels in Bloomington require a 2 night reservation on weekends between the start of football season and graduation? I’d love to come down to more football games, but with no student in Btown that we can stay overnight with, we can’t afford $500 hotel bills to see mediocre football games. Get the hotels to be reasonable and we would come to the games whether or not the team was any good.

  15. Plenty of nice hotels south of 465 near Greenwood. Boycott Bloomington hotels until they come to their senses.

  16. Yup! It’s capitalism and it cuts with or against the grain. All it will take is 1 hotel to break and the others will knuckle under too.

  17. Po, I will add after the 1st 2 games I posted on here the Bucks were in for a(for them)disappointing season mostly because of the young QB replacing Miller and his weakness in the passing game. Meyer has made the necessary adjustments to the passing offense, not to mention personal coaching/instruction to his young QB. Everyone(including me)has raved Saban is the best CFB HC. But you or I could have success coaching his recruits. I do believe Meyer is his equal. With marginally less talent.

  18. Student tickets count in the 40,000. Lots of students buy football tickets in a package with basketball tickets but don’t come for many games. Not many came yesterday and most who did left at half

  19. Thanks Charles…..Tickets “sold” and fans actually “in attendance” should be reported separately with full disclosure. Fred Glass and the official IU athletics website should not report attendance in the final stats as 40,000 when nearly half are no-show’s…When the actual “in attendance” numbers are much lower(20,000-25,000) than the actual “sold,” it’s indicative of how the passion to be in the stands is still very low. It’s as if they buy the IU tickets as a last resort option if there is nothing else to do, or watch(e.g. a more enticing game on TV),…or maybe just sleep in.

    Report the attendance that is actually in the seats midway through a 4th quarter. At minimum, report the attendance as the number in the seats when the game begins. It’s selling a lie to claim 40,000 came to watch Wilson and the Hoosiers take on North Texas. The truth is that 20,000 considered it a better option to throw the already purchased ticket down the toilet and do something else. There is a ton of lost revenue for the program and the town when that is the reality.

    So it’s my understanding(according to Charles)that the method Fred Glass and our athletics department has employed to get students in the football seats is to tie their basketball ticket purchases to a mandatory purchase of some football games bundled to the sale…?

    Conclusion: The actual attendance number is a lie. In addition, the actual initial desire for a student to purchase the “football” ticket is somewhat of a deception and a lie because it’s often tied to an Assembly Hall basketball game purchase…

    Let’s stop with the lies so we can realistically evaluate the true added passion that’s following the new coach and “turnaround fever” at Memorial…

  20. I don’t think that it has ever been a secret that ‘attendance’ is defined as ‘tickets bought’, not butts in the seats at any one point. It’s the same formula for most NCAA programs, and the same formula used by both the Cubs and the White Sox…and yes, the bodies ‘present’ frequently does not reflect the visuals. But, it does project the money taken in and is appropriate in terms of financial accountability, taxes, etc.
    Take our Cubbies, for instance. Pretty evident that the numbers in the stands during the ninth inning may not be even close to the attendance figures. That’s because anything other than ‘attendance’ would not reflect season purchases, group purchases, donated seats to charities, etc., ‘freebies to wives, girl friends and ‘overnite guests’… Lots of stuff may need fixing in sports Harvard, but this comes under the ‘don’t need to fix what ain’t broke’.

  21. If iulady is right that the Bloomington hotels require a two-night minimum during football weekends, it seems that the hotel operators have figured out the market very well. If IUFB ever becomes a contender, invest in a southern Indiana hotel building company.

    Yeah, no way were there 40k in the stands, but reporting “tickets sold” is pretty simple; a “fans in the stands” statistic would be nice to have but surely a headache to actually tabulate. Makes me wonder how they come up with the figures for news items such as “Sunday’s game set an attendance record at Tri-State Auto Parts Stadium.”

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