Indiana opens at No. 26 in KenPom rankings

College basketball statistics guru Ken Pomeroy has Indiana slotted at No. 26 in his annual preseason rankings.

Pomeroy sees Indiana going 20-11, with a 9-9 Big Ten mark. According to the projections, Indiana’s only two non-conference losses come at Madison Square Garden against Louisville (Dec. 9) and Georgetown (Dec. 27).

The average ranking of IU’s 13 non-conference opponents is 193.5, with five of those games coming against teams projected in the top 70 — SMU (No. 36, Nov. 20), Pittsburgh (No. 23, Dec. 2), Louisville (No. 3), Butler (No. 67, Dec. 20) and Georgetown (No. 22, Dec. 27).

Pomeroy has four Big Ten teams ranked inside the top 25 with Wisconsin at No. 6, Michigan State at No. 12, Ohio State at No. 14 and Michigan at No. 15.

KenPom had Indiana ranked No. 25 at the start of last season.

Duke (No. 1), Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas and Arizona sit in the top five.

You can view KenPom’s preseason ratings by clicking here.


  1. This just goes to show you how much this years Hoosiers will SURPRISE everyone… Don’t count them out, they will be the Cinderella of this years NCAA Mens BB program… If the hungry kids I saw Saturday night show up each game, we will have a very good season!!!

    Besides, who does Ken really think he is?? Time for IU to prove him and all critics wrong!

  2. Sounds like realistic expectations. I think this team is a year away from a great finish in the Big Ten. I bet with my head not my heart.

  3. Mike, is this a sign that you guys are going to incorporate more KenPom-style advanced stats in your coverage this year? Would love to see it.

  4. A very favorable projection. Keep in mind they probably factor in efficiency ratings from players who don’t have any college sample size yet. But definitely encouraging and could be argued as the ceiling for this team. I hear a parody of TuPacs Live and Die in LA titled Live and Die by the Three for this team.


  5. Where does coaching factor into a KenPom ranking…? Where does attacking a zone figure in? Where does drawing up a workable play to inbound a ball in a crucial late moment against Penn State figure in…..? How to defend a ball being inbound in a crucial final play that determines winning or losing in a game at Illinois? Does the quality of a constant condescending and snidely smirk count for any bumps in rankings? Does KenPom take into account time spent on proper follow-through of the tweeting wrist? Does he take into account public declarations on how Indiana Basketball has a clear advantage in prayer and in scheduling cupcake Christian universities that have now taken the place of a rivalry game against UK? Can one ignore that pathways to greatness can often hinge on maintaining popularity with a cute cartoon bluebird, Joyce , Jerusalem, and Jehovah ….and all the other intangibles that can make a team CBI ready? Where does pushing motorists out of snowdrifts factor in….? Our offense may often get stuck in confusion, but that motorist benefiting from Crean’s road ditch awareness must count for something….Does he take into account the mysterious powers that can move in a pair of warm-up pants? Does Ken Pompomeroy understand that a handful of former Christian players of Bob Knight handing a pair of new candy striped pants to new Christian members of a Hoosier team can turn a timid Nurse Perea into a fluid and offensively aggressive Dr. J…? Does Ken have any idea we’re on the cusp of being a Final Four team when Knight passes a v-neck sweater to Tom Crean just before his induction into the Twitter Hall of Fame …?

    KenPom is wonderful at gathering and predicting all the variables that account for 90% of what turns a roster into a true winner/contender…..Coaches like Bob Knight had plenty of teams that could live in that 90%….But relevancy begins where a coach builds a team into something separated from such populations of expected outcomes by coaching in the 10% realm of a game where a statistician, and many, many coaches attempting to turn talent into a truly special team, will never have a clue..

  6. Nice to know my writing is a cure for insomnia…..Hope you caught a few hours. Oh, and “halfway” is one word….Just sayin’…Maybe you were still sleepy.

  7. Harvard, I seem to recall a post by you in the past saying spelling was not important. That’s the problem with writing a 5000 word essay every time you post. At times you contradict yourself.

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