Indiana picked to finish 9th by Big Ten media

Indiana is picked to finish ninth in the conference, according to the annual Big Ten Media poll released Wednesday by Bob Baptist of the Columbus Dispatch.

Here’s how it all shook out:

1. Wisconsin (27), 378
2. Ohio State, 322
3. Michigan State, 305
4. Nebraska, 299
5. Michigan, 286
6. Minnesota, 226
7. Iowa, 214
8. Illinois, 196
9. Indiana, 163
10. Maryland, 162
11. Purdue, 95
12. Penn State, 84
13. Northwestern, 78
14. Rutgers, 27

Full disclosure, I was not asked to participate in the media poll. My invitation may have gotten lost in the mail, or maybe it went to old friend Dustin Dopirak. Not sure. But here’s how I voted in the league’s poll, which only requires nominations for the top three teams:

1. Wisconsin
2. Ohio State
3. Michigan

All-Big Ten:
1. Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin
2. Sam Dekker, Wisconsin
3. Caris LeVert, Michigan
4. Yogi Ferrell, Indiana
5. Terran Petteway, Nebraska

Player of the Year: Frank Kaminsky

I’m not sure anyone has an idea how the Big Ten will look beyond Wisconsin. I could see Indiana finishing anywhere from Nos. 4-9. Maybe higher, maybe lower. But I came away from the Montreal trip with the early impression that Indiana has a tournament team this season, with James Blackmon Jr. adding scoring and freeing Yogi Ferrell to be better, with Nick Zeisloft adding a steady hand, with Troy Williams poised for a breakout season and with the development of a guy like Devin Davis. That’s to say nothing of the potential emergence of Hanner Mosquera-Perea.

Jeremy and I are heading to Chicago for Big Ten Media Day on Thursday, so there will be plenty to look at over the next few days.

And we’re only 30 days away from opening the season and learning exactly what this IU basketball has in store for us.


  1. I’d say maybe 3rd place this year. Feb/March will be strong – if the kids are progressing (& the coach). First 1/3 of the season could be tough. As my grandkids would say – Duhhh. Good, bad or indifferent, welcome back IU basketball. Stocking up on the Tums.

  2. Shooters with the Freshman and the Frosh of last year grow into Sophomore scorers, 1 of the PG’s in the country on the drive, Perea just has to be adequate and they will be 5th in conference.

  3. Mike, what is the basis for your pick of Michigan for 3rd? For the life of me, I don’t get the expectations that people have for that team. Beilein is a terrific coach but he’s lost 5 NBA players the last two years and while he’s recruited well, he hasn’t recruited that well. Levert is really good and Walton is a quality pg but after that, they’re really young and relying on guys that are hardly sure fire all B1G players. What am I missing?

  4. The only team I see definitively better than us is Wisconsin. All of the other teams have had changes since last year. The keys to the season are Hanner staying out of trouble and CTC’s substitution patterns.

  5. BTB,
    I could’ve — and probably should’ve — flipped a coin between Michigan State and Michigan for that third spot. Frankly, beyond Wisconsin and Ohio State, you could put any three or four teams at No. 3. But I like Beilein working with his trio of Walton, LeVert and Irvin. Solid group with a great coach.

  6. Forgot about Irvin. He is a solid player. Still, Michigan’s options up front are no better than IU’s, and arguably worse. I suppose the bottom line is that after Wisconsin, it’s really wide open amongst every team not named Rutgers.

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  8. So what would be a reasonable expectation? The NIT or the NCAA tournament? If this team finishes 5th in the Big Ten, Tom Crean should be the coach of the year.

  9. without question HMP has to contribute but I think “surprise” player in the conference will be Emmet Holt,I think Trow,Devin,and Emmet can be a good support front for HMP

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