Indiana quarterback Nate Sudfeld to miss remainder of the season

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson announced Monday that junior quarterback Nate Sudfeld will miss the rest of the season after separating his shoulder in Saturday’s game at Iowa.

Wilson said the team was informed Sunday that Sudfeld’s injury will require surgery. The IU coach said he expects to know later this week whether Sudfeld will be available for the spring. A redshirt year is not an option because the injury happened in the sixth game of the season.

Sudfeld completed 101 of his 167 passes for 1,151 yards with six touchdowns and three interceptions. He averaged 191.8 passing yards per game.

“He should be able to make a pretty strong recovery,” Wilson said.

Chris Covington appears to be the starter for Saturday’s homecoming game against Michigan State. Wilson said freshman Zander Diamont and redshirt sophomore Nate Boudreau will also be in the mix to play.

“They’re all available,” Wilson said.

Covington, a true freshman and converted linebacker, has appeared in three games, but did not attempt a pass until Saturday when he went 3-for-12 for 31 yards with two interceptions.


  1. We all wish Nate a speedy and full recovery. And, a ton of thanks for his efforts and performance!

    IU needed Nate to perform this season. His loss at this point is irreplaceable. Unfortunately, IU is not yet a “next man up” program so this is a big blow. The team and coaches will do the best they can with what they have and we’ll support them.

  2. Well one of two things will happen moving forward:

    1. we’ll lose the remainder of our games


    2. 20 years from now this will be a great “30 for 30” episode on the year the Hoosiers made a bowl against all odds.

    I’m usually not very positive, but I’m trying to find some hope here. Don’t bet on it though..

  3. I joke about it the other but this teams strength is its great pack of running backs. If they are going to stick with Covington then IU needs to just all out commit to the running game and move to a double running back option set and role with it. Even when expecting the run our backs have enough talent to bust out some big plays.

    Sudfeld obviously was not the same QB after losing the experience of Hughes and Lattimer. I dont see Diamont having much more success with the way this current group of WR are performing. Either that or Sudfeld has regressed as his throws have not been very good, so either the WR masked this or he has regressed. Unless we know Diamont is going to throw better just stick with Covington and run run run.

  4. Getting to a Bowl has never been an important issue for me. Not ever. Seeing the Hoosiers play well and get through to a new level of good football has been the issue. And, I think that was beginning to happen. Our running game does not only have the best running back in the nation, it also has at least two excellent alternates/back-ups; it has a very good and potentially excellent offensive line, decent (I choose the word selectively) young receivers and now will be led by a solid quarterback personally chosen by a tremendously successful head/qb coach who has significantly stronger running abilities and skills than our potentially excellent injured ‘passing’ qb. We also have a defense that has an improving defensive line, clearly better linebacking than we have had for several seasons, questionable db’s undergoing a lot of scrutiny as younger replacements get experience and acceptable safeties. We’d like better but they are clearly improving. The only negative to moan is for the injury that cut short a talented quarterback and leader…so my regrets are for his loss and the time lost to him. Thank you for a solid and committed half-season Mr Sudfeld.

    Most important, the recruiting has made a significant jump in quality, the program vision and direction finally gives us hope under Coach Wilson and the very fact that Hoosiers had expectation even as 20+ first line players were freshmen, red shirt freshmen with another potentially excellent 20 underclassmen shows feeling sorry for ourselves and for our football program no longer has a place in the Hoosier’s State. Bite hard, take the pain and move forth EXPECTING OUR BREAKTHROUGH in spite of the blow.

    Go Hoosiers, BE HARD!

  5. Time for Zander to take the reigns and start his run as starting QB for the next 4 years. The kid can ball. He was player of the year in his part of Cali and I have no doubt he can do just as well as Nate did. That being said our WRs have been awful and undersized all year. With people expecting us to run the ball it’s time to take advantage of throwing to our TEs out of double TE sets alas the Patriots in their prime with Gronk & Hernandez.

    All I’m hoping to see for the remainder of the year is Zander to mature and grasp the offense (trial by fire) & the defense to show some sort of improvement (anything!).

  6. sorry guys….can’t see any optimism…..don’t think they can win another game….call “the OSU” and borrow their 5th string QB….he would beat out anything IU has on their bench….lol….just sayin’ 🙂

  7. @#4 post….getting to a bowl has never been an issue for u ???…huh…then what do they play the game for at IU?….so if IU doesn’t go to bowl games that means they r only winning maybe 4-5 games a season and ur ok with that.?…they r not going to win any conference c-ships….players want to go to bowl games even if u don’t care….that’s why they have been bad forever because the outstanding players want to win championships and go to bowl games….and IU gets the leftovers……I guess I just don’t know football….

  8. For the team to succeed they have to rely on the run but must keep them honest with the pass. So as Aruss says use our te’s and move the chains as we take shots for the 50 plus touchdown runs. And then sit back and pray our d has a day.

  9. Sudfeld getting hurt, may have hurt this season….but, on the positive side think of all the experience Chris Covington is going to get and look to the future….Coach Wilson knows offensive players and if he believes in Chris Covington then i am going to believe in Coach Wilson,i am drinking the Kool-Aid…also on the positive side look at what it can do for recruiting… have two kids in your starting backfield from football rich area of Chicago….GO IU and GO Kevin Wilson keep up the good work of building Indiana football program

  10. “you have two kids in your starting backfield from football rich area of Chicago..”

    I agree completely….But keep in mind that Indy and Southern Indiana folks often seem to display a weird form of jealousy and negativity toward the city of Chicago and Northwest Indiana…

    I think it’s some form of inferiority complex…Maybe it’s just knowing that Indy will never have the architectural beauty and full array of cultural activities that are found in the Windy City…

    I recall reading a post on “DocLibby’s Crossover” blogging site(Yogi’s mom) on how she despises Chicago. I thought it was a very strange comment….How on earth can you not love Chicago? Tons to do…Beautiful skyline….Great choices in food and entertainment….Lake Shore Drive….Isiah Thomas was from Chicago!! 1981!! Down to earth people that seem super comfortable in their skin…..Tsao.

    I’m glad to see Wilson is making a major IU sport attractive to some top Chicago area recruits….

  11. H4H, I am able to enjoy anything IU from Chicagoland and still keep my distance from its congestion. I view Chicago as nothing more than a damn ole mess. Born in LaPorte county I go out of my way to avoid the Windy. It will never be a destination for me.

  12. In spite of this bad news for IU football, I still think we can beat Purdue this year. Let’s look forward to that game in hopes Purdue will be IU’s fourth victory of the season, allowing IU to finish the season on a positive note and Hoosiers to retain in-state bragging rights for another year. Then next year, with a healthy, experienced Sudfeld at QB and an experienced back-up (or two), assuming Coleman does not enter the draft (which he probably will), maybe we can get back on track and win six games in 2015. IU winning four games in a season is just the same old same old. Different reasons, different players, same results.

    Question: IU has three remaining home games this season. What will be the average attendance per game inside Memorial Stadium for this three remaining games? Given that one game is homecoming and another is the Purdue game, will the average attendance be higher or lower than what is has been in the previous three home games?

  13. Po, Good thoughts but I will change 1 detail. IU will be playing with 4 W’s and adding PUke for #5. Nothing I can do about attendance but the rest of the schedule is against B1G and watching Coleman has to be an attraction for solid fans and fair weather party(ers). I think attendance will be stronger with the fair weather, non-committed association leaving early just as usual. In using your words the staff’s job is now to make every game competitive and end the season with forward momentum. The bride and I are expecting to make 1 game ourselves.

  14. I’m actually hoping that we adapt to the reality of a team- mind you, still very much in development- that could hit you in the air, short or long; on the ground to one that will adapt to he change it faces. Quarterbacking will be more challenging in some way including some options and the quarterbacks learning curve to read defenses, the routes needed; but it will also potentially offer a very solid running option from the qb and whatever wrinkles a very intelligent coach will add to make up for the challenges. We certainly can go to a three back offense or to double tight ends who can both catch and, most important block.

    Subjects which have not been discussed much is the growing and solid development of blocking in the line and by receivers, backs and tight ends. Here too focus on development given the circumstances will improve IU significantly and possibly quickly enough to make a difference this year.

    And finally, leadership. I suspect the best place to look for the leadership to meet the challenge fate (‘fortuna’) had presented us with is with the obvious role the offensive line members can play in giving IU the best leadership it has had in decades. Go through the names on offense and you have some steely characters who have accepted the ‘invisibility’ of their roles but understand the critical importance of their performance and there leadership.

    There are two ways to make up for the loss of Sudfeld. One is to have a ‘ready’ replacement like Roberson- that’s not going to happen. Or to improve each of the above areas by 10%-20% …that one is the key to a successful season, whatever the ultimate achievement is.

    I am very convinced that when CKW looks at what he has, from our new qb to an improving defense, he sees a plan that is gradually changing all the architecture that held the Hoosiers together as a football team and is beginning ti approach the basic stages of his vision.

  15. Bob- you are right, bowls have never been a particularly important issue for them. I recognize that perhaps traveling to El Paso, or Detroit or Birmingham may be an exciting cultural opportunity and a place to spend a Bing Crosby type Christmas for you…but, all things considered, I’d rather be where I am. Nor, does playing Texas Tech or Utah State change any perception I may have made of whether or not the Hoosier program is moving forward, the team playing well (by specific standards based on criteria I may have for good and bad)…

    No Bob…I may not be as sophisticated as you and I may have a challenged view of accomplishments; and it may be true I just don’t want much in my life given bowls are not an overriding obsession…but I’m happy!

    And, hey…as long as I have an accomplished, cultured, encyclopaedic bud like you guiding me through Hoosier football…hey, how much more can a man ask for. Write me a post card if you make it to Detroit this holiday season.

  16. I find Indianapolis far more congested than Chicago…Chicago can be frustrating at rush hour, but at least you know the fighting of traffic can have rewards and visual stimulation….The senses light up…Faces don’t look strained…The Chicago homeless even look more sincere instead of those expressway exit Indy peddlers that appear to be organized and working in teams…

    Stop in a bar or restaurant and Chicagoans seem to unwind faster and become part of the city rather than just buzz around a hive that produces no honey.

    In Indy and its suburbs(especially its suburbs…Downtown is often just, sadly, lifeless), it’s almost as if people have way too much time on their hands in general….They simply have no other way to function but to “act” busy…They march to the addictions of routine and mundane comforts in the same repetitive behavior…. And how is that addiction most often satisfied? It’s called jumping into a monstrous SUV and driving continually….The “congestion” is everywhere…It’s on the exit ramps…it’s in the suburbs…It’s at every light. It’s at every hour…Drive…drive….drive…Cellphone attached to head…Drive down long straight roads from stoplight to stoplight to stoplight….The museum? That’s called the mall….It’s all of the same species in one giant shopping test tube. Drive from unnecessary point A(mall) to unnecessary point B(another mall) to unnecessary point C(gas station near mall) to unnecessary point D(another gas station on the way home)…Maybe hit one last mall before heading back to Stepford Village recently built n a a “hot” cornfield.where all the movers and shakers are now living the dream….Pick up some sandwiches from Panera Bread….Take perfectly clean SUV through car wash….Wasted fuel…wasted water….wasted hours in massive enclosures built to herd the shopping zombies where a few drops of dollars in a dead and drying river trickle into an economy built on wasted time being its most productive element….. Life is full…But now the sparkling SUV cleaner than the Pope’s genitals must get its needed rest for its needlessly overworked gas-guzzling engine in the over-sized suburban home with four garages and 6000 sq. ft of a sparsely decorated wasted space….It’s my brick paradise where I feel it was all worth it…Did I mention the giant churches popping up in the cornfields? Purpose…Life must have purpose.

    But I do hate the city… I hate Chicago..Despise the place…Why should I be reminded by watching faces on the street that give me those damn eyes that speak of brain activity and a reason to live? I want congestion for the sake of congestion!

    It’s all a struggle….Struggle to feel purpose…Struggle to succeed…Struggle to feel secure in a comfortable place to call home.
    Maybe I’m generalizing and seeing what I want to see…..The difference that always seems to strike me is how people of Chicago almost seem to embrace the struggle…Maybe tall buildings wrap their arms around me and make me feel comfortably lost in the havoc of it all. Maybe the mishmash makes me feel less under the microscope of cornfields no longer needed for corn…. It;’s happy congestion that doesn’t have the time or the driven dime to judge…It’s confused love rather than programmed and driven to go from point A to point B in a steel cabin on dump truck wheels for all of eternity.

    Maybe the city is just a mistress of the heart…..Mysterious and no commitment…She’ll leave me be…I have no guilt to leave her behind…She makes me feel most free…most at ease.

  17. I wish I could name everyone on our offensive line…I wish I could name the guy that plays center….I honestly don’t know their names….I guess I’m not as big of a Hoosier football fan than I’d like everyone to believe. I wonder how many commenting on the pages of Scoop(from the pollyannaish to the excessively critical)can even come up with more than 1/2 the names that play on our offensive and defensive lines….? I feel ashamed. Basketball is easy….Five starters…a few bench players…one coach to pile all the scrutiny..

    I hope IU football can succeed despite horribly uninvested fans like myself….But if I were to put my but in seat at Memorial, I would respect them enough to stay until the end….I may not know many of their names, but I know their struggle to be embraced and honored for an effort against such monumental odds….How can such effort not be respected? How can any Hoosier football fan leave a game early and then expect or demand change? How can we build something with integrity, report 40,000 in the stands, when only 20,000 are actually in attendance? I see overflowing stadiums with far more seats at many other schools…The fans don’t leave at these stadiums that can fill up to 100,000 in the seats…..We don’t need more buildings and more seats….We don’t need a constant carousel of ever-changing coaches…We simply need the basics….We need fans that have respect for the team they are “so-called” their to watch. We need to be sincere and love the gridiron Hoosiers beyond the dollar signs, the guilt for neglect, and the duty. It’s dead without true passion that starts with respect for those on the field seeking change despite the uninspiring history and the undeserving fans that can’t stay in a seat for more than two quarters..

  18. HC, who does IU beat for the fourth win before it beats Purdue for the fifth? Obviously, MSU and OSU are not winnable games, so that leaves PSU and Rutgers. With Sudfeld at QB, and IU playing at their best (i.e., like they did at Missou), I think we would have defeated both PSU and Rutgers. But with a true freshman linebacker/athlete – turned QB, I don’t believe IU will score enough points to beat either team. IU’s defense is still going to give up a lot of points, no matter which Big Ten team we play, so I’m just counting on IU’s freshman QB developing enough to beat Purdue.

  19. Podunker analysis is spot on. With Nate at QB, the strategy was to win shoot outs relying on offensive production. But now we are reduced primarily to a running attack which will allow opponents to load the box, bring up the safeties etc. Even Coleman’s numbers will drop significantly though he’s still a formidable player. I agree that we can beat Purdue assuming we don’t sustain any more key injuries. As for defense, the focus will be on continuing improvement and avoiding blow outs.

  20. Po, You named every game left but Meatchicken so that actually leaves 3 possibilities, take your pick, I have. You for sure are hung up on the athlete/LB turned QB thing. IU brought him to Bloomington primarily as a safety. He was a LB for the 1st 2 weeks of Fall camp before Wilson(a QB maker) identified him as QB material. He played HS QB in the Chicago leagues so he knows where the center is located in the OL and the bye offers many more repetitions than he missed in Fall camp. Not to be forgotten just this week Wilson stated he has the strongest passing arm on the team, including NS. Also the D is gaining each game. 5-7

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