Is Stephen Houston afraid to play D’Angelo Roberts in Madden?

Indiana running back D’Angelo Roberts spent part of his Sunday pushing characters into his phone, sending one text after another to a former teammate and waiting for a response.

He waited and sent another text, then he sent another, and then a few more.

“I sent about seven texts to Stephen Houston and he didn’t reply to any of them,” Roberts said Monday. “He texted me today and said, ‘Hey man, my phone died.’ Excuses, excuses.”

Roberts wasn’t asking for much, just a friendly game of Madden on Playstation 4.

Or maybe it wasn’t set to be so friendly — not after Houston beat Roberts the last time they played.

“I’m still the champion in my heart,” Roberts said. “Unfortunately, I threw seven interceptions playing with the Lions (last time). I’ll never play with them again.”

Roberts shares semi-regular online gaming sessions with his former backfield mate Houston, who spent time with the Pittsburgh Steelers in training camp and worked out for the Green Bay Packers last month. The two have been playing Madden, the popular NFL video game, since last year when they used to go head-to-head on the XBOX 360.

They’re PS4 men now, with Roberts looking for a new team after his most recent loss to Houston.

“I usually switch it up,” Roberts said. “I watched a Lions game and Calvin Johnson destroyed a team in real life and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna try it out.’ I threw seven interceptions. I only lost 14-0, so now you know how stout my defense is. I threw seven interceptions. He barely beat me. I just need to find me a new team.

“He plays with the same team, the Ravens. I usually play with a read option team and he told me I was cheating with the teams I was playing with. I beat Stephen seven times. He beat me once.

“He backed out yesterday. I’ll see if I can get ahold of him today.”

As of 9 p.m., there’s no word on whether Roberts found his foe.