IU posts Perea interview

IU Athletics posted an interview with Hanner-Mosquera Perea this afternoon. The transcript follow:

Bloomington, Indiana – Hanner Mosquera-Perea begins his third year with the Hoosiers and has a chance to have a significant impact this season. Last year, he appeared in 29 games off the bench and averaged 2.8 points and 2.1 rebounds per game.
He tied for second on the team with 13 blocked shots and shot 57.5 percent from the floor (23-of-40) and 72.3 percent from the line. He tied a career-high with eight points coming off the bench and addded five rebounds and three blocks in a win over Ohio State.

On his excitement for the start of the season:
“I’m very excited about it, we’ve been working hard this whole summer. We’ve been battling and getting better in practice and I’m really excited and ready for it.”

On the opportunity for him to step in and help the front line:
“Of course it’s going to be on my mind, I’ll be thinking about that a lot, I’ve always thought about that. Right now what I have to do is just keep getting better and do whatever I can to help the team the best I can to get where we need to get.”

On how he’s improved over the summer:
“I feel more comfortable playing – I’m not worrying about a lot of things, I’m not thinking about too much – I’ve just been going out there and playing and being with my team.”

On the team’s bond:
“We’ve been spending a lot of time together besides being here in the gym and working out, so that has helped us a lot to get to know each other, to get to know how things are between us and to see how we can help each other out and to see how each one of us is on the court and outside the court.”

On the best part of being an Indiana basketball player:
“The support that we get here, that’s the best thing to me. The fans are always behind you.”

On the opportunity to work with the younger players:
“A lot of the guys are going through things that I already went through when I was a freshman and a sophomore, so I really know how they feel. I just try to talk to them and try to give them ways to get through it because I have been through it already. So far, it’s good and they listen to everybody.”

On Coach Crean’s expectations for him:
“He wants me to just be me, do my best, keep getting better and play. He wants me to do what he knows I can do. He helps me every day to become a better person and basketball player.”